Looking back on Hora's past, it's not hard to see how many times she has expressed a desire to start again, to try again, and even to live with Shirley's share. So hard-working people, why turn around and want to leave? Look sgood people, why change their minds in the next second?

Just 41 days apart, after Shirley, another Korean artist chose to end his life. She is a member of the women's group KARA, with Hora, aged 28. Let's start with the low tide she has experienced:

In October 2018, Hora and her boyfriend broke up a fight, a sex movie outing, and hit the show business.

In May 2019, Hera attempted suicide at her home and was rescued after being found by an agent, who later said she suffered from depression and was of particular concern.

In June 2019, It was announced that he would return from Japan and write a thank you to her fans on her personal IG: "I'm so happy, I hope I can work harder in the future!" Please cheer for me.

In October 2019, after the death of her friend Shirley, Hela was also broadcast live on her personal IG, crying and saying: 'My sister will live with your share.'

Looking back on Hora's past, it's not hard to see how many times she has expressed a desire to start again, to try again, and even to live with Shirley's share. So hard-working people, why turn around and want to leave? Looks good, why did you commit suicide the next second?

Looks good, in fact, is just a result, to "look good", how much effort it takes, others dare not imagine, also can not imagine.

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Every minute, every second, I'm trying to contain my desire to die.

In the past, women have been obsessed with reader corner stars, who have written melancholy from a depressed point of view, he said:

"It looks good" actually takes a lot of effort. So is Shirley, so is the other victims, and so am I myself.

Every time, when I feel the despair of unexplained pain, I want to end the body that is bound by the pain, every time, when I realize that the real environment is difficult to live a good life, hard work to change, I want to leave this helpless and powerless day, every time, when I realize that relatives and friends still understand or identify with me in love, I want to say goodbye to a world where no one supports me;

Before the fall, others can not see is that we are so hard to pull back themselves, so hard to find and understand themselves, so hard to make themselves better and others better. We often go to work to deal with business, as often pick up the phone of family concerned about each other's lives, as often after receiving hot coffee to facilitate the super-business shop staff to smile, we have been very hard, very hard, really.

(Look at the reader and say,"He looks good, why did he commit suicide?" Perhaps we all ignored the distress signal .

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For people with depression, every minute of living is working hard for "living." Even if they say they want to get better, it doesn't guarantee that they'll actually get better. As we saw on the live stream, Hohera had said she wanted to live with Shirley's share, but in fact, it was just one of many efforts. And every unsuccessful effort has affected people with depression, making him really want to leave the world.

Therefore, the death of Hora, in fact, not suddenly, look back at the above timeline of what happened, we know that he is also very hard to want to "get better", but on their own can not do, so choose to leave.

Remember, companionship can replace any word

With the news of Hora's death, friend IU is holding a concert in Seoul, when the audience shouted for the second anok, IU again appeared on the stage, the party is also happy look, but also signaled that the dance group does not need to go on stage, the mood is obviously affected.

IU finally chose to sing the Anco song Dear Name, and told the fans, "I don't know if it's going to be singing in this situation, I don't feel like You're going to sing it, you're going to help me sing." Although there was no direct response to the news of Hora's death, he said, "We all embrace love and live." 」

Han Xing, who is also a close friend of Hora's, also cleared his personal IG tracking list yesterday (November 24) and made his account private. There was no direct response, but his actions also suggested that the mood was affected.

We, as those who have been left to commit suicide, cannot let what has happened go back to the past, but we are absolutely capable of preventing more tragedies. If you have a hypochondriac, please remember, don't say "think to the good" or "want to open up" this kind of words, with your company, give them the greatest support and comfort;

No matter how long it takes,

I'm sure I'll get you back.

Even if it's a long way

And together we'll get to the end of the dawn

Countless days

It's so cold and grim

Your name is getting forgotten, but I'll remember

I'm not going to stop.

I'll keep calling your name

- IU Dear Name