"Ice And Ice Edge 2" was released, this time, Aisha chose to face her own life. But even if she had magic along the way, perhaps the most helpful thing was the love anna gave her family. (Nevin Micro-Ray)

In pictures, "Ice And Ice Edge 2"

Six years apart, "Ice and Snow Edge 2" was released. The story is set in the Kingdom of Allendale, three years after the people lived comfortably. Actress Aisha from the last episode after doubt, fear to accept themselves, now she, how is it?

We see that now she does enjoy the freedom of the public to accept herself, but she occasionally feels depressed. And she would keep hearing a distant song. The cryptic sound was like a call, making her fearful, but her heart couldn't help but fluctuate -- and if I followed it, I felt as if I could find some answers to life. But will I be able to destroy the happiness of all the people in front of me?

However, she knew she would always set foot on that path. What she doesn't know, however, is that she is not alone in the face of fear or the process of finding herself -- her sister Anna, a girl without magic, constantly becomes the greatest magic in Aisha's life in the way of her lover. (Editor's recommendation:"Ice and Snow Edge 2" Courage Quote: If you can't see the future, take the right path and do what you should do right now)

This time I'm afraid that I'm not strong enough to protect you.

Aisha has always felt guilty about the existence of her "special" self, fearing that the person she loves will be hurt by it.

In the first episode, she accidentally injured Anna because she didn't know how to control her power, and sealed her abilities for a while. But by this episode, she's not afraid that magic is too much to hurt others, but that she's not strong enough to protect her loved ones.

Before setting out to find the mysterious sound, Aisha confronts everything unknown ahead and refuses Anna's request to go with her. Aisha still doesn't know who she is and why she has special magic, and before she can fully understand herself, she worries about the misfortunes that others will suffer because of her.

It's really similar to what we might have every day -- sometimes, the more love we face, the more we're afraid. You're always worried about what you're doing, words, and so on, that you're not convinced of yourself -- you don't think you deserve to sacrifice for yourself, you have a sense of guilt for your existence. And this "existence of evil" also makes it difficult for you to feel happy.

In pictures, "Ice And Ice Edge 2"

So, Aisha's departure, in addition to looking for self-identity, really step to guide her, perhaps that with the voice of self-reconciliation.

But before that, perhaps the first lesson she had to understand first was that the person you thought you needed to protect had grown stronger because of your love for you -- when my sister Anna firmly said to her at the entrance to the Misty Forest, "I've ever crossed the North Mountain, Come back from the frozen heart " -- and you have to believe that you're the one who gives him the power to practice becoming a better family.

"When will you appreciate yourself as much as I appreciate you?" 」

Stone Elf Elder Peby once told Anna that magic was tempting to get lost, and that without you, Aisha would have been lost.

The big misty forest, what's in it? It's as if Anna was a child staring at her sister Aisha's perspective; she was turned away, and she didn't know how to feel the same way about her special magic or help her. She loves her, but at the same time this love, is a little lonely.

By episode two, however, you'll see that Anna has become a firmer hand. She and Aisha are the opposite character -- the more Aisha feels she is unworthy of love, the less stingy Anna is; the more she knows she is likely to lose Aisha, the more she has to protect the affection.

"I believe you more than anyone, Aisha. 」

"When will you appreciate yourself as much as I appreciate you?" 」

If you're not sure, if you're always worried, I'll explain it to you over and over again. What makes such communication and love endless, and fill the life of another person with a desire? In fact, think back to our own life experience, perhaps that is your family, sisters, honey, they will be in your doubts of their own time, constantly remind you, for you to write down the love you forget. Even if you want to do it again and again, they're all broken, but I'm willing to take it all.

In pictures, "Ice And Ice Edge 2"

I don't have magic, but I always have the courage to love you.

As a result, Aisha seems to have great power, but in front of Anna, you can always see her most vulnerable side.

Behind the magic, all the fear, doubt, guilt, sadness, and confusion she had, she was determined to take on Anna, and in the end she was the key to her rescue when she nearly buried herself in the forest in search of herself. Anna, by contrast, is an ordinary girl without magic, but why do we rarely see her fear?

Looking back at the first time in the forest, they encountered firespiriting around. And when Aisha said to Anna, "You can't follow me into the fire like this," Anna returned to her, "Then you don't run into the fire."

I don't have magic, I know I might get hurt, but I'm more afraid of losing you than that. Of course, in the face of her sister, who keeps pushing herself away, Anna's more often emotional emotions are anger. Always full of energy, she constantly want to hold a standing on the edge of Aisha;

It's like the good sisters and their families around us, who are always serious about being angry with you, even if you're more noisy than anyone else; however, you know that at any important moment, especially at the most difficult time of your life, they don't give up on the side.

And it really doesn't require magic -- knowing there's always a lot of hard work, but as long as I've always had the courage to love you.

In pictures, "Ice And Ice Edge 2"

So you don't need to reject me, because I have part of the love, originally born for you. Ice And Snow Oddity 2 teaches us that you will not be unhappy with the pursuit of yourself, and that you will make all people truly happy when you embrace these loves.

"What am I going to do without you?" 」

"You'll always have me." 」

As each other's hands and sisters, you sometimes walk back and forth, sometimes side by side, sometimes I look up at your back, sometimes you take my weakness. Anyway, the only thing I know is that my life has been yours, and from that moment on, your meaning to me will never die.

And back to the sisters, Aisha and Anna, because they were more confirmed of each other's love, and can really be strong.