In the latest installment in the game's "Sacred Fire" series, "Wind and Snow Moon", in addition to opening up the same-sex marriage system and providing a variety of play, the script slotted by men and women to reveal the potential for gender diversity.

The Japanese game series "Sacred Fire Drop," which released its first production in 1990, was developed by Intelligent Systems and produced by Nintendo in the popular ity series. The series, which debuted its latest work, "The Flame DropMagic," sold more than 2.2 million copies by the end of October.

In this game, players can not only enjoy the fun of board-style combat, but also with many characters to interact, enhance feelings, and even enter into marriage. However, the object of marriage is not limited to the opposite sex. You can even choose someone you trust as your life's partner without getting married. While this is not a series of initiatives, it is still compelling.


Do people play love games, or are there games with a love system? If you can choose the gender of the main character, which one will be chosen? What gender roles will be pursued? (Extended Reading: Not Happy With A Single?) "Love and Producer" looks out of the single myth)

When I was a child playing "The Ranch's Land Language, The Companion of the Ore Town," I found the female characters more attractive than the male characters. However, because girls and girls can not marry, so can only play the male version to pursue girls. Growup into a corrupt girl, feel that the "ranch language" of the male characters are very cute, hope that the boys can and the hero into marriage, but of course, it is not possible.

Previously unable to achieve the wish, I achieved through the "wind and snow moon."

Like you with my real gender.

In the past, to pursue your favorite gender may have to sacrifice one's gender identity. Just like when I was a child, want to pursue girls, can only play the male version.

But even so, there will be no guarantee of success in the future. For example: female players see "boys like you I see for the first time" and other lines, can only silently spit in the heart: "I'm sorry, I'm actually a girl", or male players successfully married to the boys thinking about the twilight, their pregnancy and children feel wrong.

With the same-sex marriage system, we can finally get out of this awkward situation. Choose the gender of your protagonist according to your gender identity, use your self-identification, and promote your feelings through classroom teaching, fighting, tea, and other ways to talk about your favorite characters. Although not all characters can marry on the same sex in this book, which can make players who like the characters feel strangled, it also truly reflects the reality of love that not everyone can catch up with.

Also, at the end of your story after you become a hero, there will be a little story of two people getting married. Whether or not your partner is of the opposite sex, the good news between you will be open to the nation. It's comforting to see same-sex couples who don't have to flinch.

If a gay child finds himself not allowed to marry a same-sex person while playing games, will he feel denied and confused about his sexuality? When I was a child, if I could marry with a female character, would it be possible to recognize that i like same-sex couples is justified early, is it not necessary to turn around the matter? In addition to making the game more comfortable for players, same-sex marriage systems are also delivering warm messages that say "you can like same-sex couples" and "same-sex marriage is OK."

Want to see others like each other: bystanders play

In addition, there are some players playing love game is not want to fall in love. They don't see the protagonist as themselves, but as one of them, and enjoy the interaction of the protagonist and the other characters. It's like watching comics and watching movies.

And some of these players also benefit from the same-sex marriage system. For example: like lily (female) players, you can choose the heroine to pursue the girl's heart; These players, who used to be only delusional on their own, can finally witness their favorite pair swinging home.

This time to play "Wind and Snow Moon", I was to the perspective of the bystander, to see my favorite boys and male protagonists married, to achieve my long-term long-term wish.

Thus, the player's chosen protagonist is sometimes irrelevant to his or her gender identity. Others will live with the main character's mother to nurture their daughter's mood to play the game. Players thousands, play mentality is many. If the developer can not guarantee that everything is available, although it may be more laborious, but at least can try not to limit too much to attract a variety of customers.

BL (Boys' Love) can create more than 20 billion markets a year, and the benefits of other customers are even more remarkable.

Universal playbys: reducing gender stereotypes

The October 27 release of Ranch Talk Reunites The Town of Minerals also offers a same-sex marriage system that allows players to experience a freer ranch life than the GBA version.
It's a good thing that games that can be used for same-sex marriage continue to be rolled out, but beyond the surface of the system, whether the core script can also conform to gender parity will become a new subject.


As mentioned earlier, although not all characters are the subject of same-sex marriage, but the dialogue will not be because of the gender of the protagonist too much change, the only difference is that there is no final marriage event. And by this gift, in the pre-marriage drama, as long as the heart seems to have a lover's atmosphere. People are less likely to mention the gender of the main character, more than the gender of the protagonist to say the corresponding lines.

This shows a new direction for the writing of gender-equal playscripts. While it may be argued that the script for the lead actress is not perfect, it is comfortable to avoid a conversation about the protagonist's gender. Because gender-stereotyped lines such as "I have to protect you as a man" and "A man need to be strong" don't appear. (Extended reading: strong kiss, a word does not agree the wall!) How to Romanticize Patriarchy in Campus Youth Love Drama)

I want to protect you, to be with you out of love, out of love, out of love, out of love, not about gender.

Believe that there are girls in the world who want to protect boys, but also girls who want to protect girls. Of course, boys can also be vulnerable, girls can also be strong. Two boys can also have afternoon tea together for a snack. Avoid the main character gender operation, just can hold a variety of values of the player, can have a comfortable experience.

Previous games have often been criticized for "over-sexualizing female characters", "involuntary female characters" or "heterosexual centers". We also expect that future game development will continue to focus on gender diversity and make the concept of gender equality widespread in the gaming world. It is even able to impress the social perception through the game, which in turn promotes the legalization of gender equality and gay marriage in Japan.