Contemporary dating unit. Virgo-style love, very proud, but also very sincere. When I first see you, I know if I will love you. If only a stranger sleeping together, but I accidentally fell in love with you, I will shed tears, but that is no longer your business.

When it's cold, you need to dress and hug/wake up and love you - you need to love you when you wake up. Lin Wanyu.

Virgo-style love, the most lonely, but also the most pure. Love doesn't have to be said, like snoist. When I first saw you that day, I knew I would love you.

People say Virgo is proud and over-pursuit of perfection. In fact, the more tenacious people, the more yearning for soft. The snow is always waiting for spring, longing to be melted by the sun.

We can talk about a life-and-death relationship, or we can just covet each other's body temperature for a night. If only a stranger sleeping together, but I accidentally fell in love with you, I will shed tears, but it has nothing to do with you.

When I fall asleep with my back, I want you to understand that it is not unwilling to treat you, is that I want you to hold me up from behind, say good night, walk ingested by you, I sometimes quiet like a cat, I hope you know that it is not unwilling to talk to you, is I want to make it easy, afraid of being heard by you heartbeat.

Here / Don't choose the other way / Walk this map together / Decided / Things are so decided - determined. Lin Wanyu.

People say Virgo is too rigid to understand love;

Virgo, be perfect, and stop. Love is also, if I love you, love absolutely. Perhaps the best waste of life, but it is to throw time waves at you. I pray we have the best ending, but no matter what happens, before i separate, I know I will be out of order for you, and you will be crazy.

I've always been afraid that things aren't in the plan, but I'm willing to walk you down the path of quivering. Maybe bumpy, maybe dangerous, but hold your hand, I am not so afraid.

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Virgo never wronged the whole. If I bow my head, do not ask for mercy, do not show weakness, just to kiss you.

Know that you will wait for me/I will/willing to wait for those time past / willing to drift in the time of the river / quiet / quiet number of days - wait those time past. Lin Wanyu.

Virgo's love shape, lonely, pure, sincere. I am here, only because in the best years, met you, must love you.