(Nevin Has Ray) "82-year-old Jin Zhiying" repeatedly appeared in the scene of eating. The dining table is an important place to maintain a family, but why is it always difficult for women to sit down and have a good meal?

After the film version of "Kim Zhiying born in 82 years" was released, the original novel heroine a large number of inner monologues become less, replaced by a variety of physical scenes of the relationship and emotions.

And this woman's growth, between home and between home, constantly appeared to include that dining table. From her childhood home, to her husband's and children's home, to her mother-in-law's home, the dining table is a common corner of the family, eating and drinking as a family to maintain their relationship as an important moment, from the daily day before work, to the New Year's Day family reunion, you gather at the table to communicate with each other.

However, Jin Zhiying just reflects the life experience shared by many women - women are often the people who eat at The Loona table, but it is always the hardest thing to really sit down and eat. Finally, we will find the original home, and few people will really remember the dish you love to eat.

Photo A photo of "Kim Chi-ying in 82 Years"

"My family eats, but I can't sit down and eat" Is I really part of this family?

Not long after the film began, the scene is new Year's time, Jin Zhiying and her husband returned to her mother-in-law's family reunion. And the day is not bright, she heard the kitchen move, know is the mother-in-law's voice, then hurriedly get up a piece of food to help.

Then you see her constantly cooking, washing dishes, fruit after meals in the kitchen, looking out from her perspective into the living room, mr. , the child, the father-in-law, the mother-in-law and the aunt, and we all sat together after full food, with a laugh, a reunion atmosphere. But she stood there alone. Because the needs of the family are always endless, she has a busy housework at hand;

She's not in that house, e.,

And the film continues to reveal that this may be a girl from childhood will be educated. As a child, girls were assigned to help in the kitchen, boys stayed in the playroom to play; girls helped set up chopsticks, and boys just had to open their mouths while they were eating. In a home, women hold every table, but mothers are often the last people to come to the table and eat leftovers.

You see the back of Zhiying, from girls to women, you will think of that kind of birth, is not to one day in front of the mother-in-law's good performance, in the family before waking up to stand up position, to prepare that table wonderful dishes?

She seemed to maintain the order of the table and make a family happy because of the reunion and food. However, often few people care whether she - the girl, whose wife, to whom the daughter-in-law, to whom the mother - has been gained.

A table that is running out of water is like a home that is losing its temperature

Why is table time important for a family?

Eating as people's physiological needs, in the meal, we will be satisfied with the happiness, and love a person's feeling is similar. Therefore, when you are always unable to sit down and eat well, or do not feel the position that this family has left for you, you are deprived of this, and you are not cared about, do not belong to a member of this family.

It's just that when Zhiying left her mother-in-law's house and returned to her husband's house, you saw that she was still very unhappy. In that house, the shade of gray mist is dark, and the couple rarely have a couple's meal time. Instead, you can see where babies eat and occupy a large table, as if to imply that their lives are being pulled over by something that can't be properly distributed; they keep talking and communicating, but there's always a wall where they can't cross, and they're glued outside the wall.

You don't have the moment to sit down and look at each other and share a meal, revealing the widening and unbridgeable fissures between you.

Photo A photo of "Kim Chi-ying in 82 Years"

This new family together, regardless of what kind of girl or daughter-in-law, as a woman, has been in the situation, and coming here seems to have a new identity to build value, as if it should be a place where she can feel her support again. However, it turned out that all the people were still powerless to do anything about it.

Why is this like this?

Mr. Zhiying, in fact, constantly find ways to slow down all conflicts; You feel hurt, you feel discouraged, you want to be angry, but you don't know who you're angry with.

On this table at the home, the mother continues to meet the needs of her family - the images continue to highlight the baby's bet, hug, and soothing. And she continued to be hungry.

'Sometimes I feel happy, but sometimes I feel trapped,' she said. Have loved and loved people, she is indeed happy, but will it be these love and be loved, is siege to this family?

"My favorite, never red bean bread" those things that are not remembered

Yes, Jin Zhiying's story makes the girls feel, not what the wind and waves in life.

She was followed at the bus stop, but was eventually rescued by adults; she was frustrated by the difficulty of finding a job, but was eventually informed of the admission; after that, no one would ever think about how her father would growl at her when she said you were wearing a skirt too short to stand out, and what kind of work would a girl think about when she was ready to marry?

So, as if she had not suffered any trauma, no injury, the daughter herself felt temporarily innocuous. And in these people feel that the little gap, the small details that are constantly being ignored, is slowly accumulating some kind of irreparable harm.

Until one day, Zhiying finally began to feel pain.

From that moment on, that pain will wave like a sea of mountains, you will suddenly think of the original in the life of so many moments, they have not been who to follow. Does anyone love you? yes, but are you hurt? There are ah - if these loves are consciously and conditionally allocated; what makes you hurt is not that they are not remembered by whom, but that I have experienced those, who care, and that no one cares, and that there is no one, will be distressed by it.

In the plot into the end, found himself long-term neglect of Zhiying's brother, the tide of calls to ask his father and sister favorite things to eat. Then he brought a large bag of red bean bread. However, also at that moment, he heard Zhiying not slowly said, I have not liked red bean bread ah, this is what you like to eat.

Dig out the filling and eat only the edge of the bread, the mother said, and that's how she grew up, and she's sick.

And the whole environment, because found her, Jin Zhiying - that who daughter, wife, daughter-in-law - sick, began to change? At the end of the film, a piece of dusk spilled into the house. Zhiying smiled slowly, very shallow and very light, "at dusk, the heart is still heavy." Maybe there's no way to really change anything.

But at least, my life as a girl, my wounds, have begun to be seen, and weep for it.

No one knows my favorite food. But at least at least someone is beginning to know that what I like has never been red bean bread.

Photo A photo of "Kim Chi-ying in 82 Years"