Why, sometimes constellations are not quite the right one? Let the national teacher Tang Yuyang answer for you!

When you slide your phone, you can't help but think about looking at a few more, but do you know why you're attracted to constellations?

We all desire to be understood, but we don't want to be fully seen. We want someone who wants someone who's willing to stop and pay attention to themselves, but we don't want to be pushed on stage and looked at with a magnifying glass. So when you look at the constellation-related articles, you'll want to see if there's anything about other people's observations about themselves. But it turns out that the constellation movement doesn't fit in with itself as you think, and more often than not, you even feel that the constellation is not as accurate.

If you also have such doubts about the constellations, let the national teacher Tang Yuyang for you to answer!

Why is the constellation not quite sure?

Tang Yuyang recently released a video on the personal video audio channel, said that if you feel that the constellation is not allowed, it may be related to our own personal feelings. "Everyone looks at the constellations, it must be self-feeling, so maybe you have peach blossoms, but you can't see it or you can't see it," she says. I've reminded you that you'll have to see it quickly. 」

Constellation movement is actually more than a reminder than predicted. For example, the momentum tells you that there may be a partial fortune, is to remind you that you can try other ways to make money, does not mean that you buy Lotto will win. So no matter what the constellations say, the control of life remains in our own hands. (Recommended reading: Interview with Tang Weiyang: Injury, is a gift of life!) Constantly creating the "star" of life restoration )

The reason why constellations are less likely may also be related to the sun constellation and the rising constellation. "In terms of the star disk, if you're looking at constellations, then the sun and the rise are sure to see it, " Tang said. The sun sees the main scene of life and the inner feelings of the individual, and the rising represents the real event. 」

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For example, if your solar constellation tells you to pay more attention recently, chances are that you 'feel' your strength get worse, so you might go to the doctor, check it out, and so on. But if it's the momentum of the rising constellation that tells you to pay attention to your body recently, then it's possible that the body may actually be sick, so that you have to go to the doctor and go to the hospital.

Next time, if you feel that the constellation is not quite right, you may try to re-examine it from both angles!

Which one should I listen to when the sun and the rising constellations clash with each other?

If you look at the constellation movement, only to find that their sun and the rising constellation are incompatible. For example, the solar constellation business is very good, but the rising constellation business is low. What does this mean? Is it also a sign of no sign? In response to this, Tang said: "The sun constellation business is very good, on behalf of you may be appreciated by the boss, was pulled, and the cause of rising constellation steam is not good, may represent you received a drudgery, difficult task." So while you're being looked after by the officer, it can be hard. 」

"It won't be incompatible, but in fact, in my opinion, the momentum is so three-dimensional." Tang said.

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Human beings are three-dimensional, life is also all sides, of course, the trend will not be only a method of interpretation. Remember, the solar constellation is in charge of the feeling, the rising constellation is in charge of the facts, from this point of view, we can see the world will not only be black and white, will not only right or wrong, but in addition to duality, find another way to see themselves and the world. (Recommended reading: Must-save!) Twelve Constellation Strends: What are you fit to do this year with what to avoid? ) )

When we came up with the idea of "why constellations are not allowed", what we really want in our hearts is that "constellations should be very accurate", and we think that it should be better known than us about how to go in the future, and that it should guide us on how to go. But in fact we know well - no one knows the direction of the future better than they are, no one, no constellation.

Tang Yuyang also said at the end of the film, "Everyone in the face of their own fortunes, the best way to change the mind is still to think, thinking forward is what really can affect you, help you." Finally, I would like to encourage you that the appearance of life is in our own hands. Astrologer, I sincerely hope that it is only a reference for you, I hope you all have self-confidence, the more alive and brighter. 」

We then know that the constellationised is not allowed, because the decision of life in their own hands, believe in their own judgment and decision, this is the most certain and the most accurate thing in life.