800-word table story, there is no food, will always remind you of a certain memory. What kind of story is there when a pot of water and too many bubble noodles are added?

"It's not like new Year's time not to eat the bubble noodles cooked in The East of the Screen." My brother said so.

Mother's hometown is in Pingdong Manzhou, a small town next to Hengchun Kenting. As crowded as Kenting's crowds, Manchuria always gives a sense of endless silence. There, the streetlights are far apart, and there is a smell of the sea in the wind, and there are more signs than traffic lights.

Every Year, we have to cross Taiwan to reach Manchuria, Google Maps says it's 400 kilometers, but I feel more than that, i should have to go a little bit more, is to sleep repeatedly two rounds have not reached the distance.

In Manchuria, Ao will prepare a lot of dishes in Manchuria, because there are different relatives to visit every day. Relatives are usually very casual, looking for a chair to sit down, bowl a take, began to pick up rice, chat gossip, and then eat, laugh, drink, chew betel nut. (Recommended reading:Eat and Love Ao's red-burned meat: When this dish appears on the table, they know I'm home)

We, a group of children of about the same age, had little interest in the news of the beautiful seafood of the table and the village next door.

Our greatest pleasure is to wait until the evening, move out of the whole box of firecrackers bought by the grown-up, against the completely unoccupied field, the sky cannon water butterfly gun fairy stick, not a let go. It's basically A man of the state firecrackers. Then we will take turns to take a bath, and then come out to put that kind of to everyone to enjoy together, together wow only particularly good-looking fireworks.

Finally, the adults are going to sleep, and we'll go home and say to the adults, "Okay, I'm going to sleep", and sit down and turn on the TV.

Then the sister asked, if anyone wants to eat bubble noodles, there will be one or two children followed the sister into the kitchen, ten minutes, a large pot bubble table. That pot of noodles, usually there are some green vegetables, eggs, and occasionally from the refrigerator scraped out of the hot pot, usually the soup head will be very light, because when cooking always think that many people want to eat, water plus special.

In the middle of the night, we a group of children in the living room, with the chinese New Year's replay of those movies, the degree of happiness to the extreme, That is our New Year's Eve meal. We will grab to eat precious hot pot materials, will deliberately eat quickly do not want to wash dishes, will clearvery very light soup head to drink. Then rushed into the room to sleep, waiting for the next day at noon to be woken by adults.

That's my New Year' Eve, with bubble noodles, and a bunch of brothers and sisters with the night.

Always remember, a New Year's holiday is short, my mother said not to return to the east of the screen. My brother later said more than once, "I don't eat bubble noodles, it's not like New Year's Day", and I can't agree with more. I've always wondered what that pot of bubbly really means to us. (Recommended reading:"Eat and love" Buddha jump wall: this year we have a good time, next year also please more advice)

Later thought through, that pot bubble noodles taste very light, the material is not rich, but always symbolizes a childish, rebellious New Year. Because we are children ah, so can not be attracted to the mountain taste, because we are children, so can laugh before firecrackers brilliant, because we are children, so can because of a bowl of bubble noodles to eat happy. Because we're kids.

Until now, even if one of our group is not a child, or in the middle of the New Year, nestled in the living room to eat bubble noodles.

That pot of bubble noodles to me, is still want to grow up also want to keep a little childish.