Contemporary dating unit. Rather than committing, we want to record the moment of love, let's go on a date first? Libra-style love, is not only elegant, but also elegant.

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Welcome, this love too quickly also become too fast era, love like scissors stone cloth, first punch who first lose. Too serious lyme, but also afraid of jokes, especially afraid of jokes to be taken seriously by themselves, inevitably embarrassed.

Libra likes to fall in love, this era everyone feels That Libra must adapt well, it is simply at its best. They are nomadic animals in the city, good at sociable, and anyone can be friendly, those who flow, move, crisscross, only the feelings of midnight, is not just? Even Libra myself, almost believe this matter - well, I'm fine, I don't care.

Libra likes to fall in love, like left slide right slide, prove that they are in this scale on the two love market, there is also a bit of dominance.

And they often wake up in the middle of the night, found themselves on the verge of empty, those beautiful relationship name, the name of the situation, perennial good friends ah, the original world no one really need their own - at any time can leave the meaning, in fact, not on the spot can also; Actually can't afford and don't want to give you this kind of thing.

That's the way it is.

So she was light, such as the cat crept, moved back to her bed, did not leave a phone, even a tear also forgot to shed. Clearly really can't laugh out, also don't say a helpless. Libra is the kind of, elegant implementation of good scattered constellations, love how polite.

Of course, Libra has her clever place, and she won't tell you.

For example, she likes to love, like love into life, become an integral piece, like love is difficult to elaborate, Huli hu hu fell in love, the feeling of rapid heartbeat; like to have a person there, can wait, can miss, can look forward to the future; like not love, take their own away.

Libra starts a relationship and ends a relationship, very brief, like cutting a Checkbox and a switch on. The beginning is a sentence, now, you say good or bad, so reach out to lead, the heart also flew past; It doesn't matter anymore, so it doesn't need you to worry. Right.

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