Contemporary dating unit. Peony love, see you before, I will first have a good dream, there are countless beautiful dreams, and I will try my best to bring to you.

(Last episode:"Dating first?" Virgin's Love: Bowing not for the wrongdoer, just to kiss you)

You know, the universe of Aries is big and small, and it's only about people you like.

If you hate you, not even the opportunity to send a message ambiguous, please, don't ask me crazy about what I eat for three meals, and don't want to know what I did this weekend. If you have some good feelings, when Aries receive your message, is looking at the eyes of acid, but also reluctant to put down the phone.

If you take the initiative, ask a sentence to see a face, I will definitely be wrong words are too late to change, immediately good how to hao.

You can invite me to watch a DC and Marvel movie that I'll never understand, or you can find me and line up a red-hot restaurant, as long as you say it's worth it.

Aries are childish and somewhat stubborn. Will take your good, again and again to take out to review, and then think, red eyes, always feel how i hit such a good person, and then began to think, will one day, you tell yourself not to see each other again. No wonder everyone says that the peony talks about love, suffering from loss.

You know, if I feel lonely, won't let you see, I will carefully hide, you have to find yourself, I will not be wronged alone;

Peony said, you have to remember, when we meet, I was thinking about whether you will be in a bad mood, if you can, I will rack my brains, tell some not very funny jokes;

Then before I want to see you, I will have a dream, there are countless beautiful dreams, and I will try my best to bring, bring to you, want to see you laugh.

"I love you not because the weather is fine.

I miss you not because I see the stars.

Not because there's nothing else.

has been in the mind to review, hug you what angle is the most appropriate

Actually, I'll always imagine we're old, left holding hands, right-handed puppies, and maybe there's a lot of kids.

Actually, I'm not because of the good weather, leading you through the intersection of the rain and the flowers, which is also my favorite dream.