The malice, written in "Kim Chi-ying in 82 Years" and the suicide of South Korean artist Shirley And Hera, is not a "trivial matter." Jin Zhiying's story is very ordinary, ordinary to we can see ourselves.

Jin Zhiying's story, in fact, is very ordinary, but precisely because of the ordinary, let people can not be sad.

"82-year-old Kim Zhiying, starring Zheng Yumei and Kong Liu, was the box office winner on its first day in South Korea in October. The film opened in Taiwan on November 22 and has so far (November 30) been taipei's third-highest grossing film.

In the studio, you can hear the audience sobbing, and many women's breathing rhythms resonate at the same time. Perhaps each of us can see some of ourselves, or our mother, from Kim Chi-ying.

Those who take it for granted, grow up to understand that it is oppression, and finally have an export.

Jin Zhiying, born 82, is this export. It appeared at the time, for me is still lucky, twenty-two years old, always feel that there is still time to change something, but whenever I recall my mother, and those women of her time, after all, there is time away feelings, the heart is very heavy.

This article, written after "Kim Chi-ying born in 82 years" and after the suicide of South Korean entertainer Shirley, with Hora. The reason to put these things together, except because the scene is in Korea, the gender behind the relationship is actually very similar.

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Collective female situation: fear, stress, aphasia

In the film, the first place that made me feel most was that Jin Zhiying, in high school, was followed by male students on the way back from remedial work. Jin Zhiying was rescued by the female passer-by, sat on the ground to collapse and cried, when I could not help but burst into tears.

Because I found myself perfectly at the same as to imagine how scared I should be in that situation.

From birth, girls are placed in a must guard against the world, to protect their own position. And if you get hurt, it's because you don't protect yourself well.

Maybe we've all heard that. "Girls don't come home too late!" "Skirts are so short, what to do when you meet the bad guys. "Dare to shoot (intimate image) don't be afraid to flow out! There are many, many, zero total.

It's a world that protects girls, and it's a world that's malicious to girls. Otherwise, if there is no malice, why should we protect it? This is often seen in life, in the name of love for women, to protect the name of oppression.

In the film, Jin Zhiying must be afraid of being followed, the father knew, just blame her why run so far to make up, female staff must bewarnotyed by pinhole, and even afterwards to the police to confirm that the person in the photo is not their own, for the transfer of photos of male colleagues, can only express disappointment, even if the heart, can do nothing.

We fear being attacked, we are worried about being violated. And these threats are not something we imagined.

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As a girl, too much fear, too few choices

In addition to personal safety, women are also afraid of their choices or appearances, not in line with the mainstream society's imagination. (Extended reading: A love letter to a Taiwanese girl: how much heart damage you have, how much power you have)

We have also heard such statements. "It must be very sad to dress like that." "It's beautiful and it's good to sit at the counter. "Girls still hurry to find a good husband to marry. "So late to get married, shouldn't you have a baby?" 」

Beauty and ugliness, purity or sleazy, delicate or strong, or marriage age, childbearing age, or how to be a good daughter, a good wife, a good mother. In this harsh world, more than an inch less can not.

Girls' choices are always few. Admittedly, things do get better, but they're not enough.

Look back at Shirley's self-inflicted events. In her life, after flying alone, she broke the original pure human, went to nightclubs, supported braless movement, po on suspected sexual innuendo photos, repeatedly attacked by netizens. People say Shirley is corrupt and bad. (Recommended reading: Written after Shirley's death: It's not just acid, it's the misogyny culture)

As a woman, a female star, Shirley is very wary of what she does. In fact, it's not Shirley who's changed, it's that the world's expectations of her haven't changed. She was always her, but not her ideal.

Let's look at the recent Hora incident. She had been subjected to intimate films and domestic violence by her ex-boyfriend, and these two things happened frequently in our society and even around life.

From girls to women, we are no strangers to fear and malice.

In order to protect ourselves, we are forced to get used to not coming back late, not wearing exposure, not drinking too much, being forced to be wary of strangers approaching, and to actively avoid any situation that might put us in danger.

These fears and malice have become the daily routine that we take for granted.

Later/you'll forget how to cry / You learn to laugh when you're upset/ Laugh happily/ The better, and then you'll/make friends/You're no longer alone
I'll live with you. Xu Peifen.

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Kim Zhiying, who was born 82 years old, exists not only in Korea in 1982, but also in present-day Taiwan.

We look forward to, every Jin Zhiying, every you, in the future can find themselves. Because we have lost, there have been too much too much.