In the "Ice and Snow" series of actress Aisha, there is no emotional line arrangement. In order to save the kingdom, Aisha fought for herself, and she knew that it was her heart. Can we not accept that a girl's career plan has never been put into a love relationship?

Ushered in a cold winter, the temperature drops day by day, it is suitable for bringing a cup of hot cocoa, into the theater to see "Ice and Snow Edge 2". In its first week on the show, it was immediately crowned the weekend box office winner.

It's been six years since the first episode of "Ice and Snow" was released in 2013, when a "Let It Go" was broadcast all over the streets, and no one knew it, winning best original song at the 86th Academy Awards.

In the first assembly, Elsa was officially crowned queen of the Kingdom of Allan Dale. She finally understood herself and learned to face the wounds. Perfect does not exist, who is not fragile sometimes, we should face up to those dark sides, know why they are in pain, and how to heal.

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My family is "unreasonable" but lovely.

Time series flow, led by Aisha's own Kingdom of Allendale, sunny, blooming, a glorious scene.

Anna and Kristoff's steady relationship, occasionally they and Olaf (Olaf) a group of people gathered in a small room, guessing, than hand-drawn, playing family games, happiness is so ordinary and pure.

Did you find out? This "family" is very different from what we thought.

A pair of sisters, a boyfriend, a pet, a snowman. No parents, no marriage, this is the shape of our home, and others in the eyes of the home, it seems not the same, but it is the most comfortable place for us.

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I don't think Anna had to marry Ack before she was called "Family." Anna and Aisha are two sisters who are home to Ark, Snowball and Little.

(Start with micro-mines below, please take it carefully.) )

Aisha's Single Ness: You Don't have to get married to be able to have a family

Let's talk about Aisha. (Recommended reading:Ice And Snow Edge 2 Aisha Elsa: Some things are more important than falling in love, such as finding yourself)

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In "Ice And Ice Edge 2", Aisha eventually passes the throne to her sister Anna, who becomes the guardian of the magical forest, working with Anna to protect her father's and mother's country.

It was hotly debated that Aisha would have a girlfriend in the sequel, but it didn't happen in the animation, and even Aisha had no emotional line-up at all.

We certainly expect that Disney animation will feature multi-gender characters or relationships that show a friendly look to LGBTQIA, but isn't Aisha's "One Person" a kind of multi-faceted one? (Same-on-the-spot:"Single Diary" You don't have to deal with who's lonely, your single ness is straight-

Disney, which has been producing the fairy tale "The Princess and the Prince Live a Happy Life", has finally shown more and more "extraordinary" character descriptions and interactions in recent years.

Can we not accept that a cartoon heroine's career planning, never put into a love relationship?

The desire deep in Aisha's heart is a sense of mission to the kingdom of Allan Dale, and a love and care for her sister Anna.

Aisha, in order to save the Kingdom of Allan Dale and the Magical Forest, was willing to go forward in spite of everything, knowing that it was her heart.

There are clear goals far away, do not fall in love, that is how.

Atypical intimacy, okay?

At the end of the story, Aisha doesn't have the other half, unfortunately? I don't think so at all.

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Our imagination of home or relationshipist is actually very single.

"Unconventional intimate practices" of non-marriage, cohabitation, extramarital sex, homosexuality, etc. have long been excluded from the mainstream values of heterosexual marriage. In other words, "heterosexual routine" treats other sexual characteristics and sexual practices as others and marginalizes them.

"In a heterosexual society, everyone is defaulted to heterosexuality from birth and pushed into the institution of marriage. - Feminist writer Adrienne Rich

Nowadays, some of the public have the incentive to get rid of the shackles of marriage, but in the concept or system, sometimes still difficult to practice.

In Taiwan, women are getting more educated, but in traditional social values, the expectation of women to play a good wife and a good mother has not diminished, so marriage has lost some degree of appeal to women with financial ability. However, women who are not married are often regarded as abnormal and unreasonable, the public often worry about unmarried women, once the Buddha less marriage, life is incomplete. (Extended reading:"Single Diary" Cai Yilin's dashing turn, the end of love is not necessarily marriage)

Chen Meihua, a gender scholar, said: "There is a difficult break between people's daily plural, diverse and intimate practices, and a single choreographed system and cultural norms." This means that people who are out of the ordinary have to negotiate outside the law and maintain an intimate life that suits their aspirations. 」

In fact, intimacy practices have many different possibilities. Like Aisha and Anna, whose parents died unexpectedly, the sisters grew up supporting each other; like Ark and Little, a combination of a man and a pet, but also at ease.

The meaning of home is that one can find the most suitable relationship practice model for oneself, and then live at ease.

"Ice And Ice" through the role of Aisha, let the audience know that in life, women have no other options in marriage or relationship. Perhaps, in the future, Aisha will also meet the person who makes her favorite, the other person may be a woman or a man, but in any case, she now has the most suitable belonging.

Let's rebuild the diversity of intimacy and see the wider possibilities!