For you to select "Ice and Snow Edge 2" five words of courage, see Aisha and Anna's firm sisterhood, but also see how the two face each other fear and challenge.

Six years later, "Ice and Snow Edge 2" is back.

The story of six years ago ends with Elsa moving from depression and self-denial to gradual acceptance of herself, while also learning to love the people around her. And just like our real life, this "self-exploration" road, Aisha I'm afraid there is no such thing as a simple can go. "Ice Oddity 2" takes place in the third year since Aisha became Queen, and based on a desire for the unknowns of the past and a desire to unleash her potential, Aisha embarks on an adventure with Anna and her team, looking for why she was born, in search of an unknown past about the kingdom.

For you to select the film five words of courage, see Aisha and Anna's firm sisterhood, but also see how they face each other fear and challenge.

The road is long, don't get lost.

- "Ice and Snow Edge 2"

In "Ice and Snow Edge 2", Aisha has a fascination with her own existence, she does not understand where she came from, why only she has magic, but she did not let herself into the question cycle, she has to accept the challenge, to the distant end of a probe. Aisha did not say, but with action told us that the road is long, don't fall into confusion. (Recommended reading:"The Lion King" five classic words of courage: If bad things are destined to happen, why should we worry too much? ) )

In pictures, "Ice And Ice Edge 2"

Magic is not terrible, you are only fear, fear can not believe.

- "Ice and Snow Edge 2"

Because the unknown, so fear, human nature is so. But when Aisha discovers that the truth of the past is based on fear of magic, she now utters "fear can't believe" and defends the nature of magic that she spent a long time in the first film.

If you can't see the future, take the path of the present and do what you should do at the moment.

- "Ice and Snow Edge 2"

We all have the experience of living at this end and looking on the other side. This is true every year when you write down your New Year's wishes and want to do something you want to do before a few years ago. So when the future is blurred, we naturally feel chaotic and lose our way. But why is the future clear? Whose future is not coming out step by step? Ice And Snow Edge 2 reminds us once again that walking the right way is the best thing you can do.

In pictures, "Ice And Ice Edge 2"

Time's moving fast, it's true

Some things never change

And I'm holding on tight to you

Yes, time flies

But something will never change.

I'll always hold you tight

- "Ice Oddity 2" episode of Some Things Never Change

Disney cabaret movies are characterized by the plot hidden in the lyrics, the song is not only the film soundtrack, but also to promote the plot of the important role. When we look closely at the lyrics of some Things Never Change, it's not hard to find the good feelings of Aisha, Anna, Shepparton, Ark, and Xiaos. In spite of the passing of time, we will still be with each other, nothing is more precious than companionship. (Recommended reading:"Black Wonder Woman 2" three words of hope: where you come from is not important, how you love is important)

You are lost, hope is gone
But you must go on
And do the next right thing

Even if You feel lost, even if hope fades

But you can still move on.

and then continue to choose to do the right thing.

- "Ice Oddity 2" episode of The Next Right Thing

While Aisha opens up about the past, her sister Anna faces her own problems. We see that "Ice and Snow" is not only a story of Aisha alone, but also a growing story of a two-female protagonist. Sister Anna although not magical ability, but also always keep brave and cheerful, but so she, there is a low tide, in the face of darkness, Anna did not deliberately suppress, ignore, she chose to meet head-on, she wants to understand the darkness, and then find the light, find the exit. As the lyrics say, you may lose yourself, and things don't always go well, but you can always choose to do the right thing.

If "Ice and Snow" is the process from denial to acceptance of oneself, then "Ice and Snow Edge 2" is to discuss how to face the past bravely and listen honestly to the inner voice. The same is about the pursuit of self, but the first and second from different heights and angles, the story of the ice country to tell more complete, and add the second episode, the entire series of films more convey the "we all have the ability to become their own queens."

Believe it or not, your ability to face setbacks, your bravery, is definitely greater than you think, and that's what the ice and snow wonder slyly tell us.