(Nevin Weilei) American drama "Modern Love", 8 love skits in the city. Take stock of the album gold sentences and you won't meet the people who really are right until you're willing to listen and believe in yourself.

The American drama "Modern Love" is based on the New York Times's 15-year-old contemporary love column. A total of 8 30-minute skits, ranging from love at first sight, unmarried pregnancy, bipolar disorder, fatherhood, same-sex relationship with old-age love, it talks about different forms of love, or different stages of us, love will have different thoughts.

Sometimes you see how to learn to put down, sometimes practice giving back in love, and more often, it reminds you to face yourself.

Looking back at the golden sentence in the play, we see Modern Love and say not only love; But no matter what, someone will be able to accept you gently again.

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I've never seen a man, I've never seen your eyes.

"Modern Love"

The heroine of the first episode, Maggie, is a girl who is anxious to find a good man in love, but she also hits the wall again and again. Each time she's dating, she's always out of the way with her friend and home keeping Guzmin's sharp eyes. As a result, Maggie became increasingly afraid of Guzmin, who was like a prophetic poem, and once the "wrong man" was targeted, he was spared.

However, Guzmin, who appears to be trying to "obstruct" her everywhere, encourages her to "no one will criticize you for doing whatever you want, but don't do it because you're afraid." In life, you must decide your own behavior. It was not until the heroine finally understood that Guzmin was not gazing at the men, but her eyes on different objects every time.

It's like reminding us again that you won't meet the people you really do until you listen and believe in yourself.

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If he does put it down, at least you can put it down. Then I'm ready to meet someone else.

"Modern Love"

In the second episode, Joshua is the CEO of a dating software company and believes that the two love each other, and that the most important thing is the moment when they meet - that's what's going on. However, such a belief, although he met the perfect love, this love is also like glass, fragile and vulnerable. It wasn't until years later that Joshua encouraged journalist Julie in an interview. She told him, "Believe me, if you don't try, you'll never let it go,......, and it's going to ruin all your relationships." If he does put it down, at least you can put it down. 」

As the girl said, love contains a lot of things, it certainly contains love at first sight moments, but it also contains a lot of complex emotions outside there, such as desire.

So, if you have been remembered, once regret, let you find that you can no longer really love; Go and talk to the fear, anger, and fear that love once brought you, and perhaps you find it because you didn't forgive yourself at the time.

Photo : "Modern Love"

Sometimes you realize that so-called true love, it exists in different forms at different stages of life. It's not just about having children together, or romantic life, soul mates, or even lifelong company.

"Modern Love"

In the same episode, julie, a female journalist, is also backed down with a double narrative axis. She was reunited with her old lover after 17 years, and she finally knew why the man had lost his contract. This time, they talk a thousand words, their hearts excited, and finally confirmed the years of unresolved doubts and emotions.

They stayed up all night, even if I had thought of it countless times in the past, and if I could meet again, I would sleep in a hotel room, but at this moment they knew they didn't have to prove each other's feelings through something, "and we obviously still love each other." 」

So, even if we are not together after today, your love, or can continue to accompany me on the next path.

It lets you see that true love exists in different forms, and that you have finally learned to love until the day you can really put it down.

(Before, look at the next wonderful gold sentence: We are all afraid of being hurt in love, "Modern Love" album gold sentence: "There will be someone, can accept you as you are"