(Nevin Weilei) "Modern Love" is not your imagined love album. Take stock of the album gold sentence, let us see the various forms in love, all kinds of appearance.

(Review:"You won't meet the right person until you really believe in yourself" "Modern Love" gold sentence inventory, written to modern people's love book)

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There will certainly be people who accept what I was like, and someone who will accept that there are two souls in me. You can't just show one of your sides to others; that's Hollywood, that's Gilda. It's beautiful, but it won't last.

"Modern Love"

In episode three, Lexi, played by Anne Hathaway, is a 15-year-old girl with bipolar disorder who has had two looks ever since. Sometimes she's a smart, beautiful girl who's very good on all sides, and she'll put on a pink coat and dress herself up as a bright star.

But sometimes, when she becomes ill, she will instantly feel like she is in the deepest hell, her emotional lows and powerlessness so that she can only lie in bed, perhaps a week can not get up. For this reason, she has no real friends, let alone love. She longs to build relationships with others, but fears that others will see her wounded soul sweud away.

This story wants to say, perhaps not only bipolar disorder, mental illness, but in the face of love, do you have the courage to open the heart, present the real self? And no matter who you are, there will be people who feel that you are weak, there will be people who love you.

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At that moment, something changed. Watching him go farther and farther, I felt my soul free. His words changed me. Suddenly, I finally grew up.

"Modern Love"

The heroine of episode six, Madeleine, is a girl who loses her father at the age of 11. To this end, she always longs for fatherhood and is attracted to Peter, the company's older man of 3 0 s and 40. What she wants is a love that can make up for the lack of fatherhood and a "no return", but the play also stresses that it is not the same as what Peter wants. So they will eventually face the imbalance and error between the two men.

This implies that in a relationship, we may also often have a tacit position that you should do this to me, you should be what I imagine. But the end of the story also shows that true love is a mutual understanding;

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If I slow down, you won't have to chase me. We can run at our pace.

"Modern Love"

In Episode VIII, talk about an old man's love. The old man and the grandmother began to fall in love after a public welfare run. One of the old grandpa because of the physical relationship, running can only run very slow, but the grandmother said, then I slow down, we can live at our own pace.

They date, go to parties, travel together, "Every time we're in the house, he's going to stop and kiss me, or pinch my shoulders and touch my hand." And the love that is shown here is not just the love of the old; it is the same, love is not your pursuit of me, but we are willing to adjust the pace for each other.

As long as that is the way we are comfortable with each other, we will be satisfied that we can love each other, regardless of form or stage of life.

Old love is not the same, but also the same. I don't know how to finish my journey, to be honest, I have to start the long journey.

"Modern Love"

And at the end of the album, we talk about losing. The old man finally left the world first. At the funeral, the granny said, maybe we all thought we would love each other until we were 80 years old, and we had experienced all kinds of life twists and turns, and would be more comfortable in the face of loss, "but I'm not so sure now.' 」

Everyone feels as if we'll get better sooner and easier, but at this moment I understand that when you never see someone you love forever, the pain is the same. After the old love again, I will hurt again. Then maybe I will slowly accept, I am at the moment of hard, because I have a good hug you.

After watching this album, no matter what touched you most, what kind of self you see from, or think of who, love and love, will continue to echo in this city, let people dream. Some people come, some people leave, sometimes you may fail over and over again, and because of feelings of love and pain, we will continue to be willing to practice loving. (Editor's recommendation:"You won't meet the right person until you really believe in yourself" "Modern Love" gold sentence inventory, written to modern people's love book)