Contemporary dating unit. Rather than committing, we want to record the moment of love, let's go on a date first? Leo-style love, is to let me know, I can appreciate you, like to appreciate themselves. And I will give you the best love in the world.

(Review:"Dating First" Cancer Love: If You Want to Love Me, Know Me First)

In this love city, it's hard not to notice Leo. They like to get close to the crowd, like the sound of glass bumps, like to laugh, like to be surrounded by all the good things, which makes them more sure of themselves. I love to think, who else can be more confident than i am.

Love is like that.

Leo is used to throwing straight balls, and they're happy, like, don't waste time on me. His life, what he wants, his love, everything, very clear. How can you feel that you don't understand enough. Like how he took good care of his life; like running his own little kingdom, they have a good taste in life, play to eat and wear, all know how to meet themselves.

So if you want, you come and tell me that I can appreciate your soul, your hands, like I appreciate yourself.

They seem to be at the top of the love market, but this happens to be their deepest misunderstanding. Leo is born with the luster and temperament, only in the unfamiliar environment. When they love, when they remove the defense, he wants to make you feel like you are in the rapid cooling of the cold winter, get the city's warmest cotton quilt.

Leo's pride is also the easiest place for them to melt. Leo-style love is to let you know, in addition to giving you the best love, other free to talk about. I like you, I won't let you know too late. Leo seems to have a prey character, but they don't really conquer who, but quietly wait, who can really conquer themselves. He can be confident in making tough decisions, but probably the only thing he's got in his life is hard to say

You will treat me well, like I never mean to believe in love that way?

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