(Wei Lei) in "Ice and Snow Edge 2", Aisha left home again. This time, not for the negative, not because of fear, she heard the call from afar, she knew that outside the kingdom, there is a knot, to be untangled by her own hands.

(Anna Anna:"When you're in the running, I'm your backing" "Ice and Snow Edge 2" Anna taught us: There is a dream to be with someone.

In late 2019, Disney released a six-year sequel, Ice And Ice Oddity 2, featuring not only the story lines of actress Elsa and sister Anna, but also the sisters growing up and piecing together what best suits them.

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In the last, we talked about Aisha's emotional life, she had no boyfriend or girlfriend, but a single person, to give all her love to the kingdom, the forest and her family, and of course herself. (Same-field plus: Sister is not interested in love!) "Ice Oddity 2" Atypical Intimacy: You don't have to marry anyone to have a happy day.

In fact, from the first episode to the second episode, not only to solve the mystery of Aisha's life, but also let us see Aisha as a woman's growth process and story.

Aisha's Runaway: Escape, Or Face?

In 2013's Ice and Snow Oddity, Aisha gradually closed her heart after her sister was injured in a magical accident. She is afraid of hurting others, and she is afraid that she will not be accepted. (Extended Reading: The Psychological Subject of "Ice and Snow" : Afraid to Build Relationships for Fear ofInjury or Injury)

She left the Kingdom of Allan Dale with a sad and angry heart in her quarrel with Anna. Fly away, let the bondage drift with the wind, singing Let ig go at the same time, but also to build their own ice palace. Aisha wants the world to leave her alone and not to disturb.

Let it go, let it go let it go let it go, let it go
Can't hold it back anymore anyway can no longer hide
Let it go, let it go let it go let it go, let it go
Turn away and slam the door turns around and closes the door
I don't't care what they're're going to say I don't care what they're going to say
Let the storm rage on let the storm roar
The cold never ddme me anyway cold can no longer intrude me
- Let It Go. Ice and Snow Edge

Still, Aisha, who seems to have found her way, is uneasy. When her beloved Ellen Dale kingdom and sister were kept out of the world, she had difficulty self-healing.

The first time she left home, Aisha seemed to be running away from everything, including outside vision and even her relationship with Anna.

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At Ice And Snow Edge 2, Aisha left home again. This time, not for the negative, not because of fear, she heard the call from afar, she knew that outside the kingdom, there is a knot, to be untangled by her own hands. (Same-field addition: "Ice andSnow Edge 2" Courage Quote: If you can't see the future, take the road of the moment and do what you should do at the moment)

The second time she left home, Aisha stepped out of her comfort zone, brave and determined. Also run away from home, this time she has to go forward, rather than turn away to run away.

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Show yourself to show you
I'm no longer i don't tremble anymore
Here I am I'm standing here.
I've come so far I've come a long, long way
You are the answer I've waited for you are the answer I'm looking for
All of my life in my life
Oh, show yourself show you
Let me see who you are let me see who you really are
- Show Yourself. Ice and Snow Edge 2.

In the first episode, Aisha from an inferior girl, regaining courage, in the face of their own pain and injury, ascended to the throne as the Queen of the Kingdom of Allendale, led the whole kingdom, loved by the people.

Then, in the second episode, Aisha embarks on her journey to find herself again. This time, in addition to saving the kingdom, she also had to face a deeper inner subject, no longer afraid to face, willing to bravely admit weakness.

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When Aisha put her eyes back on herself, she was finally relieved.

Looking for their own way, like walking into a secret path, not too flat, the road occasionally cloudy, but also blooming. Most importantly, you will find that you have the ability to take yourself anywhere away.

Photo: "Ice And Ice Edge 2"

There's also your scenery in Aisha's adventure.

Looking at Aisha's recovery and healing from her injuries, perhaps you can see your shadow in her body.

In real life, we wrestle in our feelings, and even when we stumble, we try to learn how to love and be loved, but we always don't know the shape of love.

After a few injuries, I finally realized that the most important thing to do before building a relationship with someone else was self-healing. You need to look back and understand your pain, and after a long, solid healing, you will eventually be closer to yourself.

Only by knowing who you are will you know what kind of relationship pattern and object you are suitable for.

Healing road, perhaps very long, but only belongs to your exercise.

I've ve never felt so certain I've never been so sure
All my life I've been been torn i've been tortured all my life
But I'm here for a reason but I'll be here for a reason
- Show Yourself. Ice and Snow Edge 2.

Aisha taught us the subject, is to believe in themselves, understand themselves, and do not forget to lick the wound for themselves, gentle healing.