"Ice Oddity 2" was released, and when everyone talked about Aisha's handsome pants, do you know the real design concept behind it?

Six years on, "Ice and Snow" is released on November 21with with a sequel 2.

Elsa learns to face her trueself in the first episode and accept her own magic to become queen of the Kingdom of Allendale; in the second episode, Aisha, along with her sister Anna, embarks on a root-seeking journey that not only adds many adventure scenes, but also discusses Aisha's trouser dress - more than a dress. More fearless, bold look.

Is it strange to be different from the past Queen Princess costume settings? In 2019, the animated film "Toy Story 4" has a shepherd's dress, some people also discuss, in "Ice and Snow Edge 2", these pants design will not be just a kind of political correctness, or a female show?

The animation team of Ice and Snow Edge 2 openly talks about the purpose of designing the pants, but they want you to focus on more than just "Aisha put on her pants."

The practicality of clothing, more than anything else

According to Vox, The Disney Visual Development Team, which designs the costumes for the main characters of Ice and Snow Edge 2, said they were given three design directions before the animation was made:

  • It happened in the fall.
  • Aisha and Anna grew up three years old.
  • It's going to be an epic adventure.

Since Aisha and Anna's character and style of dress have long been finalized in the first episode, they don't need to think about "Issa will wear this dress in the end" when designing clothing, and more discussion revolves around "What do girls usually wear at that moment?" 」

In other words, the pants are set not to make a "right decision", but to take into account the environment, the character's mood changes, to make different choices. In the drama with adventure as the main axis, put on the pants, for the appropriate, convenient, is the real life, everyone may make a choice, so from skirt swear to pants, it seems reasonable.

Based on the practicality of the costume, Anna's costume refers to the traditional Norwegian folk dress Bunad, a wool-enjoined skirt with embroidery, combined with the cut lines of "A-Line" in the Christian Dior New Look collection, without specially binding women's waists. Her dress must be considered for the environment, so the material will tend to wool and velvet, color-appropriate. Also because you grow up three years old, you have to look more mature. (Extended reading: Have you seen her classic slogans, but you know her ambitions - the feminism of Dior's creative director)

In pictures, "Ice And Ice Edge 2"

Although Aisha is older than Anna, the visual team believes that her costume is not meant to look mature, but must reflect Aisha's heart - stoicism, introspection. And because the second episode is about adventure, designing her outfit must take into account whether it can afford to move in large numbers.

In the first episode, Aisha's costume references the mysterious, bold elements of Alexander McQueen and Elie Saab's design, but in the second episode they must preserve Aisha's original style and make the tailoring more profitable, so that Aisha can move in big moves, so They designed tailored coats and shawls for her.

In pictures, "Ice And Ice Edge 2"

Also to emphasize the Queen's strength, adding snowflakes to her shoulders looks like a soldier's shoulder: "Her costume, with some authority." 」

To reinforce the practicality of the garment, the design team asked the two to put on their pants: "We don't want pants to be the focus of attention, but we want the clothing to be functional and help them get through all the difficulties." (Extended Reading:"Ice and Snow Edge 2" Courage Quote: If you can't see the future, take the path of the present and do what you should do at the moment)

In pictures, "Ice And Ice Edge 2"

In the report, Lee and Griselda Sastrawinata-Lemay said they had helped design Aisha and Anna's costumes in the past, and that they believed that animators were often immersed in Disney's world, but some designs did not apply in real life.

In addition to the "Ice and Snow Edge 2" plot, perhaps after listening to the design team's concept and intention, we can start thinking, for the pants behind drinking, more important is to start to transform thinking, what is the main character, the user needs?

Or maybe the princess esthest and the queens put on their pants in order to return to the most primitive, human needs: what kind of things a person does in real life, what kind of clothes will be put on?

The next time the girls put on their pants, it's not about pleasing anyone, but about knowing what she needs and what she fits.