Five ways not to say I love you, can also be sweeter, you do what?

Are you a person who often says "I love you"?

For some people, it is extremely difficult to express love, even if open mouth is embarrassing, or, some people often open up love, but the behavior is often blamed by the other half, that treating a lover and treating friends is no different, completely do not feel love.

Do is not, do not do is not, why like a person, love a person can not only use words to express it? Is there any other way to open your mouth?

American author Dr. Gary Chapman, who proposed "Five Languages of Love" in 1992, has been discussed by the public for more than 20 years, and these five language methods are the way we express our love for the other half, namely: positive words, careful time, gifts, physical touch, service action. (Extended Reading: What behavior sings to make you feel loved? You should try to communicate with your partner "The Word of Love")

So in fact, in addition to direct confession, give each other praise, or buy a small gift (not very expensive), hug each other, for each other to organize the room, cleaning, etc. , are a kind of expression of love. If the confession is a bit of a flesh-and-blood for you, then you can make good use of these loving languagetos to warm up the relationship between the two.

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Five ways to be sweeter without saying I love you

Understanding the basic love language in the relationship, there are five practical ways to make the relationship between two people more sweet yo!

Listen carefully: He knows I love chocolate and buys it every time I go to the supermarket

Give the other person full attention and eyes, so that the other half can feel your attention to him. Suppose you're dating someone today, and the next time you meet, he remembers the last time you said what you like dined with and what you hate to do, it'll instantly bring each other closer together and increase intimacy. It also proves that he listens carefully and takes your opinions and ideas into account, whether you are discussing big things or chatting.

Considerate action: know that I go to bed late and leave a lamp for me every night

What is considerate action? It's like opening the door for the other side, sending the other party a bunch of flowers for no reason, leaving a night light for him to return late, or usually sending a message to express your thoughts about him, or when the other side for you to organize the room, back to thank, is a good way.

Huffpost has also collected the reader's experience, with a message saying that her husband would help her make coffee every morning and heat the cup to keep it warm for longer, allowing her to wake up in the morning and drink hot coffee.

Flirting is also good: whether I wake up or not, he hugs me every morning

Do you think you don't need a spark if you get along for so long? Flirting is actually an integral way to maintain a relationship, such as when the other person puts on a new dress, you can give compliments in due course, or secretly send a message with a lovely punctuation mark (love or wink). A little further, you can also try to touch, kiss each other, let the relationship keep the temperature. (Sneak to tell you: this kind of flirting, couples have more love)

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Do something you never did: He hates watching entertainment, but sits next to me to stay with me

Know how to be yourself, but you can also try to step out of the comfort circle, such as for their loved ones to make a dish, the craft is very poor or never done also does not matter, or personally to his company to accompany him off work, with the other side can not sleep to stay up late, accompany him to visit favorite attractions, in their own possible range, try to do something for each other.

Wait for him to open your mouth, what you do first: every morning, he silently tidys the kitchen

Day after day, life trivia, will make feelings become flat, want to maintain the temperature, it is very important to learn to take the initiative, such as active scrubbing, washing clothes, the focus is to let the other side feel that you also care about every day with him. In Huffpost, there is also a reader experience that says, "The moment when love is most felt is when, after a hard day, she lies on the couch, and the other side silently walks over to massage her legs: "I think that's love." 」

The small way to warm up between the above five partners, starting today, even if you don't say I love you, can make each other feel sweet Oh :)