Interview with Liu Baijun, in March this year, it is known that she is Taiwan's first female baseball referee, in fact, she is now trying to promote women's baseball. She is convinced that Taiwanese are capable of bringing the energy of NGOs to the world.

Liu Baijun just arrived at the United Nations headquarters in New York in March this year.

"We all know how difficult it is for a woman to get a leadership position, and we are not only better off, but also better than others. 」

In her speech at the United Nations headquarters in New York, she spoke directly about the plight of women. She became Taiwan's first person, awarded the International Olympic Committee Women and Sports Award World Award, was recognized by the United Nations for her efforts in the field of women's sports, and told the media in an interview that Taiwanese can give back to the world. Then Liu Baijun and non-stop, into their own multi-ambition, to the major baseball games around the main review, and out of the book and speech initiative, the promotion of women's baseball, the organization of baseball camps, in the Reed Foundation New North Material Center to assist the case.

Perhaps everyone's impression of her is still only in the psychic, or Taiwan's first female baseball referee, but the name of Liu Baijun, as if not so important, she always quietly do what she wants to do: promote baseball, support women's sports, so where there is opportunity, resources, where to drill, this time in the fourth World Women's Asylum Congress, Also.

Prior to the interview, Liu had just spoken to gender advocate Eve Ensler and people from the United Nations Foundation, and shared with each other what could help each other. She proudly says that the world is very close to what Taiwan is doing: "In fact, Taiwan's NGO energy is very strong. Taiwanese people are very enthusiastic about public welfare and justice and are willing to participate in society. (Extended reading: Interview with Eve Ensler: "My father raped me, and I never waited for his apology"

Former Liu Baijun, quiet and determined to do things, but now, can not just do in silence, she is very convinced that the more she makes a strong voice, the more girls can be encouraged to participate in their favorite sports.

We have a job stick, there's no women in the job.

In 1992, Liu was prevented from playing baseball by her teacher because of her status as a girl, the year she was 13; in 2008, she overcame sexism in many baseball worlds to become Taiwan's first female judge of national competition enforcement; and in 2018, she was named the most influential woman in international sports for Forbes magazine. Liu Baijun constantly in setting a precedent, challenging the gender taboo in baseball, for girls to break out of a wider and deeper sports road, she looks at the world, there is positive change, but there are still great worries - the right to work.

"Baseball has a professional baseball (editorial: Chinese professional baseball), girls?" At last year's Women's World Cup, Taiwan won the world's no-two, but basically none of the players had a regular career. She wondered, "In Taiwan, what do you want them to survive on?" 」

Baseball players have to struggle between mouth and skill development, and female players are even more likely to go back to the environment, or because they don't know enough about girls playing baseball. Basic women's players from the strength to promotion, all aspects need to be balanced, let the public know: boys can play baseball, girls should also be able to play baseball, when they know this matter is normal, more and more people pay attention to, will start to pay attention to the rights and interests of female players.

"The United States had Title 9 Of 1972 (editorial: Section 9 of the Education Amendment), and when government-subsidized campaigns, they must not vary on the basis of gender, for example, subsidizing school sports funding and using the same amount of money for women as men. When the bill passed, the public got into an uproar, asking girls where they were in the movement. But the upside down, once the upper echelons give girls a chance, you can see that the United States, whether professional or women's sports, have bright transcripts.

Liu Baijun waved his hand and said, "So there is no "girls don't need" is that you don't create a friendly environment. She believes that when society is willing to give opportunities, more women will be involved in sports.

Back in Taiwan, Liu Baijun has a lot of hopes and entreaties in his eyes: "Whether it is to train good sports players, show Taiwan to the world, or like to participate in sports, to win awards, let the international see that the sport is actually good, sports can go beyond politics." Taiwan's diplomacy has been frustrated by politics, but she believes the Games are another way to break through the island's current predicament.

What I'm doing is not trying to help Taiwan get a medal.

Looking at Taiwan's sports, Liu Baijun is somewhat helpless: "Our sports more medal-oriented, hope to have results." Of course it's a pleasure to get a medal. But the essence of sport is to make us a healthier person. 」

She often joked that the ministry should subsidize the money because exercise makes people healthier and doesn't overuse health care. Behind the joke, but also the fact that the benefits of exercise, not only physical health, but also psychological changes, including achievement motivation, teamwork difficult to learn in textbooks, exercise can be practiced.

She has spoken to President Tsai Ing-wen bluntly that sports programs absolutely need government support and long-term thinking, not just volunteers, or private contact with foreign resources: "I've always been confused as to why both AIT and UN are looking for us to do it, and it's going to be helpless." I'm frustrated by looking for sponsorship in Taiwan. People like to play less, one sponsor is to run a game. But to encourage children to exercise, not only the competition, but also include sports protection, to study, to change the concept. 」

Open the Taiwan sports schedule, in addition to playing or playing, every year there is a baseball season, every month there is a baseball game, but the lack of attention to general education, not only high risk, but also the player's personal career feel a pity. Sport in Taiwan, like a bet, take time bet, become the light of Taiwan, lost will probably be forced to choose another way.

She particularly emphasized female athletes: "So I think what I'm doing is not helping Taiwan get medals, but encouraging more girls to develop sports." 」

A girl told me she wanted to be a judge.

In the workplace, women tend to have to look at their own situation, Liu Baijun point out, in the baseball world is also, so the existence of female role models is very important.

In the past, we felt normal about having only men in baseball and no women, so when a girl wanted to play baseball, she was often dismissed for "no girls playing baseball", as Liu Baijun heard when she was 13. Why do we need female role models? Her presence will make more girls aware that gender-specific restrictions are not normal and the problem is there. And with the precedent, more girls will have the courage to make choices, break through difficulties, they will know that the original girls can do it.

However, we think of themselves as a model female, Liu Baijun said a little awkward and embarrassed. I said i saw you in the interview before, talking about this is a bit of a formal, she smiled and waved: "I used to think, oh, just like, don't make things so complicated." It's like, "Well, I just love baseball, you don't push me out. " I've found that I've really encouraged kids and decided I'm going to stand up. 」

A few years ago, she was the host of the Big 12 practice competition, when the International Baseball Center made a special film interview. A Japanese female softball player who saw the video contacted Liu on Facebook, saying, "She said she wanted to be a baseball referee like me." I told her you'd get it. And offered the girl to help with her equipment.

The girl's name is Sato Ganai. In 2017, she worked with Liu Baijun at the Asian Cup and in 2018 at the World Cup.

In every law enforcement event, Liu Baijun's presence is an inspiration to the girl. One year at the World Cup in Busan, after the trial, the girls of the Indian team hugged Liu Baijun, and at the Asian Cup in October, Sri Lanka's players and coaches went to see her for a photo.

"If you are willing to respect the female profession on the court, there will certainly be a change in the stereotype of women. And these are subtle, not put up a slogan to him: to respect women. She laughed: "I thought I just liked baseball, but then I realized that I was standing there and could help women." 」

Faith is like a lighthouse, it can push a man forward.

Liu Baijun believes that sports can inspire people, and that is true for girls and for cases.

Now, Liu Baijun is assisting the case at the New North Material Center of the Reissin Foundation. She said that the owners who came to Reed, have been a lot of holes, even if given more opportunities to face the wound, or can convince the owner that they can live a better life, worthy of good treatment, "because her life experience is too painful." 」

So she believes that more important than giving material and assistance is to find people's motivation, motivation to live, believe that they can be happy and improve their lives. "I think the motivation comes from sports," she said. 」

"When people have faith there, it's like a lighthouse. You'll know that hard work is just a process, and it's all over. Like the case owner, perhaps subjected to sexual assault, domestic violence, if let him believe that he is hopeful, will be more powerful. I'm not saying that what I'm going through doesn't exist, the pain is still there, the negative emotions are still there, but at least she's motivated. 」

Faith in Liu Baijun, is standing, can look forward to, can also reach the end. The value of the movement, she see more than anyone, so in the past choose to quietly advance, and now she looks forward to the public noise, because people know, should not be silent.

As Taiwan's first female baseball referee and pusher for women's sports rights in Taiwan, she knows she won't be the only one.

Edit postscript

While we were talking about female role models, Liu Baijun told me that her role model as a child was a sage.

"In Taiwanese culture, especially as Bichuni, she advocated the repeal of the Eight-Court Law, completely breaking my stereotype of gender. She spoke with admiration.

"I saw her so brave and speak out for what she felt was righteous, and I told The Master that I really felt the word "big husband" when I saw her come forward, not your gender. (Extended Reading: Presiding for a Gay Buddha Wedding, Interview with Xu Zhaohui: My Feminist Enlightenment, It Was Buddha Who Taught Me)

I imagine two daredevils, talking about gender, talking about feminism, from the fearless stand on the wave, and in the future, perhaps we can see more women doing what they want to do.