Inside the text, read carefully. "Ice Oddity 2" is back on the big screen, when the world is watching Aisha and Anna face more life issues, in fact, few people notice that Anna's boyfriend, Ark, also gave us a new male partner imagination.

In addition to Disney's few films featuring female protagonists as the main axis of the story, "Ice and Snow" is also subverting the imagination and expectations of men in traditional society.

Six years later, "Ice and Snow Edge 2" is back on the big screen, two weeks after its release, the global box office has broken 20 billion. While the world is watching Aisha and Anna face more life issues, when everyone thinks it's a female show, few people notice that Anna's boyfriend, Ark, has also given us a new kind of male partner imagination. (Recommended reading:Ice And Snow Edge 2 Aisha Elsa: Some things are more important than falling in love, such as finding yourself)

The following involves a play, read carefully.

In pictures, "Ice And Ice Edge 2"

When you have difficulties, I don't ask why, just ask how to do

In "Ice and Snow Edge 2" there is a scene like this: Anna discovers that the way to save her sister and the kingdom is to dismantle the dam that destroys the balance of nature, so she runs to the dam as bait, while guiding the "stone giant" to throw itself at the stone. At the most dangerous moment, Acker suddenly rushed out, not asking what had happened, not to blame for anything that didn't help, not complaining that Anna was putting herself in danger, and asking only what to do.

In many Disney films in the past, most of the plot will emphasize how the hero should take the initiative to "protect" the heroine, usually without asking the heroine's opinion. But in Ice And Snow Edge 2, Ark is also protecting, but in the form of: When you are in trouble, I am willing to be the first to support you and help you. What to do, tell me.

Asking "what to do" is actually a reflection of Aker's thoughts that I know I don't know the solution better than you, and I choose to respect you, listen to your opinion, and then do my best to get us out of trouble together.

Back in real life, you must have met or heard that in an intimate relationship, when one party is in trouble complaining to the other and asking for help, the other party usually responds with his or her own personal thoughts. Few people are willing to ask one more question: what do you want to do, what do you think you should do. So Aker as a proportion of the role does not eat heavy, in the original line is not much to say this sentence, is really amazing. Simply "listening" is to convey Acker's infinite support for Anna.

In pictures, "Ice And Ice Edge 2"

Especially under the influence of patriarchal thought, men are relatively difficult to listen to in the relationship, they are used to being decision-makers, everything is based on their own judgment. Acker shows another kind of male possibility in the relationship - I can be a listener, I can be without time to dominate everything, I can do a strong backing to support the people I love. (Recommended reading:"Ice and Snow Edge 2" Courage Quote: If you can't see the future, take the right path and do what you should do right now)

At the end of the film, back to Disney's customary happy ending, Acker finally proposed to Anna. I think his sincerity, companionship, softness, is anna willing to spend life with it.

I have heard the saying that one person can give another the most precious gift, is time. Perhaps Aker is the same, willing to spend a lifetime to understand, listen, respect Anna. This is in the "Ice And Ice Edge 2" full of female force show, I see a little male soft.