The study suggests that "Sex After glow" after love will be the key to determining intimacy. So how does it affect your relationship? How do you continue its length?

Have you ever felt your head drowsy and warm after you've finished your love? At this time, will it also bebecause the other person did not hug you, there is a great sense of loss?

In fact, there is such a feeling, not your problem, but our physiological will have a normal reaction. When we reach orgasm, our brains will be filled with dopamine and oxytocin, which will make you feel excited and happy. Therefore, if we are separated immediately after the end of love, we will feel a strong sense of intimacy, and then produce uncomfortable feelings.

But at the same time, I want to tell you that after the fact, those chemicals will continue to fill your body, also known as Sex Afterglow, the afterglow of sex. This rhyme is to make you satisfied with the sake of sex, because that feeling, really good! Therefore, if we can get a good understanding of this physiological response and take good care of it, it will effectively warm up your intimacy.

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Study: Wanting to increase intimacy, sex repertoire is more important than having sex

Meltzer, an American psychologist, conducted a team survey of more than 200 newlyweds and found that sexual activity increases relationship satisfaction, which can last more than 48 hours.

And while most couples don't have a high sex life, "sex repertoire" becomes an emotional-to-body cognitive mechanism through which you create a link to intimacy. As a 2017 study published in the journal Psychological Science showed, people with stronger sexual repertoire were also more satisfied with their relationships.

In response, researchers at the University of Toronto, Amy Muise and others have also suggested that it is not the foreplay or the length of sex that really affects relationship satisfaction, but whether there is a hug after the end! After you've finished loving, a partner who is willing to spend more time kissing, hugging, or touching each other can clearly feel closer to each other.

How do I extend my sex reins? Make good use of the "six-minute rule"!

Since having sex rhymes is important and has many benefits, how on earth do you want to prolong it? A study by sexual relations researcher Robin Milhausen and others found that women who had an intimate interaction with their partner for 6-10 minutes after having sex were more happy about the sex than those who were not loved or less than six minutes. They summed it up as the "six-minute rule".

Robin Milhausen notes that sex makes us feel vulnerable, naked and emotional, and that when sex stimulates oxytocin, it makes each other more eager to have love. Therefore, the often overlooked "backplay" has in fact become the key to heating up feelings.

Here are five post-play proposals to give each other a memorable sex experience (then try to do it for more than six minutes):

1. First of all, be sure to hold him, like repeat your love

As Muise points out, a hug after the end is an appreciation for the other half that makes him feel valued. Try a wraparound hug, retain your body temperature, and keep intimacy open. (Recommended to you:"Warm storage is more addictive than having sex" Couples late-night: Swaddling's sex-style sleeping method that partners should try

2. Kissing, at any moment, is important

Many men will enter the "sage mode" after the end, and may change their attitudes immediately or immediately want to leave bed. These actions tend to make the other half feel like they are only the object of a deluded desire. So, in addition to hugging, continue to kiss him, let the other person feel that you are deeply fascinated for themselves, at any moment, you can not help themselves. (Here's how:"More like lying better than doing the right thing" Couple's Late Night: Four Tongue-Kissing Tips that Keep Your Heart Moving.

3. Gently caress sensitive belt and enjoy warm thin more happiness

After intense sexual activity, your sensitive belt will become more sensitive and vulnerable. At this time, you can try to have gentle contact, such as gently rub binge each other's sexual organs, or kiss each other's nipples, can let each other have the feeling of being loved. (Continue the passion, try slow sex:"Before orgasm, slow down breathing" couplelated late-night time: make sexual excitement deeper and more lasting than The Tantric Sex)

4. Gently dress your other half and show your love and love

Next, you can rinse your body together and slowly put on your clothes for each other. As mentioned earlier, being completely naked in front of a person can make people feel vulnerable, and doing this will allow the other half to know that they are being carefully cared for by you, but also to be cherished feeling.

5. Discuss how you feel for each other and look forward to your next intimate time

Finally, you can also have a chat time, ask each other especially like just now which moment, what future want to try things together? By doing so, the other person can feel like he or she is being taken care of, and then look forward to every future sex time. (Sex to be discussed, or planned:"I love you, but love your family soon" couples late at night: to avoid sex into routine, need "sex schedule")

This warm-up after sex is almost as important as sex itself. In intimacy, we're going to go longer, we're going to go deeper, maybe, start with this crucial six minutes (or always make it more than six minutes) !