Contemporary dating unit. Rather than committing, we want to record the moment of love, let's go on a date first? Taurus-style love, is he wants love to become a part of his own breath, seemingly aloof, but in fact, the absence of nothing.

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Taurus love, is boiled out.

Taurus spends a lot of time getting along, feeling, thinking, and evaluating before deciding to enter into a relationship. People say he is pragmatic, and he doesn't deny it. He knew that what he wanted was never a love that he would never have forgotten, and that he wanted to smooth out the long-flowing daily relationship. And the daily coexistence is actually the most difficult, he is from the most difficult point to start.

He wants love to become a part of his own breath, seemingly aloof, but in fact, the absence of nothing.

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He is interested in money, but not stingy, and money is the most basic condition for him to maintain his ideal life. He wants to live a good life, so he cares about money. And if you become part of his "ideal", he doesn't care about the basic conditions. Because you are the first consideration.

Dating Taurus, it can be old-fashioned, but don't fantasize. Walking side by side, he prefers you to walk silently to the outside than to say, "I'll love you all my life", and he'd rather hear "I want to finish my life with you."

How far can it go into your heart

How long will it take to get close to you?

- Guo Dingyu Mercury

He has always been not very good at expressing. Everything is light, but it lasts a long time. Love you, he will not be clear, but he will be willing in the rain, with your favorite cake home, clearly the paper box has been wet, he will say no rain is not big. When separated, he clearly miss, but the killing will not go to the trouble, but also forced to hold back, a little good.

A lifetime is too short to take too many risks, and to take risks. Taurus told himself, I just wait, wait for a lover to appear, a short life, enough.

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