Margarita Guill? is a pioneer of Mexican feminism, a social activist who advocates for women's issues. In 1995, she opened her first shelter in Mexico, and for more than two decades she has been providing assistance to hundreds of women.

At first sight, Margarita Guill?, she came lightly, with long orange hair and bright pupils, giving a sense of comfort and down-to-earth stability.

Many people call her a pioneer of Mexican feminism, and I'm not sure she likes the title, but she's been working to improve women's situation.

Margarita Guille opened the first shelter in Mexico in 1995 for more than two decades. In addition, she has been involved in the Inter-American Shelter Network and the Global Network of Women's Shelters. She worked on women's rights issues, and the Mexican Congress recognized her as a human rights defender, and Soroptimist International praised her as a feminist leader.

We are curious, as the front runner, not hesitate or fear? "I didn't think I was in danger, " Margarita Guill? shook his head gently, with a shallow smile in the corner of his mouth. 」

A little warm fire, enough to make the original.

You have the right idea, and a lot of people will follow you.

Margarita Guill?

"The girl called the devil suddenly learned to walk.

Whenever Margarita Guill? opens her mouth, she can always see the light in her eyes. She shared the survivor's case with us, and when she spoke of excitement, she trembled, she shed tears, and I could see how hard she tried to calm herself.

This only discovered that the stability felt in Margarita Guill?from the beginning came from it. It's not that she appears out of thin air or is born, it's that she transforms the story and experience into something, and then grows strength from her own body. Perhaps, the greater the sorrow, the more to lift weight, only the strength to face and break.

Many people were injured in the shelter. Some people's injuries on the body, clearly visible, startling, some people's wounds in the heart, and when the heart bleeds, the pain is no less than the flesh.

Margarita Guill?tells a story about what happened in a shelter. At that time, they rescued a little girl, only two years old, and when they found her, she didn't cry, she didn't move, "Oh my God, she's like a doll that's out of life." Margarita Guill? covered her face with her hands, still shaking. It turned out that the little girl was born to her mother and a strange man, so she was always regarded by her grandfather as a demon (Devil) and ignored.

One day in the middle of the night, a cry broke out in the shelter, from faint to squealing, and woke the workers in the house, including Margarita Guill?. "Who's crying like this?" What happened? Thinking someone was injured or had an accident, she hurried to check.

Crying, it's the little girl's. There was no difference at the scene, but the little girl was crying.

Margarita Guill?approached her and tried to appease her. At this time, the magic thing happened, the little girl who could not walk actually tried to get up, the pace is not stable to walk to her. "She's walking, she's walking. At the moment, Margarita Guill? is so surprised that she can't speak.

"Do you know why she suddenly learned to walk?" Margarita Guill? red-faced, fluttering his eyes to the side, then breathing slowly before continuing: "She just needs someone to care for." Margarita Guill?began to shed tears.

We handed her toilet paper, the mood is also Shendian. I think it's because Margarita Guille speaks of the story with a sense of presence, and we've been through it, and we can really see a child who was hurt in the past, quivering lying trying to stand up on his own and move forward.

Women want to be level, is freedom and support

If you want to do something you think is right, try to do it.

Margarita Guill?

In fact, Margarita Guill?'s career is quite extensive, and in addition to being a global network worker for women's shelters, she has developed programmes and documentaries on social issues for radio and television stations, and in 1993 founded the women's magazine Mujermp Conteor?nea. That is to say, in addition to physical strength, as a practitioner to promote asylum work, she also plays the role of a communicator, multi-pronged, willing to blossom everywhere.

"We need to work together. Margarita Guill? said in a long-term voice that it was a long-term anti-Japanese war and that it had to be made to the city.

Now she, there is a dream, efforts to achieve. "I hope to establish a global, inter-country asylum network. The meaning and concept behind it echo esthest of the 4WCWS (World Conference on Women's Asylum Placement). Gender-based violence, not just in Mexico or Taiwan, is happening all over the world. "So it is so important to build up the power of the people. 」

"...#metoo has has changed. We need to start to speak out."
The #metoo movement is changing. We need to start talking about exports. 」
- Margarita Guill?

We are women, and we know what women need. We need freedom, we need support.

Margarita Guill?

"What we keep trying to pursue in our whole life is "happiness". At the end of the interview, Margarita Guill?said.

Yes, the word happiness is very light, really want to reach but not easy, everyone will encounter different levels, there are many thorns on the road to cut. The road is people step out, the world is not perfect, but as long as there is the possibility of willow, we should try.

"To do this (happiness) means that women and men must be equal. Margarita Guill? smiled and looked firm, "Let girls and boys be themselves, so that everyone in the world can have the rights they deserve!" 」


In an audio-visual interview, Margarita Guill?'s children made a video call, and she waved excitedly to the children on the other side of the camera. That moment, I suddenly saw a woman's multiple possibilities: one second, she was still the stormofers;

And no matter what kind of identity, her eyes, there will always be love. Perhaps love is the driving force behind the world's progress. You have love, you want the world to be good, so all giving and dedication become gentle.