ME TIME Women's Private Shower Gel is on its fourth anniversary, and why give ME TIME a unique essential oil aroma when you visit Dori, the fragrance maker behind the scenes? What are the expectations and expectations behind it?

Smell, it's a very private thing. We link ourselves to objects through smells, and we also recall an event or character that has been forgotten for a long time because of the smell.

In order to accompany every woman in your daily life, we launched"ME TIME Women's Private Shower Gel" four years ago, hoping that while you care for your body, you can also feel the support that women fans want to give you.

Four years later, visit Dori, a ME TIME women's intimate shower gelr, to talk about the relationship between smell and body. (Recommended reading: Looking for a woman's life-defining aroma!) ME TIME's fragrance secrets)

Q1: What is the reason for adding essential oil flavors to ME TIME women's intimate shower gels?

With essential oils added, you can pull your attention back to the moment through the smell and make you aware of what you're doing. Essential oils can help you focus your attention and senses on yourself, making it easier for you to perceive yourself. And smells can affect the nervous system and mood, and some people use ME TIME to find that the mood is better and relaxed, which is the credit of essential oils.

Essential oils are also a bridge between people re-establishing a link with nature, and modern people can't live in forests or gardens, but we really need the power of nature.

Q2: Since ME TIME chose essential oils instead of flavored fragrances?

Because of safety.

The source of the fragrance of bath supplies, most of which is mainly fragrance-based. The fragrance is low cost and does not break down, so the fragrance has a strong durability. If there is a bath milk or shampoo to tell you that after washing, you will be fragrant all day, it must be used fragrance.

But because fragrances cannot be broken down, they are harmful to living things, humans or the environment. When it is rowed into the ocean, it is a great disturbance to marine life.

Essential oils are natural ingredients, so although the fragrance is not long-lasting, but this is the most real.

Also because essential oils can be broken down back into nature, so the human body and the environment will not harm.

Q3:ME TIME's fragrance is popular with readers, which ingredient does Dori like best in ME TIME essential oil flavor? Why?

I'll choose tropical basil in the melodious version.

I'm a more neurotic person who doesn't relax easily. Your head is still running at high speed before going to bed, and it often takes about half an hour to lie down to fall asleep. Basil was very able to relax the nerves in the brain, and after using Basil, I could even lose power in five minutes. (Recommended reading: The relaxing atmosphere of a tropical island!) ME TIME's menstrual version of the fragrance secret)

Q4:ME TIME encourages people to talk more realistically about physical conditions, such as menstruation, privacy, and ingredients that only choose the real ingredients that are natural, gentle, and physically necessary.

When I see the truth, I really feel that we are too tacit understanding, i really want to shake hands with you ( (laughs) because the truth has always been very important in my life. For me, the truth is to accept the present and accept the present unconditionally.

And it's just a matter of being the first chakra of the human body, the undersea wheel, whose key word is the truth, and the location of the undersea wheel, just below the privacy. It is a pulsate that symbolizes the connection to the earth and the native family, representing our relationship with the earth, so anything that deviates from the earth will not be true.

In addition, the smell is actually the most real thing, such as fresh food and bad food, taste absolutely not the same. So the smell is a very primitive human survival instinct, we smell the corrupt, bad smell, will choose to avoid;

The only constant truth in the universe is that everything changes.

So it's normal that the most natural and authentic smells (like essential oils) disappear. Only false taste, will always exist.

Q5: What do you think IS the relationship between ME TIME and the body?

ME TIME uses a loving attitude that allows us to care about our bodies. In fact, I was not used to using private bath gel, but I think doing this thing is very meaningful!

This social habit avoids talking about women's privacy, many of my guests even became ill in the privacy, also dare not to discuss, only dare to sneak to tell me about their private places troubled. But privacy is really important to us, and we should start talking more about it, focusing on its state and needs.

Q6: What do you want to say to the people who want to start using ME TIME next? What power do you expect them to gain using ME TIME?

I hope they can enjoy their time with their bodies, from using ME TIME, real to accept their current situation, and from the process began to accept themselves unconditionally and like themselves. No matter what state your body is in, you can love it.

ME TIME was born with the needs of women. So if you don't need it, you can't buy it, but if you need it, ME TIME is definitely the best for your body and the environment.