Interview with Zhang Aijia and Li Xinjie. In "Sunset Garden" they play different stages of the same character. Through the years, love and hate have been grinding into soft; this time they want to say, outside the play, face life, face emotions, perhaps we are all looking for a chance to reconcile.

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When Li Xinjie was 18 years old, she was dug by Zhang Aijia and began her acting career. From the singer's footy actor, from marriage to mother, in the debut of more than 20 years later today, through several stages of life, Zhang sister to her is still a standing role: "I am the most nervous time in life, will find Zhang sister." She'll give me 100 percent confidence. 」

It's like saying that even if one day, we'll grow from a girl to an adult, but we'll always need someone who can be like a sister, like a life teacher, and like a mother, guarding ourselves.

In the film "Sunset Fog Garden", they play young and middle-aged mature heroine Yunlin. When everyone is curious, two different people, how to interpret the same role together? They say, there is no particular focus, no thought, the play outside, may be very similar -- no matter at any stage of life, you do not give up on love.

When it comes to love, I can't help but keep listening to this story, about movies, about their teachers, about women's lives.

Love when you're young: If you knew it would be painful, would you dare not love so hard?

Look at The Sunset Garden and you'll soon notice its interpretation of "pain." From the whole country of home, the body is late, to love. Especially when looking at the young Yunlin, her perception of pain is always clear, and hate to report, her heart has a different gritty;

To play such a role, to interpret such a large and complex emotions, the heart is gently said that the whole story of her favorite, where the head is the most attractive, is not this indelible love? "I feel like I'm a man who is obsessed with love. Because of the film, she said, she found herself a very romantic person in her heart.

"You say that you love pain, but I think, life is like this, which is not difficult to go?" And you've taken this profound path, and you'll learn a lot from it. I think it's beautiful. 」

"I think it's also a kind of courage. Zhang added that from the first day of Yunlin fell in love with a Japanese man, and she went to find the location of the death of her po.e. sister, she was faced with all kinds of places she had never been with her, "Many people have never been afraid to face the previous trauma, or choose to throw it at others." But she didn't, she just went to face it. I love someone I shouldn't love, and I'm in love with him. 」

So, let you hard is not actually hate, but love. Or, at that age, when you encounter those things, you know that your love only exists in pain.

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And after playing this role, heart jie mentioned that she did not very deliberately put down her: "I just go back to their daily life, very attentive to accompany my children; Then I go to meditation so that some deep negative emotions can flow out. 」

"So you say I'm not forgetting it now?" No, it's growing in your body, you take it with you it doesn't matter. You've grown up. 」

It's like saying, don't be afraid of pain, it won't betray you. When it comes, it will be sorry for your life. You love, you have pain, will not be plain, not meaningless.

"Age is different, tears are different" Some things the answer is not effort, but time

And then you will slowly discover that this "profound" gift to you, never just those.

Yunlin's second half of life, and back to the original place with taboo lovers, want to find the answer to the reason swaying each other: "For such a long time she could not face all the things experienced." There are a lot of people who use her past to attack her, and there are many things she doesn't understand; By the time she finally came to retrieve the answer, she didn't know what she was going to find. 」

"In fact, I think what she's looking for is to reconcile with herself. Playing the mature years after the Yunlin, Zhang sister has a special feeling.

"Finally after all these years she reached this age, and because of this age, she was able to understand that. It's wonderful that you can't find the answer until this time. 」

'Perhaps when you're young, you can't see or hear a lot of things, you can't calm down and see the original answer right in front of you,' she said.

It's like we talked about the big tattoos behind the cloud. From young to old, it seems to say that pain is also a kind of commitment: "tattooist is a physical pain, and there are many pains in life is not this kind of." The film uses an image to present the pain; it first cuts, ink, then followed by the time to form a crucible, the knots fall off, the color is beautiful.

However, it was still a wound.

You just choose to make pain forever in a more beautiful way. And then carry it for the rest of your life. No lighter, said Zhang. "But that turned out to be the answer to her reconciliation. 」

When you're young, it hurts you, you feel resentment. At that time, even if you do everything, feel that you do not owe who, you spend the best to face their love and hate, but you find that you still can not get real freedom. Why? Zhang's words suggest one thing, there are some painful things, even if you try to experience, you will not immediately have the answer. Because you forget, you need to give life a little patience. You need time. When nothing can be done, dear, maybe it's not time to do it.

"At some age, you'll find that suddenly you understand, you hear, you know. 」

And that "sudden", it's not just the word "sudden." That thing, are you with life bit by bit down, slowly guide yourself to this place. As Ms. Zhang said, "She ended up standing there and she's going to let him go." Let that knot go out of her heart. 」

And in the end the most difficult, but also her final answer, that is to put down. She forgave not history, not the love of her, but her own. She went to put aside each other, forgave herself, and made the reconciliation of life.

Looking at the mature cloud forest, she is still a very tough woman. But less of the past that kind of love and hate clear, less with the human world strong touch the hard, and more than a soft. Seems to have a greater heart, can contain more things.

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Photo by "A-League Entertainment"

"Love is love, and whether you don't come back or not" Why do we all forget "romantic"?

At the end of the interview, we mentioned once again that two people who want to play the same role will have their own different interpretations, and produce a difference? What is your respective interpretation of life in Yunlin?

"I think our love of emotion is very similar. It's the kind of persistence to love, with depth, and we have a high consensus. Heart jie mentioned that love is very important to her. Like the role of Yunlin, in that era, she went to an enemy country men to fall in love, such a complex environment, love is, she told herself to live.

"The two words that have just been said are very important, and that is what is missing in the environment around us, that is," romance. Sister Zhang opened up, said romantic, we often say, he is not romantic enough, but what is the romance you say?

"Perhaps now people are too much of a concern, everyone is more than you give me, I give you how much, and dare not completely pay, but also afraid of injury." 」

Not sure will have something in return, not sure will have a loss, Zhang sister want to say, take time to worry about these, unfortunately we.

I hope you really understand that the real romance is that you don't have to figure it out. Love is love, you thoroughly love, you will feel your romance. "Sunset Garden" has been filled with a kind of romance, she will not marry all her life, that love is to stay in her heart.

Zhang Aijia

Romance is, I loved a person, we have no results, I hate you. But whether I love me hate, or I can finally put you down or anything, the moment you walk into my life, I don't hesitate to love.

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From the young Yunlin to the mature Yunlin, from Li Xinjie to Zhang Aijia, it seems that four people's lives, their respective interpretations, but no violation of the law. Maybe it's because they believe in the same thing -- we believe in romance. Romance is a kind of unselfish pay, not selfish love. You can be desperate for who and why. You this life, so no, but also do not pursue, but also love not to love it.