From "Ice And Ice Edge" to "Ice And Ice Edge 2", we often ignore Aisha while admiring it. Anna has no magic, the only thing she can do is to quietly guard her sister Aisha and become a supportive force. Supporters, it sounds simple, but it's not easy. As a backing, you have to hold on when the front line falls.

(Aisha Elsa:Ice And Snow 2 Aisha Elsa: Some things are more important than falling in love, such as finding yourself)

Disney finally released the sequel "Ice and Snow Edge 2" in late 2019, three weeks after its release, and still tops Taipei's box office charts.

In the sequel, we see a more complete story, in elsa and Anna's fantasy adventures, to accompany each other, to support growth, and to learn how to heal and repair themselves.

In pictures, "Ice And Ice Edge 2"

When it comes to "Ice and Snow Edge", or you and I are familiar with Let It Go, the first thing you'll think of is probably Elsa. Who doesn't like Aisha? She is fragile sometimes, but also brave, excellent temperament, but also no shortage of bullying, become the idol of little girls, it seems not surprising. (Same-field plus: Sister is not interested in love!) "Ice Oddity 2" Atypical Intimacy: You don't have to marry anyone to have a happy day.

But while admiring Aisha, we often ignore her sister Anna. Even in the film, When Olaf introduces the sisters to the outside world, he says directly: "One has magic (Aisha); In an instant, Anna was stunned.

Indeed, Anna has no magic, she can't build an ice palace at will, she can't freeze anyone. The only thing she could do was quietly guard her sister Aisha and become a supportive force.

Supporters, it sounds simple, but it's not easy. As a backing, you have to hold on when the front line falls.

In pictures, "Ice And Ice Edge 2"

Not only Isa, but Anna is on her own path.

From the first episode to the second episode, it can be said that Aisha's journey to find herself. In fact, Anna also has some change and growth in it.

Perhaps you also remember the first episode, that insisted on relying on their own strength to climb the mountain Anna, stubborn stubborn funny, seemingly brave, but also show her enthusiasm and determination?

Even in repairing her relationship with her sister, Anna has been active. She's willing to walk out of Aisha's door, knock on the door, and look forward to it, and ask if you're going to make a snowman? We can go together.

We used to be best buddies we used to be the best sisters
And now we're not, but now we're not.
I wish you will tell me why i want you to tell me why
Do you want to build a snowman do you want to pile a snowman?
- Do you want to build a snowman. Ice and Snow Edge.

When Aisha flies far and away from the kingdom of Allendale, it is Anna who pursues her sister in defiance of danger, desperate to find her sister, and is deeply in danger.

Photo : Snow and Ice Edge

Anna in "Ice and Snow" like a little girl, only know that they want to accompany her sister, so desperate, although a little clumsy, but become the purest love and pay.

By the time She was "Ice and Snow 2", Anna was not much like Aisha's sister, but "mom" - she followed Aisha, fretting about her troubles, worried that she had nowhere to talk about herself, and feared she would get hurt. (Same-field:"When will you appreciate yourself as much as I appreciate you?" "Ice and Snow Edge 2" teaches us the feelings of honey )

When Aisha was about to embark on a new adventure, Anna was determined to follow. Aisha tried to persuade her to quit on the grounds that she had no magic, but she said she had crossed the mountain and was fine. Or when she encountered fire in the Magic Forest, Aisha said to Anna, "You can't follow me into the fire." Anna rightly replied, "If you don't want me to rush into the fire, then you don't rush into the fire." Aiston is a sprang.

Anna's love is direct, pure, and naive to be almost transparent.

In the "Ice And Ice Edge 2" movie, Aisha left one step, the snow melted, and her boyfriend Ake was not around. Anna was alone, wandering through the dark cave, she wanted to cry, but as if there was no time for her to vent her emotions, so she had to wipe the tears and hurry forward.

You are lost, hope is gone You're lost and hope is gone
But you must go on but you must have to go
And do the next right thing to do the right thing
Do The Next Right Thing. Ice and Snow Edge 2

In pictures, "Ice And Ice Edge 2"

Anna's whole life seems to be busy for her sister, but perhaps that's what her heart is all about. We are often encouraged to be brave in chasing dreams, but accidentally forget that sometimes supporting, accompanying or participating in other people's dreams is also a very meaningful thing. After all, without Anna today, Aisha wouldn't be Aisha.

Dear Aisha, you go on! But please let me stay by your side. You go on the run! Just remember that I will always be your back.

Anna is not just a supporting actress in Ice and Snow, and she's not just a supporter of sister Aisha. Anna has her own life, her own story, her own growth journey.

"Snow and Ice" is not Aisha's adventure, but Anna took Aisha's hand, give her courage, teach her how to be brave.

Take a step step, again one step forward, one step forward
It is all that i can to do this is all I can do
The next right thing is the right thing
Do The Next Right Thing. Ice and Snow Edge 2

In pictures, "Ice And Ice Edge 2"