Who are the three most inthes of 2020? Take you right away and get ready for 2020!

Last week, Tang Yuyang unveiled the 2020 program in the "Women And Me Max" program has the best career luck of several constellations, but there are the best and of course there will be the worst, now take you to see "2020 career the most decaying three constellations", see what advice Tang Guoshi give, together to prepare for 2020! (Read this first: Hard to be seen!) Top3, the strongest constellation of the 2020 business, open )

Countdown Top 3 Gemini: Your crisis can be under control

Whether it's a gemini or a libra, it's a constellation of wind. Tang Yuyang thinks that the wind constellation is more rich luck and big money trouble. But is it lost big money, spent big money, or made a lot of money? She says it's really hard to say that it's possible that the job crisis is on the rise because the twins have access to core or important events in 2020.

But Gemini, one is a bilateral, with extreme personality, and the other is hubris, free wheel. Sometimes it's possible for something to fall and quit. Some twins even think, if you don't have a job, then play well. Then spend the money. Such a "too-rate" Gemini, there is a good chance that in 2020 to create their own career crisis!

Give Gemini a "stable" recipe:

Countdown Top 2 Aquarius: More work, not more money

Tang Yuyang thinks Aquarius is in 2020. The workload will not be small, but be careful not to receive money. The idea of poor career is not "no job" but something unexpected happens at work. Aquarius may be busier than before, but will it receive money? Or the original good job, will not fly away in the middle? These are all water bottles that Cants can pay special attention to the cause and be careful.

And work luck can also be an external change, such as a company coming to you because he wants to make a last-ditch effort, and he might say, "Otherwise, pay a discount." Such a change of "human ity" will also affect the movement of work. Tang Yuyang also suggested that if you talk about superstition a little, go to the temple walk, copy, worship, more net heart, are helpful.

To give attention to the water bottle holder:

Countdown Top 1 Leo: Big turn, pay attention to good health

While 2020 is not yet here, the Lions can first learn that they may have a big turn in their careers and could be subject to a big change. But Tang Yuyang reminded, do not think of the great changes as a disaster, sometimes the impact of the environment, sometimes it is their own determination. Dr. Deng Huiwen's decision to go into politics, for example, is a big change. Uranus ran to the palace of business, if your boss changed, or you want to convert a runway.

And in the early days of the great changes, there will be unaccustomed, the pace of life will be messy. Leo is also likely to be busy next year, all of which need to be loaded with good physical strength, so Leo will have to pay more attention to his health in 2020.

In addition, Leo's worst reason for career success, but also because you may be the most tired person, such as the company's very hard work, in so many constellations, the boss is biased to you. Although he values you, think you are very hard-working, but relatively, your burden is more heavy. Tang said that this is also related to colleagues, you may have communication with colleagues obstacles appear.

To Leo, which needs to conserve his body and develop communication skills at work:

Dear, maybe you're frustrated to read about it, but we want to say that it's more important to know how you see, face, and deal with it. Constellation sinuses in fact only as a reference and a reminder, it reminds that work is their own, life is their own, the future is their own, we can always do more, better.