Who will be the lucky one in 2020? Watch Tang Yuyang unveil the "2020 first half of the most prosperous three constellations"!

Have you thought this was over when we shared the 2020 "Best and Worst" constellation rankings? A few days ago, Tang Yuyang again unveiled the "2020 first half of the most prosperous three constellations"! Let's see if you're the lucky one! (Review last: work does not mean much money! Top3, the most downsof constellation of the 2020 business movement (

Top 3 Gemini: Work in silence and make a fortune in silence

Gemini is able to make money in the first half of 2020 in a way that includes winning, making a profit on investments, or the fact that the store operator may quietly expand its operations, or because the working partners are strong, so Gemini is driven. Therefore, Gemini is a bit of a noble luck, can be well used and grasp. Tang Also suggests that if you are a non-invested twin, you may not be able to use such a good fortune. So you can start by looking for a partner, doing business or small investment, and the fortunes of the Twins are promising!

Gemini for investment:

Top 2 Sagittarius: Getting money by strength

In fact, Mr Tang says, 2020 is a big year, so if 2019 is good luck overall, 2020 will be better; 2019 will be a bit unlucky and 2020 will need to be more noticeable. 2020 is a much bigger and worse year. And in terms of financial luck, Sagittarius won the second place, because the strength of the shooter once affirmed, do not have to be afraid, Sagittarius is by strength to play the world, not by luck. If you've accumulated or caught something right in 2019 to gradually increase your strength, then the first half of 2020 is not too much to worry about.

But some Sagittarius may feel that they have not saved money, Tang warned, the reason may be to buy a house /real estate. Many strikers feel that their fortunes are tight because they have less cash. But in fact, the property is more and more.

To sagittarius, who are full of strength and interested in the production:

Top 1 Pisces: Your chances are everywhere, with your eyes wide open and look carefully

In the aforementioned business transport analysis, Pisces won the first place, and did not expect in the financial transport, Pisces is also very smooth! "In the first half of 2020, Pisces's fortunecame came from popularity, and there will be unimagined nobles or unimagined good fortune to take you to a better place to take you to a better place to take advantage of the opportunity," Tang said. Also suggested that want to expand the financial resources of, can be invested in the network business, small shop, as long as the face of many people, any field is very suitable for to try, such as shop opening, do business, as long as there is Pisces in, performance should be very good Oh!

Give a lot of good chances, remember to take a good grip on Pisces:

To the constellations that are not on the list:

Talent, in fact, is money. Even if the external environment tells you that your overall financial fortunes in the first half of 2020 are not outstanding, but you can also keep up the pace, slowly accumulate their own strength, turn themselves into talent, I believe that money will not be far away from you. Welcome to the article on self-growth: