Contemporary dating unit. The time spent with Aquarius is fantastic, you can never know what he is thinking, but it seems to know that he cares about you, if left, guess the three words always between you.

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Aquarius appeared and indulged in time.

The first meeting was at the cinema, and the sky was bright, far from seeing him holding two tickets in his hand, a little old-fashioned date opening. He doesn't have the enthusiasm you think, like water quietly left in the bottle, no noise.

The time spent with Aquarius is fantastic. You can't figure out what Aquarius is thinking, but you seem to know that he cares about you, if left, guess the three words are always between you.

He is very lively in the dating software, see me but some shy, you do not have the edge of gossip home, and so on the other side first hand. Your arms are attached to your arms, if there is no light touch. You anxiously wonder, why didn't he take the initiative? If you don't act again, the movie will be over.

Aquarius-style romance, is when you think there is no drama, cold do not hold you, is when you think tonight will be lonely, suddenly gently touch your hair. Unprepared, unprepared, is not in the plan of surprise.

So Aquarius doesn't like it either, and you have extra imaginations when you're dating him. Where to go is where, want to kiss on the kiss, to go to bed on the go, feel right on the start.

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I can't figure itout/ That contradictory personality/I want to go/the conclusion is that I like to hate you - I like to hate you. He Renjie.

Water bottle talk love, if he wants to short-lived warm, is today hurt you, turn around tomorrow, if he wants to establish a relationship with you, then he is the long flow of fine water. We rely on but do not rely on each other, we have their own life, independent thinking, but I am willing to accompany you far.

I'm not sure / Face the game / I want to go /the conclusion is that I don't want to lose to you - I like to hate you. He Renjie.

You can't define Aquarius, you can't guess what's in his mind. Aquarius is strange, but so cute.

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