Who are the three most wealth-breaking constellations in 2020? Take you right away and get ready for 2020!

As 2020 approaches, Tang Yuyang will be announcing the 2020 career and fortune constellations in the "Women And Me Max" program, which constellations are the easiest to break in 2020, and how can they be prevented or coped? See what the Tang master says! (Read the previous article:"Silently tilling, the result of silently making a fortune" 2020 first half of the most prosperous constellation Top 3! ) )

Countdown Top 3 Taurus: How hard you will suffer if you stick to it

Tang Described "friends of the constellation of Earth, who are living in different parallel time and space with others" and thought that the somewhat stubborn Taurus, is his biggest asset, but also his biggest enemy. Also because the character of the earth elephant constellation hides a stubbornness. Sometimes even if he is doing something that others don't like, but he will stick to it until the end, and finally get what he wants, he will be happy.

In the first half of 2020, Tang pointed out that the problem of Taurus is "too have its own tempo and steps", clearly there are some good opportunities, good opportunities, if caught will be more relaxed, but Taurus often "do not catch", insist on doing things in their own way. For example, some people will tell Taurus that you are tired to the point of no longer saying it. But Taurus himself will feel that we should always have a conscience, always find out.

Tang Yuyang point sit down the truth, said: You do not say, no one will find you tired.

In 2020, Taurus's biggest task is to learn to change a little personality, but also to know how to fight for what they deserve. If in the process of fighting, feel a lot of things are very wronged, there is a lot of pressure, that is very normal. Because not so give the taurus pressure, a little stubborn Taurus, will not think about change things. (Recommended reading: Don't let "be yourself" a shield from change)

Tang Yuyang finally gave Taurus a word, hoping to encourage Taurus to try to change:

How insistent you are, how much you will suffer.

Countdown Top 2 Leo, Aquarius: More ideal than money


Leo is facing a career upheaval in 2020 and will be in a whole new field, which is likely to be related to ideals or ideas, and can't gain anything in a short period of time, but also contribute their time, so a lot of Leo is making new attempts to do a career. This kind of lion is likely to think about things, money is not the first consideration. Image or fame may be more important to them. He will probably spend some money in this part to take care of, so in the financial luck, the lion will be a little bit more financially broken.

But Tang Yuyang also said that the lion has a good luck, that is, always in the time of deprivation, there will be noble people appear, can be murderous. So financially, as long as the lion is willing to speak up, help comes. (Recommended reading: Moms' hard work, too, to be seen: How do full-time moms talk about money?) ) )


Alongside Leo, Tang reminded Aquarius that Aquarius would be a bit unlucky and a little villain in terms of the 2020 financial movement. For example, some things are certain, but will suddenly kill the bite gold in the back of the operation, or have a greater force is operating, Aquarius can pay more attention. In addition, some aquarius will also encounter relatives, close to the people around the debt, resulting in their own may need help to pay back money, which will also affect the financial luck. Mr Tang said Aquarius's 2020 years were actually a bit "hard to tell."

Countdown Top 1 Aries: Bitter, patient, etc.

Compared with other constellations, the aries in 2020 is relatively bad luck, but in fact, the peony is playing a big game, the game is not a year and two years, it is likely to be three or four years before the results. So Tang Yuyang reminded that there are many possible opportunities to make money around the current peony, but in the peony seems to be because it does not meet the concept, ideal, so the peony will refuse. In the fortunes, the peonies are doomed to shortages.

However, the bitter will come, Tang Yuyang said that the aries of the Ganlai may be after 2021. So 2020 may still be a bit of a tight day.