Write a letter to Mao: When you have a cat, practice imagining being a mother, can it be like this.

The cat I keep is the softest piece in my heart. I often feel this way.

Every time I see the face of a domestic cat, it is confirmed that the world is sometimes riddled with holes, only that he is not always cute, see him, and then feel the heart is also fluffy up, trouble also became light.

Never thought of raising children, for the post of mother also have many struggles, but often feel that the cat is like a child, so deeply understand the unstoppable, is too cute, do not call me to bear. I also rarely feel that the cat is a "pet", because I feel that I do not own anything, although the nickname is my cat, but he does not actually belong to me. He had his own life and did not belong to any one person.

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When I kept a cat, I often thought, but lucky, we become each other's family, accompanied each other, to experience this thousands of hard and lovely life. Later think, there is a blood family, should not be so, who do not own who, who do not owe anyone.

As a family, our relationship was built, starting with touching and refocusing over and over again to find the most comfortable place for each other. So the domestic cat will be cold at night, into the bed, sleep together, not afraid will wake me up;

I have a lot to say for the domestic cat.

Cat ownership seems to be growing up, relearning the process of love, to practice because of love, care and bear a life - a real life with you, the original has nothing to do with. You will know that the original self can pay and accept so much.

There must be some magic in love. I think so when I watch the domestic cat fall asleep at her feet. You are so assured, put your breath to me, know I will cherish, I will be kind.

In retrospect, when young, love has a lot of baht must be compared to the scale two, I love you, how do you do not want to love me back? There are a lot of blame and blame, always feel not to suffer, so is very hard, or very hard, ask what is fair, hurt the other side also hurt themselves.

Growing up, in the cat, know that love is a kind of ability, love is not something that will suffer, love makes people rich. You love your cat, so you build a life with him, take care of him on a daily basis, you love your cat, you know he can't speak, you don't expect him to say something, you respect him, you may not want to ignore you occasionally; you love your cat, the bottom line, not because he will love you back, you just love him. Unconditional, also have nothing to look forward to, want to grow up with him, with him to build a home atmosphere. (Extended reading: Two men, seven cats!) Interview with Huang Ama's palace life: in this home, together to grow old good? ) )

So, every corner of your trip, you grow the shape of home, until one day, you think of him, think of the feeling of home. Warm, rest assured, there is such a person, unconditionallove you, so you do not need to worry.

When you're a cat, practice imagining being a mother, and that's not the case.