It's easy to get familiar with people who love them, but they often feel that they haven't made any progress. Even though they often go to a meeting with a friend, they don't seem to notice me!Honey, although it's a little bit shy, do you always want to be more active in getting each other's attention to yourself?Let womany's talk about a few simple solutions that attract "his" attention, and solve the problem of falling in love at all.

Try to leave a different impression in his mind!

The little tip that boys can notice instantly is-change the image!

Eh?That girl who always wears his pants, she's wearing a dress today!"

" Don't you wear glasses?I don't have any contact lenses."

Just a small change in combination, which actually allows the boys to light one of their eyes!But the most important thing about change is that it is necessary to choose the right changes to be both fresh and popular. Be careful not to change the changes. If it doesn't work, it may be twice as good as it is.

changing the impression

The long hair cut short hair!"

Remember Emma Watson's stuntman's stunnup appearance?The change in hairstyle, if it is appropriate, will definitely give people a deep impression.Liu Hai, especially Liu Hai, even if only slightly trimming, can make people feel very differently about you. Therefore, before making drastic changes to the sea, it would be best to ask the styliers' opinions.In considering the new type of construction, you might as well secretly investigate the hair that can make him the most dynamic.

Apart from boldly cutting the long hair, simply dressing up a horse is also a small change in the heart of the hearts of the people!Didn't you forget the "years" of letting Ke Ching-teng look at Shen Jiai, who was in the eye?A simple horse tail before a date can actually make the other person feel more special than ever!

cleverly reduce the distance between each

Do you always have a difficult distance between you?In fact, as long as the simple technique is so simple, it can bring the distance between us and him greatly closer!There is a comfortable distance between people and people, that is, a comfortable circle with a radius of 50 to 60 centimeters in its own body. Once an unfamiliar person walks into this area, it often makes people feel uneasy.How can we shorten the distance between him and his people?Let us tell you!

For a girl, the person who can break into this comfort ring does not make us feel uncomfortable, that is, he is the one who is cardiograph.But for boys, most of the girls who don't hate are able to access their comfort circle.And as long as the distance between each other is narrowed, the boys will jump out of their own internal organs.So even if you're not sure about his mind, you might as well skilfully approach him, and let him experience the feeling of being moved by the heart.Maybe he's got the mind set, so he realized, " Maybe this girl likes me?{\fnCronos Pro hhhhhh!

And he loves to talk about trouble and mind.

A boy likes to be relied on, enjoy the feeling he needs, and is therefore always a girl who can't find a topic chat, so she can "feel you are reliable, so I want to discuss it with you."" This way we open conversations with each other.The boys' self-esteem is relatively high, but it is very easy for the women to rely on them!

The choice of topics is also important when you ask him to help or talk about your heart.If you can base on areas of interest, you can get faster and closer to each other.It's like, " I'm not going to use the new phone. Can I ask you to teach me?"Let's start with a life of 3C like this, and let him gradually integrate into your life!"

As long as he begins to notice himself, he has the opportunity to see the possibility of falling in love!Is it still bothering you with an idea of his mind?Let's try these little methods from today, so that the emotions of each other can quickly heat up!

Relationship is not difficult, just fear people!

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