The second episode of Modern Love tells you that the emergence of old love is not necessarily about continuing each other, but about allowing you to leave unsuitable love. (Nevin has thunder)

The American drama "Modern Love" writes about many forms of love, and you may be practicing how to love them all your life. In the second episode of the story, with a double narrative axis, the description of two once-dispersed lovers, and finally life gives them a chance to deal with the long-term regret in their hearts. (Editor's recommendation:"You won't meet the right person until you really believe in yourself" "Modern Love" gold sentence inventory, written to modern people's love book)

They said, once that failed to deliver, untested love, I just want to know, we have no possibility. However, out of the play, not everyone has a chance to do it again; But when we get to the intersection of feelings, how do we know that we have made the best choice in the present moment?

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How do you know, now separate from you, I will not regret later?

The second episode of the hero Joshua and the girl Emma fell in love at first sight, he felt that he met the most beautiful love of this life. Two people, in all aspects of the perfect, and finally talk about marriage. At this point, however, Emma gave him the heaviest blow -- she accidentally cheated and nearly slept with her predecessor.

At this moment, even if Emma explains with great heart that love contains a lot of things, Joshua has closed his ears and just wants to protect her self. At the same time, we saw another pair of lovers, Julie, who had lost their contract and separated, and it was seventeen years after they met again.

These are just one-time, one-off, long-term dramas that are played out in the city every day. For this reason, we often talk about the word "regret". People think, if I had persisted, if I had known to forgive, if I had known to cherish, perhaps, I would now live happier now.

And even enter the next relationship, you are hard-working, said that feelings are not grasping things, in the end how smart to talk about a love, in order not to continue to face regret? How do I know if I want to wait at this moment, whether to forgive him, how much effort I have to, to be sorry for this fate?

On this subject, "Modern Love" gives two endings -- Joshua and Emma finally have a chance to reunite again, while Julie and her old lover don't go on together. The former lets you see how they have found a chance to fall in love after settling with their feelings, the latter, and the latter, you may have to feel that you have to find a way to justify your past regrets, as if you could finally put it down. But in the end you will understand that what you are waiting for is never a beautiful answer.

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Don't let yourself wake up one day and regret not trying to love you again

Like Julie says, for those of us who have chosen to settle down, the unfinished, untested, lost love we have in the past seems too simple and childish. But in fact, that is the most pure, the most intense emotion.

So, why do you want these two relationships together in the film? What do you want us to see with such an arrangement?

Meet her old lover again, and Julie finally chooses to go alone. But her heart was secure. It's like saying, you're showing up again, reminding me what I really want. I don't have to stay in a loveless relationship anymore, and I don't have to be with you.

Because I don't have to prove the love between us by having you. I have learned that even if not together, your love will accompany me to continue.

At the same time, she also turned back, to tell the young Joshua and Emma, do not let themselves bear the regret of the past, let themselves become a person can no longer love.

Even if you finally find out that you'll miss him, you may have to start practicing to put him down. We can also practice to admit that at that stage of your life, you may be too young, you just don't have the ability to solve, to bear, for example, someone cheats, someone is broken, you are heartbroken.

Will I regret it later? Or what to do to regret less? There is no standard answer to this. But what "Modern Love" tells us is that whatever the final outcome, at least I'm willing to work hard for what i've missed.

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