Contemporary dating unit. Rather than committing, we want to record the moment of love, let's go on a date first? Gemini likes, there are two ingredients. That's the only thing he can feel safe in a turbulent world.

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In the gemini bones, it is a desire to be seen, no matter how much he seems to care.

As literally, "Twin" is two sides of one. He believes more than anyone that "the only thing that won't change in the world is that everything is changing". He thought, since everything can change, why don't we put ourselves in and enjoy the present?

So in anything will change, Gemini's like, there are two components: feel understood, worship each other. That's the only thing he can feel safe in a turbulent world.

He likes everything new and interesting and hates to stick to the rules. He may know a lot of people, but he doesn't necessarily have much to tell. He knew he was not easy to understand, so if he could meet someone who knew himself, he would suppress the surprise that he was about to blow out of his heart, and then silently wait for the other person to dig deeper into his own.

And worship is his essential to maintain love, he must worship you, to love you more. He knew he was not bad, so he wanted to see your place, and take it as morphine, and keep injecting this relationship, keeping himself trapped, until he felt boring.

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Is someone singing alone?

Is someone asking myself, I'm asking myself,

Is someone somewhere in Taipei?

Why can't You Hear Your Answer

- Somewhere in Taipei, Chen Yuzhen

On a date, don't ask him what he wants to eat in style Japanese. He knew he could only choose between sweet or sour, salty or light. It's better to guess him than to ask him. He enjoyed such guesses because he wanted to be understood. If you find it annoying, remember to tell him that he would restrain himself, but i still think guessing is funny. Again, he would make the same choice.

He is a combination of all poles, sleek but not worldly, smart but not shrewd. If he falls in love with you, he will show the most childish side, he said it is not childish, is the expression of love. Because he wants to be really mature, no one can match.

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