Always feel particularly moved by a particular person, a particular thing he does? With miles-Briggs personality classification MBTI, see the dating patterns and romantic characters you're looking forward to!

You've been dating people, but you often feel right? Miles Briggs personality classification MBTI, which used to be used in workplace personality trait tests, can actually be used to see your naturally preferred dating style! (Editor's recommendation: Want to know who you are?) MBTI, five personality traits, test your personality and the right job! ) )

In the taxonomy, there are 16 personalities, which also reflect the interests, values, etc. of different people, based on how we interact with the world (introverted or outward-looking), how we deal with messages (biased toward reason or intuition), how we make decisions (logical or sensory) to how to arrange life (judgmental or perceptive). Why do some love patterns, dating arrangements, always special to make you move? Now, let's take a look at your love character!

Step first, complete the MBTI quiz (28 questions, test time is about 5 minutes) to record your personality traits

Step two, look down, what's your dating personality?

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1. ISTJ Investigators: Loyalty Is Above All

Your requirement for love is to know how to cherish each other's time and be loyal to love. You don't want to waste more time on people who just want to play, you can usually go straight to the local rejection of these people's proximity. You yearn for a orderly day- to have a safe, peaceful life. Responsibility, keeping promises, is your key word for love.

2. ISFJ Guardians: Secure and Considerate Love

You are a person who likes to serve others, but also has keen observation, such as will secretly remember some of the other side like the small details, to achieve the other side want small wishes, etc. , you will also feel happy from it. You pursue harmonious and faithful relationships and are able to respect the thoughts and feelings of others, and you don't like to argue. Get along with you, although there won't be too many sparks, but can be very secure. The key words that belong to your love are considerate, stable and honest.

3. INFJ Consultants: Want to Establish in-depth and meaningful Links

In the feelings, you will be more careful, not easy to pay, but also a little afraid of injury. You have a quiet, introverted, sensitive and independent personality. To others, you usually have a little mystery. But at the same time, you're concerned about other people's feelings, being able to emonwithize and listen, and dealing with complex emotional thoughts. As soon as you decide to put in a relationship, you try to keep it going. The key word of love that belongs to you is introspection and listening.

4. INTJ Originals: Perfectionists in Love

You are eager to find an object that is highly aligned with your personality and ideas, that is, you have perfect demands for feelings. Basically, your personality is very independent, so if the other person doesn't meet your standards, you'd rather be alone than waste your time on the wrong person. But once you find the person you want, you will be a very loyal partner. Your love key word is rational, independent.

5. ISTP Artisan: Sneaking a Little Romance in practice

Although you are basically more introverted and quiet, you sometimes have your own casualand and romantic relationship son in action. You don't like the emotional relationship seeking promise in the first place, but that doesn't mean you don't seek stability. It's about you like to see for long periods of time and build up a sense of trust. For those interested, you're willing to get in touch every day to see what's going to happen. The key word of your love is happiness and romance.

6. ISFP Speaker: I appreciate you only because you are you

Your attitude towards feelings is very mature. You don't like to change others, and you appreciate them. Similarly, you want to protect your ideals of life. In your feelings, you love living in the present, and that's what makes you feel the most attractive. In addition, you have a keen sense of observation, but also good at understanding the emotions of those around you. The key word of love that belongs to you is freedom and care.

7. INFP Healers: Open to All Possibilities

You are a person who likes to try and keep curious about the world. So you love dating people of different personalities. You keep open and show your social appeal, and you always feel comfortable and stress-free. And you wait for someone who can really walk into your heart. The key words of love that belong to you are easygoing and gentle.

8. INTP Architect: Love Is Because I Can Be Myself

You are born with an independent personality and can spend a lot of time with yourself. You don't like socializing very much, but you'll be very happy when you meet someone who shares your interests. As a result, you are less attracted to super-extroverts. The people who will make your eyes visible are usually the people who can live a wonderful life and be able to do what you want. You know that with him, both of them can live rich and down-to-earth. Your love key words are full and affectionate.

Photo : The Temperature of Love

9. ESTP Salesman: Want ingests want to be romantic

You like sensational feelings, you are always energetic, spontaneous and strong, you are looking for a partner who wants to enjoy life with you and feel all kinds of good things. Dating you, rarely feel bored, you can always know where there is fun, you are happy to open up the senses, to feel the other person's fascinating characteristics. At the same time, your appeal is also very strong. Your love key words are adventure and impulse.

10. ESFP Performer: Love Me Please Support Me

Basically, you love going out, dating, and you love to get in touch with people, and you're usually taking a slightly odd, or temporary, route. You like to follow the feeling. You are an extrovert, and your observation is sharp, you can always quickly perceive the other person's emotions, know how to make others happy. And you also desire to be appreciated. If the other person can't see your most special place, it will make you feel frustrated. The key word of your love is to support and enjoy.

11. ENFP Winner: I hope In your eyes, I'm the best one

You are a very knowledgeable person, and dating you, you can often make small, thoughtful moves. It's usually nice to date and get along with you. You are also willing to pay, let the other side feel warm. At the same time, you also need someone who is surrounded by love and identity. You need to know that the other person appreciates and supports himself. The key word of love that belongs to you is warmth and compassion.

12. ENTP Inventor: Want to grow with you

You tend to have a lot of interest and be someone who is willing to try something new. Your ideal feeling is to explore new things, realize yourself, and grow together. You are looking for a partner who can help and love each other for a long time. You don't like to have stagnation, so to keep up with you, the other person has to have two brushes. The key words that belong to your love are fresh and positive.

13. ESTJ Supervisor: Need to Be the Leader

You pay attention to the details of your date and have a little bit of control, hoping to be the main arranger. Partners who match you can usually be more casual and resilient in this regard. You like order and desire to be understood. Being able to work with you in this regard will make you feel valued and willing to pay more. Your love key words are dominance and stability.

14. ESFJ Supplier: I'm willing to work for your happiness

You are a person who loves to give, and you will be happy with the happiness of others. But you're focused on two-way interaction, your sensitive personality, so you can quickly perceive his needs, and often hope to get someone else's attention and recognition. But at the same time, you're actually less aware of each other's weaknesses. So in a relationship, you often continue to interact only with people who can give back to you, and you yearn for a secure, stable and harmonious relationship. Your love key words are observation and feedback.

15. ENFJ Teacher: I see your most unique side

You are a person who can easily feel safe and warm. Your unique ability is to see everyone's strengths. So when your partner is with you, they feel comfortable and feel comfortable being able to be themselves. You are an inspiration, a giver, a listener, and a stable emotional intelligence person, and you are a very popular person. But at the same time, always remind yourself of what your needs are. Your love key word is listening and understanding.

16. MARSHAL ENTJ Army: Looking for a positive and intelligent partner

You are a person who is hungry for knowledge, and at the same time, you want your other half's intelligence to match you. You like to talk, exchange ideas, when he can also have the same logic and intelligence, can be on many topics with you, and have further discussion, will attract your eyes, make you feel very sexy. The key word for your love is intelligence and candor.

Look at your love personality, in order to better understand their needs, and know that you will always deserve a happier life. It's also a reminder that MBTI results may change with the stages of life. Before you meet love next time, get to know yourself well and read yourself!