Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner

Smartphone film scanner

• immediately and immediately: Scan your 35mm negatives, organize, share, print photos, and so on … from this > > from this!

• Resuscuse your Analogue memory: This perfect tool will make you difficult to forget.

• is easy to use: simple and easy to operate, and most of the smartphone is available.

immediately, share immediately

This scanning accessory built-in light box lighting device, Smartphone The phone's shooting function "scanned" your 35mm negative. From this point, steps such as collating, sharing, printing photos and so on are all "handbags"!Just open the backlights of the scanners, put in your 35mm negatives the images on a smartphone, and then edit your photo using a free download app, instantly digitize your film and share with your friends immediately with your e-mail and social website!This new product will be a good helper for all Analogue photography enthusiasts!

Smartphone Film Scanner is now sold exclusively on known Kickstarter website, sharing this good news to your family friends, making this crazy wish come true!If this project is successfully raised, this new product will be officially launched in this year

of your Analogue

Remember those childhood pictures that made you very proud, or were your favorite toys when you were a kid?Now it's time Analogue treasure to be dug up from the attic!The Smartphone Film Scanner can immediately scan any negative, positive and black and white negatives, which is an innovative and simple digital tool that allows you to share these memorable with your friends and friends at any time


Smartphone Film Scanner can be compatible with the Lomoscanner APP available the free download of iPhone models and most Android system phones, and can easily convert the negative image.Whether it is a panoramic image, such as Horizon, Spinner 360 ° camera, or a 35mm dynamic movie shot using LomoKino, is available.A very lightweight Smartphone Film Scanner lets you take it out at any time and put it in your bag and take it easy to get away!Even if he was not at home or at the studio, he could immediately scan the film just washed out.

Smartphone Film Scanner Make movies, movie address:

Offer Specifications:

Smartphone Film Scanner:http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lomography/thelomography-smartphone-film-scanner

• 2 AA batteries need to be loaded

• Dimensions: 14cm x 7cm x 13cm

• weight: 244 g

Smartphone Film Scanner App

• For Android and iPhone Mobile

• converts all 35mm negatives: color negative, positive, and black and white.

• panorama stitching

• Billable LomoKino video