Long-term stable partners, before going to bed every day, there are actually some small secrets? Following these six steps, it seems simple, but important. Perhaps you will also experience unexpected intimate links.

When you're young, you fall in love, and before your lover, you get that good night, as the last love words before the end of the day. And after a long relationship and living together, do you still value your time bedtime?

No matter how busy you are today, or maybe a little bad, leaving a little time for your other half before closing your eyes will make you feel the healing effect. And, you will be able to get closer. Psychologists and emotional counselors have confirmed that couples who are happier do these six things before going to bed:

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They go to bed at the same time if they can.

Kurt Smith, an American marriage counselor, notes that most partners go to bed at different times; you live a life of intermittent communication at night after a long day apart. However, happy couples choose to do a few things together before going to bed as their own "night ritual". For example, brush your teeth together, or even take a bath together, even if it's only a few minutes. Most importantly, you will end up in bed together.

Second, put the phone outside the bedroom, leaving space belonging to each other

Kari Carroll, an emotional therapist, says it's a generation full of tech-tech electronics that take up a lot of time for couples. If your other half slides all day, even if he's by your side today, you'll feel like he's not in the room, but in another world. So don't bring your cell phone or computer to your room! Don't work there, or do not use your cell phone after a few days. You must keep at least one space that belongs to you, and enter it, and you know you can focus only on each other.

Three, bedtime chat, exchange and update each other this day

Carroll notes that happy couples often talk about what happens in their lives and let the stress of the day be released. That doesn't mean you're going to be in a negative burden throughout the night. Instead, you can free each other 15-30 minutes to feel each other's support and support for their own lives. Your role is to be each other's listener, not to what problems you need to solve, but as a companion ceremony. And by doing so, you can fill each other with energy and welcome tomorrow. (Extended reading:"I love you, but love your family soon" couples late at night: to avoid sex into routine, only need "sex schedule")

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Four, do not quarrel in the room, or do not deal with difficult problems before bed

Smith says that while this may sound illogical, happy couples mostly don't choose to deal with disputes that are temporarily unmanageable before bedtime. "There's a saying, don't be a problem overnight, but the truth is that it's not wise to try to deal with difficult problems when you're tired and impatient. 」

In addition, negative emotions such as anger an hour before bedtime can also affect sleep quality. But you may want to ask, if the problem is not solved, I will sleep well? At this point, you can first reach a consensus, such as another agreement on a more suitable time to talk about this matter. So it doesn't feel like it's completely ignored. Then, go to sleep well first!

Five, don't forget to hold me! Touch or kiss to bring love closer

A good couple, will not forget the opportunity to get intimate. Before you go to bed, you can hug each other, touch each other like to touch the part, or massage each other, through the skin touch, so that you feel a sense of intimacy and happiness. Of course, if there is physical strength and interest, sleeping for a sex can help you relieve the stress of the day and sleep perfectly. Hey, how long have you not kissed him properly or hugged him before you went to bed? Let's do it tonight! (Editor's recommendation:"Warm deposit snare snare solders you more addictively than having sex" Couples late-night: Swaddling's sex-style sleep ingress that partners should try.

Six, finally, never mean to say "I love you"

Before the end of today, if there is one more important thing, it must be with you cherish the person To say I love you. Psychologist Ryan Howes says that maybe you've had a lot of trouble on this day and a lot of things to deal with tomorrow, and the more you try to let your other half know they're loved, rather than ending it with a sigh. Love is a thing, never too much, always afraid you forget, always want you to know, you are not alone.

Doing these things together before bedtime may seem trivial, but over time it will have a magical effect on you. As we all know, sleeping is an important time of the day. After a hard day, you are tired, but have a great bedtime, like knowing that no matter how gray-faced the day, there is a man, his love, will be like a warm home, gentle acceptance of you.

Happy and happy partner, never forget to let each other know, tonight a good night to sleep, tomorrow I am still here.