Pantone 2020 stands for "Classic Blue", but did you know that in addition to classic blue, Pantone also has a popular color for spring/summer 2020? These 16 colors are colorful, classic, saturated and unique. Choose your favorite color now and see if you're setting your own color!

Laurie Pressman, vice president of The Color Institute at Pantone, explains that Pantone is living in an era of trust and confidence, as the global color authority Pantone has announced its 2020 representative color for the year "Classic Blue 19-4052." Pantone's classic blue number 19-4052, showing a steady and confident, firm and reliable blue ocean tone, full of profound resonance, like providing a ship anchor-bound foundation, the vast blue night sky, classic blue encourages us to look away and expand our thinking, challenging us to think deeper , increase the availability of information and open up smooth communication. 」

And even before the annual color announcement, Pantone had actually announced 16 spring/summer colors for 2020. "Combining our desire for stability, creativity and more unexpected design techniques, the color story of spring/summer 2020 injects a rich and colorful youngness and modernisation into tradition and classics, creating a strong mix of colors," says Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute. as well as vibrant and optimistic color scheme. 」

These 16 colors are colorful, classic, saturated and unique. Choose your favorite color now and see if you're setting your own color!

If we're done, let's keep watching.

Flame Scarlet (PANTONE 18-1662):

As the flame burned bright, the flame scarlet exudes confidence and determination.

Choose the flame scarlet you, is a dynamic and confident person, in the group you are usually easy to be noticed, and you also enjoy the attention. You often think that you have to do it to be the most eye-catching, or you don't do it. Outsiders always think you're full of positive energy, but what you don't notice is that behind you, behind the power, you're doing your best.

In 2020, remember to take good care of yourself, and it's okay to rest when you're tired. (Recommended to you:"Women fans say work" a professional worker, to know how to rest)

Saffron Yellow (PANTONE 14-1064):

Spicy saffron yellow, with strong colors for the 2020 spring and summer added a strong flavor.

Choose the saffron yellow you, is an optimistic and cheerful, but also can give others warm people. When others need help, you will do your best to help. And in the eyes of friends, you are usually pistachios, always give people a good close, good impression. But because you don't want to spoil the atmosphere or don't want to show weakness easily, you rarely show your negative emotions, and you get used to being alone when you're sad.

In 2020, remember to be sure of all your emotions, and it's great to find someone you can trust to talk to at a low ebb. (Recommended you: loveless, frustrated, low tide how to do?) Five Exercises to Embrace Negative Emotions)

Classic Blue (PANTONE 19-4052):

The endless blue tone, the classic blue evokes the vast evening sky, for us to open up a world full of infinite possibilities.

Choose the classic blue you, is a steady mature person, you in the circle of friends do not speak much, but let people feel very secure. Many seemingly unagreed goals, as long as you participate, there is a chance to succeed. You may not realize how influential your "stabilization" has, but as Laurie Pressman, Pantone's vice president, puts it, classic blue shows stability and self-confidence, a firm and reliable character.

In 2020, you will continue to be firm on the path of life and wish you the best of luck finding another person you can trust to live with. (Recommended you: you don't have to touch hard: women's "don't give in" is gentle and firm)

Biscay Green (PANTONE 15-5718):

Inspired by the turquoise tone of the Bay of Biscay, it is reminiscent of the clear waters, cool and fresh.

You choose Biscay Green, is a creative person, you like innovation and change, also like to get inspiration from life. In addition to being creative, you are adventurous, love to taste fresh, love to challenge things you haven't touched, and are beautiful souls full of courage and confidence.

In 2020, bless you for continuing to have creative minds and discover more of life's fun. (Recommended: Six tips to make ideas easier to achieve)

Leek green (PANTONE 19-0323):

The herb green, which is awake, brings health and resilience, and represents a state of balance and harmony.

Choose the leek green you, is a love of close to nature, hope that everything in harmony, you like the look of living plants, that makes you feel full of vitality. And you also crave a healthy body, than in the home, you will choose to go out on holiday walk, preferably able to exercise, or at least take a walk, in order to achieve balance of mind.

In 2020, remember to occasionally take yourself out of your busy life and return to nature, which will make you feel physically re-seisted. (Recommended: Taipei City does not have natural green space?) Open at the seven outdoor attractions recommended by the locals! ) )

Faded Denin (PANTONE 17-4021):

Like faded denim, a reliable blue that resonates with familiar touches, it brings comfort and ease.

You choose the faded tannins, is a natural person, and whenever and wherever you are, you are doing yourself. Be yourself for you without having to practice and struggle. Your strength is that you are clearly very ratey, but you are the rate and casual between the balance of the right pinch, let people get along with you relaxed and comfortable.

In 2020, remember to meet each challenge in the most natural state, free your true self, and feel truly free. (Recommended to you: The uniqueness of women, i believe that every love is worth drinking five female singers)

Orange Orange (PANTONE 16-1359):

The mischievous orange peel has brought a tasteful taste this season.

Choose orange peel orange you, always be considered to fall generous, but in fact, is not known, you have a heart, occasionally like pranks, occasionally like troublemakers. Few people can see your side, because you know that you can only show what you really are in front of important people. You have to live generous and lovely, but you don't have to let everyone know you're cute.

In 2020, i hope you'll continue to see the world with a simple heart, and expect you to find someone who will be able to be naughty. (Recommended to you: to the elderly's drawing book , "stocking skin" practice naughty life, do happy self)

Mosaic Blue (PANTONE 18-4528):

The blue-green mosaic blue shows a mysterious, elegant, esoteric feel.

Choose mosaic blue you, personality low-key mystery, will not easily let others understand the idea, but in fact, you have that kind of elegant and intellectual temperament is hidden. You in the accident table, more care about the connotation, do not bother to communicate with people deeply. You know if you want to communicate, you have to make a heart, or you will do a nod.

In 2020, a low-key personality you can try to reveal a little more ideas, perhaps with unexpected results. (Recommended: The Secrets of Appearance: Your Lip Type, Revealing Your Personality and Relationships)

Nikko (PANTONE 13-0822):

Soft daylight brings joy, joy, and smile.

Choose the sun-yellow you, in the circle of friends is a gentle person, but behind your seemingly warm personality, in fact, it means that you have a certain degree of self-confidence. Although there is always a smile on his face, always feel happy, nothing. But in fact, you're just afraid to tell you what you think of you.

In 2020, you can try not to pretend to be happy when you're sad, and the negativity is normal. (Recommended you: to always pretend not difficult to pass you: five healing books alone to catch tears, give you strength)

Coral Powder (PANTONE 14-1318):

Coral powder surrounds everyone with a warm and warm hug.

You choose coral powder, is a warm and warm person, in the crowd, you may not be the most prominent, but you are usually the most often release of good will. You like to make friends, participate in social activities, and feel that you can get to know friends in many different fields and the world. You feel like working hard, living well, having fun, is the way you want to live.

In 2020, expect you to continue to explore the world and get to know yourself with a positive attitude. (Recommended to you: how can we make friends like children when we become adults)

Cinnamon Sticks (PANTONE 18-1345)

Earthy and warm, cinnamon sticks are sweet and spicy.

You choose cinnamon sticks, is a generous gentle person, and your gentle personality can also be fully displayed on the wear. You prefer a wood-to-bright or dark-colored embellished accessory to a shiny, pearly, glitzy accessory. You may not find out, but your gentleness, your empathy, is your most attractive place.

In 2020, remember to face all the challenges with your maturity and generosity, and bless you as a more comfortable person. (Recommendyou you see: maturity is not a world, but no matter how bad the world you still believe in goodness)

Grape Sauce (PANTONE 18-3513)

Grape jam is a combination of mystery and soft purple tones.

You choose grape sauce, is a mysterious person with a bit of personality, you have their own ideas, you are not afraid to say, and because you know respect, so do not force others to accept their own ideas. You also enjoy multi-angle, multi-faceted communication and discussion.

In 2020, expect you to continue to use your intellectual attitude to dig up more of yourself that you didn't see before. (Recommended to you: The words you read determine who you are: 20, 30, 40 life books)

Sparrow (PANTONE 16-1324)

The down-to-earth and low-key puffin is a simple and versatile khaki.

Choose the puffin, is a "soft like water" person, throw water into any container, water can adapt. Your strength is that you are very resilient, and you are a strong type. You don't flaunt your abilities because you always feel that it's more important to do it than to say more.

In 2020, give yourself a chance to try to reach the limits of your comfort zone! (Recommended: Expanding your life in a comfortable circle: the best growth is after fear)

Navy Suit Blue (PANTONE 19-3923)

Navy suits use dark blue, both stylish and confident.

Choose a navy suit blue you, is full of confidence and fashion with a keen person. You think appearance is the best way to get to know someone, and you may not be "very good at wearing a fit", but you'll take care of yourself, knowing how to wear different outfits on different occasions, so that you can maintain confidence at all times.

In 2020, the color classic blue of the year is out, try adding classic blue to your daily wear! (Recommended to you: They are brand names!) Five Classic Women synonymous with "Fashion" )

Vibrant White (PANTONE 11-4001)

Clean, refreshing, pure bright white, reminiscent of simplicity and modernity.

Choose a clear white you, is a simple, pure person, some people say you are innocent, but you know you just do not want to over-explain it. In addition to individuality, you also like any simple, clean accessories and style. If you can create an ideal room, you'll definitely choose a minimalist style over a country style.

In 2020, bless you for a new good year with naive optimism! (Recommended to you:"Miss Life" end-of-year prayer: with optimism as a faith, make a brave forward self)

Pale Grey (PANTONE 16-3802)

Steady firm, eternal pale ash, conveys the message of longevity.

Choose the pale gray you, is a firm and determined person, a lot of things as long as you once determined, will do their best, before you have reached the goal, you will not give up lightly. Such a strong personality, along the way to help you through many milestones. But be careful, sometimes if the body is overwhelmed, also remember to take a break and start again.

In 2020, you will certainly continue to stick to the goal, remember to pay attention to good health! (Recommended: Seven easy ways to relieve pressure to relax and be healthy)

No matter what color you choose, i hope your 2020 years get off to a good start, focus on every day we're going to spend, and focus on everything we're going to do. If you want to record the big moments and mood notes of 2020, The Women's Fan 2020 play time hand book will be your best companion, get ready for next year!