Contemporary dating unit. Rather than committing, we want to record the moment of love, let's go on a date first? To you, like is communication, for Capricorn, but can go into a lifetime of planning.

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The love of Capricorn is clear and pragmatic enough.

He knows how firm he is about his feelings, he is careful, and he doesn't think and doesn't respond easily before he gets into a relationship.

Perhaps this is also the cutest place in Capricorn, he likes you, the action is obvious, he is willing to accompany you to do whatever you want, if you ask him out, he will not refuse, eager to nod yes. But sometimes with Capricorn, you're always in a fog, because he's never good at words.

"Does capricorn like me or not?" 」

Since you like you, why say "I like you" four words. Words are vulgar to Capricorn, but you can also say that he is sullen, it doesn't matter, because he is better at showing his love with action.

You're the last cheer I can hold
Even if it's wishful thinking, you can watch it.
You're the last time I've ever expected to put in
Even if there's always going to be a loss of emptiness before I'm going to celebrate harder

You don't have to worry about your love too much, because Capricorn's input into feelings, say how deep it is.

To you, like is communication, for Capricorn, but can go into a lifetime of planning.

You're on his daily list, in his list of invitees for every movie, in the number of chopsticks he's putting behind his kitchen, in every trip abroad, and then he's allowing you to walk into his life, more romantic, and his love is a lifetime.

How hard is it to talk about a long- and long-term relationship? In this only mobile phone dating generation, we do not just good morning good night and good night what to eat at noon greeting, not just the weather becomes cold to wear a little more this message greeting.

Capricorn's love to be very pragmatic, pragmatic is you come over, into my daily.

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