After #Metoo, the film industry has emerged in the so-called "intimacy coordinator" industry, how can they protect every actor who needs to perform intimate drama?

Suppose you are an actor.

You know there's an intimate play to shoot today, you read the script, you've got good lines, you want to know how it actually works. The director pushes you in front of the camera and says, "No more, you need to feel, think for yourself!" 」

So in front of a dozen or two staff members, you're going to shoot a sex scene with another person. Rely on the "think it out" method.

Since 2017, when the US film industry exposed the use of power by producer Harvey Weinstein, there has been much discussion and disagreement over sexual consent - only yeas, when? How to act, means called yes? Say yes and then say no, is it still yes? After the outbreak of #metoo, we are bound to deal with the problem of language ambiguity.

Especially in the television and film industry often have problems: when intimate drama becomes a plot necessary, actors feel uncomfortable in the process, often because of various factors (director requirements, plot needs, or their own thinking?) ) and become difficult to open. For example, in the 1974 Academy Award-nominated film "The Last Tango in Paris," its director, Bertolucci, admitted in a 2013 interview that the film sexually assaulted the heroine with butter did not have prior consent, saying, "I would like to see her react to a girl, not an actress." 」

In pictures, "The Last Tango in Paris"

The footage became the pain of the life of the heroine, Schneider: "It felt like being raped." 」

In order to protect the actors, after 2017, the film industry has emerged in the so-called "intimacy coordinator" industry.

Sex scenes aren't designed by feeling, they're designed.

Rodis, HBO's chief intimate behavior coordinator, said that when filming a TV series, when there is a touch of a battle, dance and other limbs, screenwriters usually draw every action and beat to help the actor practice with slow motion. As long as it involves "security", it is often not regressive, but the same standards are not applied to intimate scenes, but intimate scenes also require the establishment of a sense of security.

Intimacy coordinators exist to create consensus: the director, the actor.

The work of the Intimate Behavior Coordinator involves reading the script in advance, coordinating the action with the director and actor, and understanding the physical consensus of both parties, such as how naked to what extent? Where should i put your hands after a kiss? How do I move? Need no need for prop assistance? These are the most important tasks of the Intimate Behavior Coordinator.

Claire Warden, another Intimate Behavior Coordinator in Hollywood, explains: "Shooting a sex scene needs to be discussed with actors, directors, screenwriters and others. Which actor wants to start the action first? Is it the first intimate film? Do they know how their bodies overlap? Or do we come up with a solution? Our job is to enable the director to tell the story and the actor severs the feeling of being respected. 」

If the picture needs to be naked, the degree of nudity is also determined by the actor. Claire Warden says that when coordinating, they will have a formal document detailing the nudity consensus reached.

"Suppose we're going to do a sex scene today (they're simulating sex, they're going to see the naked, but they can show off the sexual organs), what do we do?" Rodis gives an example in The Atlantic. Usually they use Shibue: "It looks like a pantyhose lining, opens it, plugs the silicone shield in, and then sticks Shibue (sticky underwear) to make everyone look like Barbie." 」

In addition to designing actions, intimate instructors use tools to help actors at the right time.

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"Don't know how to kiss?" Go figure it out! How does an undesigned scene hurt an actor?

The Atlantic interviewed another dramaactor who shared her past experience of filming intimate dramas: "When there was no intimacy coordinator before, usually the director would ask us to find a way and leave the room, leaving two strangers without any guidance or security concerns." If you don't communicate physical boundaries in advance to make sure everyone is taken care of, there won't be a safe, safe performance scene. 」

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As a moviegoer, I often feel that actors are a worker who pays attention to emotion and feeling, and sometimes they need to show the true, true story, real emotion, but a designed scene, does it represent the loss of authenticity?

Perhaps we can think from another angle that a designed scene means that both actors can ensure that they interact and engage in the most comfortable and comfortable way, and that no one is hurt, so an artistic performance, a theatrical performance, is to get the actors involved in it.

After #Metoo, many people argue about the ambiguity between action and words. How to define it? But in the case of the Intimacy Coordinator, we must, and have the ability, to touch complex and nuanced problems and to make this era better.

If you have any thoughts on the change after #Metoo, you are also welcome to have a sound in the submission and have a chat.