Constellation 2020, the third chapter, this time with the footsteps of the national teacher Tang Yuyang, together to pay attention to "to pay special attention to the health of the six constellations" bar!

Constellation 2020 Is the third chapter, this time following in the footsteps of the national teacher Tang Weiyang, together to pay attention to "to pay special attention to the six constellations of health." (Review: They care more about their ideals than money!) Top3, the most breaking constellation in 2020.

Before unveiling the constellation rankings, Tang said that in fact, many stars will fall into the constellation in 2020. In astrology, the earth elephant constellation tube is the body, our body is the star to the name of the name said " you give me a good look." So if you want to say, in fact, almost every twelve constellations need to pay attention to health.

"But I'm only going to have six on the list today." Because these people may have more force majeure factors. Tang said. Which constellations are on the list? Let's take a look.

Countdown No.3 Capricorns, Aries: Changing your heart changes your health


Tang Yuyang reminded that Capricorn's health problems are actually in their own body. For example, they give themselves too much pressure, and Capricorn's personality is more of a "don't give up" type, they have a stock in their hearts "the more I can't do, the more i want to show you" strong emotions. Such a personality is easy to make the body of Capricorn out of shape. Tang Also mentioned that Capricorn is in the "reconstruction system" stage, do not resist at this moment, the more resistance to physical condition may be more, and suggested that Capricorns from the heart to change, from the heart to accept their previous pass.


Many of the sheep's health problems are related to stress. Some come from "pressure from the top or the responsibility" and some are the peonies themselves "fighting the pressure of the whole system". This stress can make people sleep well, and the peony believes that "success can not fail" mentality, but also easy to lead to nightmares. Therefore, Tang Yuyang generalization, in fact, the health of the aries should be no problem, but is affected by stress, at the same time, may also be reflected in the digestive system, because too many things can not be digested. With Capricorn, the peony must learn to let itself go in due course.

Countdown No.2 Aquarius, Taurus: When overworked, know how to rest


Tang Said, although we often say that Aquarius is an "alien personality", but in fact, Aquarius is very delicate and sensitive. They are used to swallowing all the pressure into their stomachs, and with the addition of the line, the water bottle has recently been subjected to a particularly much grievance or pressure. Some older people may even be facing a turning point in their lives, with candles burning at both ends. The ensuing events have caused the Aquarius to work, and although some water bottles will use desperate exercise to combat these overwork, but Tang Yuyang suggested that should still be a moderate rest.


Taurus could face a turnaround or rebuilding in its 2020 career. The current Taurus may be "not started", "don't know where the future is" stage, Tang Yuyang reminded that Taurus to quickly do things, is to find a direction for themselves, or not to give themselves so much pressure. When you're not feeling well, it's a reminder that it's time to rest. Although many people at such times but dare not rest, but Tang Yuyang will suggest that the taurus should go to rest.

Countdown No.1 Leo, Virgo: Take good care of your health before you engage


The leonids of Saturn and Pluto are already in the health palace, and 2020 is a time of battle with health, Tang said. The son should pay special attention to the diseases associated with "age" and "job disaster". Such as aging, occupational diseases and other diseases.

And Leo's health will be affected by work, in fact, because the lion in the work of the matter must be hands-on, insist on doing it yourself. "It's right to stick to your post, but you've also paid the price for health, " Says Mr Tang. So the only way to fight the disease for a long time is to develop a good habit: go to bed early and get up early. Don't say that they are used to staying up late, in order to balance health and work, the lion is to have to prescribe their early bed and early rise, as long as which link loose, that place is likely to go wrong. 」

In the seemingly turbulent career, health and waves, Tang reminded that Leo actually has a good medical operation in 2020. For example, there will be beds in hospital, will also encounter good doctors and so on. "I can't promise you won't be in trouble, but there will be someone near ingress there to help you." And in the face of such changes, in fact, also opened up your opportunities for a healthy life, career again to find there, health is the most important. Tang said.


Tang Believes that Virgo is a constellation that "sounds like health", but in fact, Virgo is a constellation that "puts itself to death". They say not the same as doing, forever in the last moment of going down also said: I want to be dedicated, I can not even tired others. Or some Virgos are very good at taking care of other people's health, but they eat casually.

Tang reminded that in 2020 Virgo is facing a "painful" moment, and may easily have a tendency to be depressed, because life may be encountering relatively large levels, such as money, friends, career troubles and so on. "Virgin salils need the courage to climb from the bottom of the valley, and the more you get to this point, the more you should take care of yourself." 」

Health status is closely related to living habits, including rest, diet, mood, etc., may have different effects on health. However, in fact, no matter what constellation you are, should take care of themselves from all sides, always pay attention to health, have time to go to the hospital for a check-up, develop exercise habits, practice early to go to bed and get up early, etc., can help you know more about yourself, and control health.

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