A Japanese dad photographer, Kono Kono, was diagnosed with advanced blood cancer in 2017, with an average of just three years left. His son was only one year old at the time. He then decided to use the camera to note his son's growth and leave what he wanted to say to his children. Although can not accompany you to continue to grow up, I hope you will still be without me in the day, healthy and happy to live.

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The Return of the Lion
16 years 9 months high-high chu-chugyo
13 years 9 months early middle-aged industry
10 years 9 months Kokeigyo
Written by Taga-Ren-kai, and others, the "Young Children's Garden"

Japanese positional shadow master Shishi Hagino, in 2017, suffering from the affected blood cancer period, survival rate 1%, average survival time is free of 3 years. At the time of the samurai, the other Lion Saisai Ichi. Haginohara Honagoi, The Same Time, The Beginning of the War, the Significance of the Anti-Thought Life, the Important Time for The Decisive Decision, the Important Time for The Growth of the Childless Child, The Daily Life of the He-Phase, and the Book of The Book of The Book of Photography.

"Life is a good way to get my life, my Men's Way. Yaxu front kore dark, Tana dark forward. It is for the recognition of the unhappiness of the inadestatic ayuga cancer disease, and the Taoga inadeica. 」

Life-based original presence and difficulty grasping thing, petty-loving ladder, hope-like absence of the unscrum, tsujiya return ability transmission intricate image, sensitive love.

2018.08.11,Pyeongtaek-like sleep

It is a time when it is like a sleeper, and it is laughed at other sleeps.

My hope other Noh ichi nao possession laughter. My hope and other matters, the capital is unnecessary and oblivion lol.

I'm going to ask you to forgive me.

When my son was taking a picture while taking a nap, he was sleeping and laughing.

I want you to laugh forever, don't forget to laugh at any time.

I'm taking pictures today, hoping for such a thing.

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2018.12.15, Touko Demonto

Self-centered dumplings, self-indulgence, and over-the-high local toy, and true individual luther's sight. Toe jumping bed, reservoir skid, prodigal bao superhuman wind.

Alion circumstances Kazuga before Kotoki-no-Ikui,Tagaya's unreaked in-laws, Yoshiko,-a------------a-like overhead child. It is a lion-like method that enjoys the adult sage and the tacompanyy adult Ya Ari adult.

Kotoki-no-Ryo-Ta-Da-Ji Region, Naga-Daigo-No-Go-No-Go-Ryo, Korein-ta-ta-ta-ta-Tatoi-toy-toy-law, or rather, With one of the koko re-exchange, in the state of the re-inability.

It is interesting to see my children playing in places where they played when they were children. He played with the trampoline, played with the earth ball of almost the day, played on the slide, and gave Anpanman's kites.

What I'm doing is roughly the same as when I was a child. However, I think that there is a way of enjoying the play of the adult child in the adult though it is likely to be thought that the child's play is boring to the adult though it is not going to blow the senior style to the son.

The reason why it does not go so much when becoming an adult might be because it does not understand whether it has become tired in the way of enjoyment to the place where it went most lying when it was a child. Just changing the person you're going with makes it fun again.

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2019.05.31,Nyomiko general engraved father and son

Gyoza Kiei, Eoga,A.D., One-in-a-half-year-old clothing, and a single-son-like east-west. Other certain reason for other kiega. Undisputed who is a self-pleasing person, a revered human being. A self-avenging person. A manned man's agitated person,a.

Hand electric tube illumination drainage ditch for our education and others, animal Japanese kun-an, Teruhana kusa, etc.

Due to the reason, the drainage ditch good image Yuro-an, etc. Due to the reason, it is a certain time of the emergency, and it is a person who does not have the weather, and other good image supame. No night, a beautiful landscape, a fine reform, a reams.

My son likes to do my mane, to wear the same clothes and to have the same tools.

I'm sure this is because she still likes me. Everyone wants to imitate people they like or admire, and they don't copy people they don't like. I don't want to use the same clothes or tools as people I don't like.

The inside of the rainwater ditch was illuminated with a flashlight, and it was taught the pleasure which was able to be done only at night by searching for the animal and the insect, and lighting the flower.

I was surprised that there was a mouse in the rainwater ditch. I'm playing with my mom, so it's fun. It's not scary at night, it's just a little bit of a change in scenery.

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2019.06.17,Reiko 3

Last year's current present Tadano-no-yo, Laughing-Tei-tei, however, it is easy to get to know the current story of Kaoru Tsuji, Terugu Kiya.

The thought-like east and west, the thought-and-see east and west, the thought-and-toe, and the prosecution of the transparent language of the capital.

A joyful situation, a disproportionate circumstances. Father and son one wake up, too much.

It became very easy to raise a child because it came to insist in the word now that it was possible to insist only by the expression of crying or laughing at this time last year.

Everything you want to eat, what you want to drink, and what you want to play is in words.

Parents and children do what they like and do things they don't like every day.

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The daily life of the sadako-sashi, the story of The Shiya Kuwano, the child-like story of the desired ability, the return of the present, the self-affair selves with the accompanied by the same

We're the capital of the city of The Same family, the self-thinking and adult Natane ie

It is a matter of ecstasy in the life of aperson, and it is a thing of the same as the child Yuya Ko.

The life of the good-natured manner, the answer to the salary, the failure of the Adhering to the refuscation of the Taoga dissains.

A small-dominant heart-to-heart Nakana-to-en-a-to-a-no-tai.

It is a kind of Na-like son-in-a-like contemplation of the period of the ecstasy of the sassy.

However, it is a painful and painful, anxious, and a recollection of the story. Ya-Sae, a prop for the sake of my ability.

Hope Koyuyi Ichitenya Nosei Tamei-no-Nonari-no-Kosho-oriented human-namichi Hikari.

There were a lot of unpleasant things in your father's life, but I don't want Yu-kun to experience it.

But I don't want my parents to lay down the tracks or give answers for their children so that they don't fail.

I want my father to be like a lighthouse that shines dimly in the distance for Yu-kun.

Father may not be the parent sused when he was a child.

If you still feel uncomfortable or anxious, remember your father's words.

It might be the support of the heart. And I hope that someday Yu-kun will be the light of his loved ones.

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Another tube, a sian, a son-in-law

Ikunichi Pleasure, Koyu present 2 . Koyusuke Tento Tou, Kaishin. The person's lack of jurisdiction is in the middle of the city of the city of the falling capital. 爸爸雖然生病了,但爸爸過得很快樂喔!

It is a sense of open-mindedness of the world ya-ya- outside of the state of the state of the state of the state of the state of the child. A method of thought in a decision that is essential for life. He has a life of over-pleasure, written by Yuya Yoya, a book by the Acting Of Thoughts.

As of before, after the Jinso kore, koyu-an cause-to-be-like clerk-in-the-like request-to-be-demanded yoshiko-ko. However, it is a favor of one piece favor. Tina-tei, Liu Jae-in Tengu-tei-like samurai!

Starting self-thinking circumstances, constant relatives of Menmen: "Tenjo-tei-bun-jin toy, return-to-life dragon, fierce-looking elephant-to-do-to-be-open-minded. Ichishinya's inadisse. 」

"Koyu-no-Kinto-no-Iku-no-Iku-no-Iku-no-Iku-no-Ya- "Hiei Early Death Unfaithful", Taasari and other Menmen.

An innocent adult story, KoyuNaga Daiya Nari an innocent adult. Unnecessary, unnecessary, unwanted adult, and a tumen story. Small actors and self-pleasure circumstances live away, the pre-image of the self-pleasure-like circumstances over-the-end life.

Happy birthday, Yu-kun is now two years old.

He plays with his father every day, and he's having fun.

Humans can enjoy any situation, dad is sick but life is fun.

I'm a little sorry for Yu-kun and his mother, but dad can enjoy it in the other world. Whether life is fun or boring depends on how you think.

Dad chose a fun way of thinking because a fun life was better.

I'm sure that Yu-kun will be asked to be a good boy by the adults around him because he has been and will be referring to his father.

But you don't have to be a good girl.

"If you do that, your father will grieve in heaven. "

I'm sure that when I start doing what I want to do, my relatives say:

When my father goes to heaven, I enjoy playing with Jomon people, looking for mammoths and dinosaurs, and I don't feel sad.

Even my father told me that Yu-kun would be sad before my trip to Vietnam, that he would die before his parents, but he didn't listen to me.

If you listen to a boring adult, Yu-kun will become a boring adult, so don't listen to the opinions of boring adults.

Just like your father did what you liked and lived happily, Yu-kun should do what you like and live happily.

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Self-pleasure, a patriot's system

A small difference of 33, the era of inactive. Small yu-su-sho small-dominant era. Koyu Kaoru Ryoto's joyful circumstances.

Unnecessary ta-thoughtfulness. Koyu Ryoself, reed for the sake of the sake of the work.

Toryoto self-pleasure situation ta-nursing circumstances, tame denkage, ta-nursing book, ta-ta-no-on-an, multi-tatou, multi-ta-kami network, multi-contemplationous region. Various works of the multi-tint creation Sum.

It is a method of the various down son in the circumstances of the situation of the person who is in the office.

Liu Xi Self-Instic Circumstances It is a self-pleasure thing, and it is the most important thing of the nagore.

I'm a very careless day and a day of the season, the Taga-like circumstances, the irrefulist, the hope of the capital.

Dad and Yu-kun are 33 years old, the days when they lived are different.

Please live as you like in the age when Yu-kun lives.

Live to find what you like.

You don't have to think for your mother.

Think for yourself, it will be for your mother.

To find out what you like, read a lot of comics, watch a lot of movies, read a lot of books, listen to a lot of music, play a lot of games, do a lot of internet, go to a lot where you want to go.

Please touch the creation and the work.

If you find something you like, learn a lot about what you like.

It's fun to know something you don't know, and it's great if you like it.

I don't know how old I'm going to read this, but I want you to remember how old you are.

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Face separation, Yakore's life problem

Since then, he has been a long-serving leader, a cohesive friend of the united mind, and a separation by The Founder of the Life of The Future, and the founder's father, Ya-Ya-Kai-Ichi-

Unnecessary excessive heart damage, shimoichi ariari arisa-saikachromatic late affairs, etc.

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"Dear, reams and unstoppable, beat-up, direct beat immobilization stop. Three-year time, a small-minded curiosity, an immense-in-a-lifetime, an impertinable life, and an uncompleted waiting for a return. Hope Noki Sumiga, but the unstomy. 」

It is a story of The Lower Of the Hagino. Life-feeding pre-questions overcoming efforts, ai-no-kosho, love of rarity, and a lion-like object. Koyu this year Sanjo Ryo, Yajo et al. Ariichi Tenjo Nagahiro, clear lying all, Tajiman other Ya noyo father Rumshita Yutei, after the face of the beautiful life.

General bravery, because of the fact that he is a child-like nephew.

(Nisbun-Tei: Women's Lost Edition Judy)