Yang Yulin is not afraid to do links with the past, "delete pick up after" is, youth to people, happy to say, she said, once resisted, will only be a process, one day, you will be able to talk about the past and the future.

You will always be surprised by Yang Yulin's nakedness and frankness, when you listen to "Delete Pick" over and over again.

You feel like you're looking at Yang Yulin, watching her peel her youth, with scars, and sometimes blood. But she will smile and tell you who grow up painless, that is the process, so she can frankly tell you, don't be afraid.

30 later, delete and pick up, she was able to frankly tell, like the happy holidays, she said not love loneliness, afraid of the most lively festival, most hope that the people around are not, although know that loneliness is necessary, inescapable. It's Love is love, thinking of the way i used to love her as a teenager, the young girl Yang Yulin, she is not afraid to mention.

From the past change of musical style, to now the first time as an album producer and record planning, people say that Yang Yulin constantly transform, but she shook her head: "I am not in the transformation, I have been doing myself, I have been the current me." 」

Change was never a surprise, and Jomo had a vision in 2016, her slow,waiting quietly, always remembering: sooner or later there should be an album, she wanted to find her favorite musician, to create a natural spark. This is three years.

She said that when she began to focus on life, the vision became so great that every moment of life can feel well, and this has accumulated more than a decade of story, "I want to get it back, sing to everyone." Not just the story after i was 30 years old, but the bigger span, with my story to remind people, think of themselves. 」

I remember this song that I sang for you over and over again.
You love to hear the songs I sing.
Please remember that I'm here for every breath
Remember me, remember, remember
- Earth

What has resisted will only be a process, and one day you will be able to talk

Yang Yulin is not afraid to do links with the past, "Delete pick up after" is even more.

Revisiting youth is difficult to speak up, we are afraid to see the past not so mature their own, some childish and impulsive action, some wounds are still painful, unable to deal with also have no time to take care of. But she was able to sing repeatedly in Love is Love, and I asked her how she could do it.

She laughs with ease: "By the age of 30, you'll think differently." I've had that stage and I'd feel like I'd be fine if it wasn't for that one, and when they mentionsomesome someone's name, I'd be disgusted and reacted a lot. But until now, you can share this story with great ease. This turn of events, I think, is due to age. 」

There was a time when she was not used to people saying she was cute, always wondering why we couldn't see Yang Yulin now: "But in fact, this is the first impression." When you can't absorb and digest yourself, you may resist. But now people say I'm cute and i'm happy, because that's part of me. 」

The label was once a part of her inability to load, and after thirty, she knew how to look back and embrace her past resistance, which she believed was part of Yang Yulin'

Yet there is a period of time, she has also avoided talking about the father.

Because her parents divorced when she was 14 years old, Yang Yulin grew up with her father is not familiar, there are many reasons, difficult to show, so at first choose not to say. Later, he was willing to talk about his father, two or three years after his death. 'I don't want anyone to feel sorry for themselves,' she said.

"You're surprised that someone else's loved ones leave, and they're sad that it comes from the love between two people. But I'm with my dad, no. That day to help his father to do the after-work, farewell to see the people, they do not know. At that moment, she found that she was really out of touch with her father's life.

"This regret is suddenly conscious, our feelings, so light, really so light. She thought half a meeting and opened her mouth slowly: "But he is your father, he is the man who gave you life." So I'll think it's complicated. You know he's not doing so well. Although I tried myself, But I would blame myself and don't want him to have a bad time. 」

So the heart ran out of countless if, she repeatedly asked themselves, if in a concert, father can watch under the stage, proud of themselves? If she can do more for her father, should be familiar with strangers, if given another chance, can not, do not let oneself blame itself.

As time went on, as she grew older, she realized that, really, the sad threshold of the moment, you are willing to learn to relax. Also because there have been regrets, after 30 years of age, you know more about what to take good.

He's not good, it doesn't mean I'm better.

After the deletion of Yang Yulin, is to know that the house to go without persistence, and should go to pursue, on the initiative, such as friendship: "In fact, ah, too many passive people, are waiting for others to ask." She quipped, "Good risk I am very active, so will regularly quantitatively see, which friend for a long time did not see, it should be about to come out, must update each other's lives." 」

But when it comes to the mistakes and betrayals in life, Yang Yulin always has a kind of tolerance, such as the new album including Cantonese songs I do not know you, is the betrayal between friendship. Even knowing that another person hurts herself, she says, she just wants the other person to stop coming near, but doesn't want the other person to have a bad time.

Why can you forgive so easily? I can't help asking.

She was a little distressed, muttering, in fact, she hated this easy-to-forgive personality: "Some people will think, you do this to me, you do not give me better." But for me, " Yang fell into a long musing, and then replied, "He's not good, it doesn't mean I'm better." 」

Is the fate of the problem, once hurt their own people, in the eyes of others may be a good person, Yang Yulin is very gentle to say. People's good or bad, no way to compare, she asked, you want to compare with whom? How can it be compared? When the more people have seen, the more experience, will know that personnel do not have absolute right and wrong, look at what angle we choose to think, and learn to focus on the really cherished people, better, that is important.

It's night when I remember who i've been.
Friendship hidden in the heart who expected to fall to the ground
I can't afford it.
Betrayal is unbearable and i try to forget
Was the closest you to.
I don't know you.

Her eyes were sincere and tolerant. I think, perhaps this tolerance, is why Yang Yulin, more can forgive the mistakes and injuries committed in youth.

Courage after maturity is a firmness after careful consideration

Thirty is an invisible threshold, once incomparable clarity of the future of their own, suddenly become anxious and confused. Yang said, with the number of catch-up has nothing to do with social intimidation, but you see more and more life experience, some things, you do not consciously mind.

"The weddings in your 30s must be more than they are in their 20s, and there are more funerals. She said slowly, "You see a hundred states of life." Family members are in different physical conditions, and friends experience different things. All of a sudden, you'll want to find your way and position again. 」

People's courage will gradually become smaller with the age, there is a moment she panicked very much, before the filming everyone called her Yang bold, that even their own worship of Yang Yulin, how can not get back? Then came 33, 34 years old, she learned to bring back the former Yang Yulin, to find who to be who they want to, brave to abandon and persist. The courage to get back at 30, she felt different.

"What's lost, look if you want it back." "If you can bring courage back, it will be smarter when it's mature, " she said with a laugh. Because young courage may be a rush, but after maturity courage, is a kind of thoughtful firmness. 」

Perhaps it is precisely because the world is slowly cut open, outside the wall, there is a wider world, feel more free, there will be more trouble. However, also because of your maturity, you know that real growth begins with the pain and pain of life.

Yang Yulin can tell the past and the future, not because she is braver than anyone else, but even if injured, she is willing to give herself a chance to speak to herself, not afraid.

Edit postscript

By Christmas, happy holidays this song is very good, I asked Yang Yulin, is still a fear of loneliness?

She said she didn't feel lonely until last year: "It's just as reasonable as people would say that this meal is good or not. No matter what festival you have, or see who is with you. Loneliness is still negative to her, but a person's life must face.

I told her that every holiday, people start to talk about sleeping, perhaps just hope can deal with the loneliness of that time.

The first time I heard the word sleep, Yang Yulin was a little surprised, smiled and smiled and smiled and could understand why the word appeared, people and people need to contact each other ah, but she said: "After heating up, perhaps your loneliness will deepen, resulting in counterproductive, in fact, the most important thing is to enrich your mind?" Find the least self-deception way to face loneliness. 」

Yes, loneliness is unavoidable, can cope with a lot of ways, but most importantly, you must first let your heart settle.