Confession, in the end is to express the heart, or to get a reply? Love sociology, dedicated to "fear of confession after becoming a friend of you"!

I did not talk about that love, there is the possibility of existence, there is also the possibility of absence, there is also because there are, there are assumptions, there are not established, all the time are revising the sketch of the story, did not happen, so also do not need to eliminate.

- Lin Wanyu, the love I didn't talk about.

Some people say that the best feelings are when ambiguous. You haven't been in love yet, but you can still enjoy the care and company you bring because of love, you haven't been in love yet, so you don't have to give in to each other because love changes. The ambiguous people ah, holding a heart, full of anxiety, carefully close to each other. One step away can love at the same time, but also one step, see you again.

On the other step, there is another name called "Confession". After the confession, some people succeed and get a more hard feeling of life reasons, and some people fail and begin to review whether they are still not doing enough/good. No matter what path you choose, you have their own challenges to face.

Today, let's talk about the mood that might have been felt after the defeat.

What if you can't be a friend after the confession?

Many people are afraid of the reason scared to confess, not afraid to know the other person's heart, nor do not want to further development, but afraid of their own confession, and the other side even friends can not be. But before we talk about "being a friend", maybe we should ask ourselves, "Really, do we have to be friends with each other"?

A friend is someone who can keep your distance and accompany each other through a short (or long) part of your life. You watch him move toward his goal, watch him find someone he likes, and you'll be heartily happy for him. But if you're going to be "afraid of being a friend and not being a friend," then maybe you should admit that you've never been a friend.

Maybe the future can be friends, but at least for now, you may be "more than just friends." And if you're in this mood right now, maybe we can work together to find a solution from the definition of "confession."

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Confession, in the end is to express the heart, or to get a reply?

Sun Zhongxing, a sociology professor at Taiwan University, has offered a course on "Love Sociology", which attracts a large number of students to take classes. He mentioned in his book, Learn, Love:

Confession, the probability of failure is very high!

Why? Very simple, because it is likely that only you look at him, but he did not see you, there is no feelings like yours. You've probably started a hundred meters, and he's still warming up; you've known him, along with his first name, and he's not that well known to you. Most of the people for the "confession" is a pair of "if you promise me, or I lose love", do not give themselves room, nor give each other room, but after the confession, the development of not necessarily emotional relationship, so expect not to put so heavy, so high, to themselves, others have not so much pressure.

If we think of confession as an inquiry that "must be answered by the other party" rather than "showing your heart to the other person", it is easy to become very heavy, and we can also be caused by the other person's response. But if the confession is regarded as "expressing feelings", such confession will have nothing to do with right or wrong, nor will there be success or failure. Because when you finally muster the courage to explain your true ideas to the other person, is not a success?

The success or failure of the confession is not based on the other side's promise or not, but in whether you faithfully admit their hearts.

Finally want to say to you, the ability to love you, is very precious. You know freedom and appreciate the freedom of another soul. You must know their own precious, to learn to be good to themselves, to treat you like a lover to treat themselves.

You have tried to confess, want to confess you, is full of great courage, you have to know such a brave self, and then continue to live bravely. Can't be a friend after the confession? That's not a problem. The question is whether you will show your heart by telling the truth and being honest with you.

Bless you.