Pick a film for you, write "Marriage Story" full of fragmented marriage, full of helpless middle-aged, full of flaws of you.

The marriage story begins like an ordinary love story.

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He has a lot to attract you, has ideas, talent, is good at playing your own, and is willing to be a patient father; you have a lot of moments that keep him blinded, you are kind, good at listening, you know how to solve problems, you are willing to grow up with your children.

What you don't know is that the encounter started, it made you feel, and it ended up being something you hated - all the problems, really, existed in the first place. What's the difference, but the way you look at each other is no longer the same as before.

You have been so grateful that he took you out of a dying relationship, you rely on him, feel the heartbeat, feel alive, and finally find yourself slowly stepping into another period of death.

"Marriage Story" director Noah Baumbach's previous work, "New York Hahaha", about the break and break of growth, the dream of the transfer and desolation, "Marriage Story" seems to be a follow-up, write "New York Hahaha" untold stories - in adulthood, growing up, After love, after marriage, after the difficult continuation, the world disintegrates, how are you going to rebuild the order?

May, Let's start and end with love.

A marriage full of debris, a middle-aged man full of helplessness, a flawed you

Their names are Charlie and Nicole.

There was such a moment, meet each other, feel so like redemption, he is he in the ocean to fish the piece of driftwood, difficult time together, waiting for the sunrise. And after sunrise, shaking their eyes for years, but see the past full of flaws and fragments, remember, there are so many things, because of the love, put aside, forget to do.

For example, Nicole is eager to achieve herself, eager to affirm, remember edify years ago, he had a dream, why need to forget;

A marriage full of fragments, full of helpless middle-aged, full of flaws you, full of regret I, is what we can now have? To tell the truth, I can't accept, even I can't appreciate myself.

As an adult, when i was watching "Marriage Story", there were many similaritys to Charlie and Nicole, as if there were no right or wrong, only differences, like New York and Los Angeles, how to compare the best and the bad. Distance is geographical, but also psychological, emotions are layer by layer up, a play, gently, without trace, even bone with meat, the relationship is ripped apart.

The actor who plays Charlie on "Marriage Story" said, "Every scene makes me feel like a bet, every scene is urgent and necessary, and there's no room for you to breathe." It's a play, isn't it, like marriage.

Photo: "Marriage Story"

Several of the highlights of "Marriage Story" show that Charlie and Nicole often no longer have the same picture space. There are either obstacles, or barriers, sometimes a table, sometimes a door, sometimes a child, but almost a distance to the other side of the space, and they never choose to cross the past.

You don't come, so I can't go.

And I really understand you, so know how I will hurt you, the beginning of the injury is always love, if not love, probably does not matter hurt. So, decided to stand a little further, in the divorce process, to find themselves again, in any case, can not and do not give in to things.

Even in the end, the love of the relationship is still alive, but in the end, we can not be together.

Even if it makes no sense to love him, I will continue to love him.

After adulthood, in the grown-up, after love, after marriage, difficult to continue, the world disintegrates, how do you intend to rebuild order? "Marriage Story" opens the interpretation of both parties.

For Nicole, it can be a story to take back her story and build a worldview with her at its heart, what if you dare to ask for something? What if you dared to imagine a new life narrative? In fact, you have been able to do, you do not have to rely on who to grow.

For Charlie, this can be a story to put down, have you ever asked yourself, has there anything in life with anyone, worth your departure from the default channel, worth the messy schedule, worth going through a few heartaches?

For Charlie and Nicole, it's a divorce story, it can be a story of loss and recovery - we're going a long way, you go back to my life in another way, I love you, you're the father/mother of the child.

Photo: "Marriage Story"

There was a scene I particularly liked when he answered her phone at night (in fact, she was calling her child) because of the power failure to help her push home, and Nicole offered to cut Charlie's hair. The first few scenes, they are still in the cold war, the next scene, she said I see your hair is long, do you want me to cut for you, that is the family's casual habits, will not be the whole play, two people's nearest distance, close to can smell each other's nose, close to can understand, I still keep the habit of loving you, really did not change.

Then, the photos at home in Los Angeles changed, he began to go to the barber shop, their relationship into the next season, another Year of Halloween, he finally read her letter a year ago to him, "I know him two seconds fell in love with him, even if love him has no meaning, I will still love him in this life." 」

Perhaps the marriage story reveals that the divorce process could be another love story.

Because of love, I wish you to become yourself, but also understand that, at the same time, I really have a lot of things I can not give up or can not give up. Even if separated here, think of the fact of love, still give me enough strength, into the next life.

You think of some relationships in life that are really like this, that you end a relationship, and that there's a reason for love there, and it's sincere, you just know, you can't go any further. That's love, a last-click push. Dear, It's a final push push from you.

And who can say, this is not a happy ending.