In the 21st century, talking about feminism is nothing new, so what happened more than a hundred years ago?If you want to know, let's take a look at the story of Jane Love!

Feminist forerunner

Modern people like to use the word "wave" to describe the latest costure or concept, and apply this viewpoint. Miss Love, born a hundred years ago, was really "a wave of the tide."This is a story of a lonely and lonely 19th-century English novelist Hsia Chia Blunt, who describes an aunt raised by his aunt who was sent to the college for bullying and mistreatment, and later on a family home teacher.

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It seems like an agreed love story!Where's the tide?First of all, the society of men and women was unbreakable in the age of 100 years ago. In that age, it was impossible to say that women wanted to be independent from a family. Even if a man wanted to be independent from his family, he had to make a decision that he regretted for his life.

And Jane Eloin?A mother and father were separated by their aunt and were abandoned, and were separated by loneliness and undivided loneliness.It can be said that the most humble identity of the episode has become a major achievement. Such an identity she dares to pursue the love she crave, and can imagine how confident and courageous she must have.(Recommended reading: 525 I love I have the courage to take the old life with the courage to make a new attempt )

Is it progress or regression now?

This novel is regarded as feminism, and feminism has been developed for quite a long time today. But actually, is it an old-fashionded story that has been put in the current world by the time of the novel?Not at all.Now women seem to be independent, strong, and self-aware, but it is undeniable that some of the people's values are biased and lost, and that some media, for the sake of particular interests, spark a good image of society as a mainstream view.

at the media's stories about which female star is getting married, which of the wealthy families has been involved, there is a general trend in society to establish a relationship between money and money. Some women also regard the marriage as the supreme guiding principle, and even some cram schools are still offering courses on how to get married.If our society is a society that is full of these values, can it be said to be a society that is fully extended by women's rights?

The heart is the root of everything

In the end, the spirit of spiritual communication is everything. She doesn't come to a social class. She doesn't want to be a social class, but the two can be integrated into one's spiritual level. She is a humble and optimistic person, and she has a complete personality.

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The most impressive piece of dialogue in the show, she says to the owner, " Do you have no emotions and feelings when you are poor and poor in the long run?I would have, if God gave me wealth and beauty, I would make it difficult for you to leave me, just like I can't leave you now. I'm not talking to you physically. I'm talking to you with the soul. Our soul is equal. When we pass the grave, we will stand in the face of God on equality."How could you be so humble and sonorous?"

Do you like it?

So long as the two people are connected, they can have a lifetime?Not necessarily.This is also the story of Jane Eyre. The novel is different from other stories. There are some love stories that are often the most spiritual and the most spiritual to both men and women.

But Jane loved less than this. When she discovered that she was an innocent third party, she ignored the begging of the manor, begging for sorrow and unforgiving, and then left the estate.She knows that sometimes people can't live for themselves, and sometimes they have to sacrifice for the sake of protecting or making other things, even though their dreams and goals are almost always struck.Although I have to compromise with reality, I must always be faithful to my soul and not be able to deceive yourself. Jane Eyman has not forgotten this principle, and has refused to make a marriage promise when he makes a marriage promise.A true commitment can never be made, unless it is truly convinced that it is a choice.(Extended reading: [for you] The third person is actually a person who can endure pain )

How women perceive themselves

Although today's society seems to be quite equal and friendly to women, it is still fairly apparent in many ways, and if women are truly able to give full play to their jobs in their jobs, how can they be economically autonomous, while others will have such a silk to find a strong economy to rely on their own ideas.

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the other hand, under the notions of love and supremacy, many people struggle to become the "three little three", and the pursuit of love is naturally the power of the human being, but it is not the most perfect option to be in the right way.The whole society is looking at how to create respect and tolerance for women, and how women play a role in society. Looking at the life of Jean-love's life over a hundred years ago, there seems to be a lot of room for people to learn and grow in all aspects.

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