In recent years, the Himalayan region has faced the most dramatic climate change in history, and the remote residents who have lost their homes in the rain have lost hope for survival.In 2009, 700 people volunteered to take the trip to the Himalayas, led by the Buddhist spiritual leader of the Buddhist spiritual leader Jawan Chiwang, to pick up nearly half a ton of trash and contaminants, and to educate the residents about the damage caused by climate change and help the residents regain their hope.

PAD YATRA is the name of the trip and represents a down-to-earth trip in the Tibetan language; in May 2009, it became a group of unrepentable people to make an environmental sound and find a journey of self-respect.In 2013, the adventure was made by a new director, Anna Li, in the Green footprint PAD: A Green Odyssey > documentuing this group of travelers in the mountains, as well as the beautiful Himalayas travel.

Pretrailer, a trip that gives Yang's mind and nature clean.

womany has the honour to invite Mr. Yang Ziyun, Director Li Yon-yin (Wendy Lee ) and Live to love Chief of the Charities, a PAD YATRA charity, Carie Lee to that this period is not only environmental protection, but also a pure journey in the center of the heart.

Left: Michelle Yeoh, Central: Wendy Lee,
Right: Live to Love Story and Carie Lee

journey to a woman's spiritual

When you talk about the "green footsteps," you cannot but mention three women's ministers behind this documentary: the production of Yang Ziyun, the director, Wendy, and Live to Love, the founder and trip participant, Carrie Yon.In the afternoon of the day, we saw three different women, like three different generations of representatives.Every smile of his life is full of fortitude and strength, and the director Wendy has the cleverness of the dreamer, and the actor's passion for life is full of his passion.Three women, three of them, are looking for answers to different stages of life in their "green footsteps."

Yang Ziqiong believes that everyone has the ability to change the world, so long as everyone can "understand first."
A little bit like the Founding Founding Founding Founding Fathers, it's hard to get involved in the film's "green footprint > hard work and publicity," it's just to get more people to understand.

Climate change representatives need to begin rethinking.We spend too much time chasing money, luxury flats and all material enjoyment, but what's left in your heart?Yang, who is in the "Green Footprint" of the "Green Footprint", visited the day she was a big star representing Asia, and in her determined eyes, we saw more care for society.

"Too much material enjoyment has led to the natural inversion of the material, why is it continuing to pursue money?"I believe that people have to understand before they start to care, and that concern is likely to change, and that is why I have been working on the issue of environmental issues." As a result, the director Wendy made a beautiful picture of the green footprints, and Yang Shi-Joan gave his full support to the project's completion.

Director Wendy told us,
I always wanted to challenge myself, and I realized after filming that it was much more difficult than I thought, but I did!

director Li Yeon-ying, Wendy, a teenage girl, how did she overcome the appalling high mountain climate and lack of photographic resources in the trip and direct the film production of documentary films?" At first I wanted to challenge myself and accomplish something that never happened.PAD YATRA is a meaningful travel to society, to self-interest, and it was only after filming that I realized that it was much more difficult than I thought, but I did!When you talk about your initial belief, Wendy is like all the young people who are chasing dreams, and the eyes are full of self-realization.

" I believe every family has its own ups and downs.As long as there is love, eventually we can walk through, and we will be proud of our own scars.'

Participant Carrier

and we are better and as a participant in the PAD YATRA journey, doesn't Ms. Li have ever been concerned that this difficult task could not be accomplished?" On the journey, I would like to give up all the time.But I have the courage to go on as long as I think of my motivation to participate in the first place." In the past Carie was like all the women who were starting to work, feeling the net between life and work." In the past, I had the best work and the envy of life, but I lost my heart, and I often felt angry about it.I look around, and I find that people around me are boring and old-even if they're very successful in their careers.What is the so-called success?I wanted to succeed, but the premise was that the mind was in the best state, so I took part in PAD YATRA and decided to give myself a chance to start again." Today's Carie smile is satisfied and confident, and she finally decides to pursue her own heart and find her voice through a journey that is close to nature.

Although trivial, it is possible to bring about change as long as the action begins.

n't Abandon Journey

For these three women, PAD YATRA is not only a natural environment travel, but also a process of conversation with the mind.Close to the most realistic natural appearance, they also let them see the most pure self.The 700 participants did not give up on the trip, and they were not deterred by the challenges of making documentaries in the face of environmental protection, difficult circumstances, and criticism of the past.The reason why Yang Ziqiong, Director Wendy, and the actor Carrie Carrill finally came to the end was to find their own insistence.

" Whenever I start challenging, it is important to believe that you have made the right choice." We are curious as to how Yang Shi-Qiong could turn his inner strength into the perseverance of the former role of the camera." You have to learn to listen to your heart and find the most appropriate direction.I am grateful for everyone who meets every single day to learn about others as important things, and everyone seems to be a gift from the heavens.When you have the will to become better, your life is full of meaning." From the hands of Yang Zijon, we found that the strength she displayed in her role in the past was not just acting as acting, but also a gentle force that was deeply embedded in her.

In the case of Participant Carrie, who has lost his mind, his family's love is her greatest source of courage."I believe that there is no feeling in the world as much as the love between the father and the father, and I am able to insist on my journey because of my father's influence on me."When talking about his favorite father, the original confidant Carrie suddenly seemed to be a little girl who had made a treasure of his treasure, and she almost had to shed tears." I was spoiled by the past, and my father was often unhappy, but I believe every family has its own ups and downs.As long as there is love, eventually we can walk through, and we will be proud of our own scars."There are a lot of difficulties in the course of life and PAD YATRA, and we may be injured in the process." Carie made us realize that it was not shameful to have scars, as long as we had the courage to face it.

"I believe that nothing is impossible," and director Wendy, while she was the youngest of three women, was impressed by her wisdom and courage." When we're about to give up, as long as we take a small step forward, we can discover that we have more potential than we can imagine.Don't limit yourself because of fear, just as the 700-person journey first sounded impossible, even though we were all mundane, but we ended up traveling.Ordinary, it can also bring about change in the world."

Maybe we are all mundane, but as long as we take a small step forward, we can know that we can actually go further.The three women who were smiling confidently before us, who had gone through a journey that did not give up, are now full of courage to transct the outside and to make people feel the beauty of the soul.

Yang Zijun (left), Director Wendy (middle), and actor Carrie (right),
have just begun to germinating their own journey, will continue to look for a woman and a more splendid passion for life.

PAD YATRA allows people to start caring about the environment, relocating hope and self."You have to learn to look in your eyes, not to wait for the meaning of this trip, you have to find your own story," said Yang.And we were curious, what was Yang Ziqiong found on this trip?Happy!In fact, people and people can produce happiness if they help each other the most.The most pure mutual help between people during the journey was once touched by the tears of Yang Shi-Joan's tears.

This trip has made it easier for the participant Carries to discover a better share of each other." The most touching thing is that people in the journey can share each other's successes and be happy for the happiness of others.The world now has too many multipolarity and suspicion, and we seem to have lost our ability to wish each other.With the fame of fame and fame, people gradually fade away from the good that we have in mind.Mutual help and blessing to each other is in fact the simplest thing in life.

As we speak, the three of us are laughing at the eyes of the women of different ages, listening to our stories of womany, and together with our elicits, that is, this is what we want!" In the past, women were often easily judged by the values of other people's eyes. Even themselves were cruel to themselves. How do you think it was beautiful, what is sexy?Or men don't dare show soft power." Three women, and at the same time start talking about broad theory."But it's not just about appearance, tolerance, tenderness, but sexy."" When Yang Tsung-chong suddenly looked into our eyes and said “ Kind is sexy ”, several of us laughed at the same time.

" We need to be tolerant of the heart, not hypocritical hypocrisy.Yang Tsung-chien believes that what modern people need most is the courage of the participants, like PAD YATRA, to stand up and express their convictions. " Tolerance does not mean giving up their own opinions to meet the world.We all have different ways of expressing our opinions.It doesn't have to be deliberate, it just needs to stand up and help yourself, and it can help the whole world.

To pursue a dream, the only thing we need is a small step forward and unlimitless potential; it makes the world a better place, and what we need is just a little bit of tender courage to express ourselves.The journey of PAD YATRA across the Mountain Range has successfully ended, but Yang Zi-Joan, director Wendy and actor Carrie had only just begun to germinating themselves, and will continue to look for a woman and a more splendid passion for life.

is actually looking for

< green footprint PAD YATRA: A Green Odyssey > is in fact a secret that director Wendy has carefully buried.

< green footprint PAD YATRA: A Green Odyssey >, in fact, is a secret that director Wendy has carefully laid down.She was surprised to find that we found her secret in the name of the movie, and when she heard the problem, her eyes lit up, "Odyssey was an ancient Greek legend, and was a journey back to her life."The lead character Odyssey was adrift for ten years, overcoming many difficulties to return to his wife's side.PAD YATRA and Odyssey have a lot of common points. In fact, people are searching for happiness, love, and belonging."In PAD YATRA people find love by helping each other and finding their own way through the insistence of completing their travel. Wendy, through the filming of the" Green Footprint ", wants to rethink the sick world and let me find peace in my heart again.

, the Tibetan spiritual leader Jiao Wangzhu, the spiritual leader of the Tibetan religion, has assembled 700 people, 400 kilometers over the past 42 days. After 42 days, he has finally awakened to the environmental consciousness of the remote world.

Today, in front of us, women in different stages of life share the process of searching for themselves through the green travel through PAD YATRA.Go, go, go, go!They let you, I believe, women, that's how fortitude is!And don't forget the kind is sex!

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