Using the Miles Briggs personality classification MBTI, see how you react to a breakup and learn more about yourself and find a way to heal yourself.

Do you find that you always have some special emotions or behaviors every time you face a break-up? Miles Briggs personality classification MBTI, we have analyzed the love character of different people, today, also to talk about the love less love personality.

From how we interact with the world (introverted or outward-looking), how to deal with messages (biased towards reason or intuition), how to make decisions (logical or sensory), to how to arrange your life (judgmental or perceived), in 16 personalities, you reflect your values, your most feared relationship patterns, and your weaknesses in relationships. Because of your personality, it is affecting your reaction to heartbreak. (Editor's recommendation:Type 16 Love Personality: What kind of personality you are, you will love what kind of person)

Through this process, you will be able to learn more about yourself and, after your heart breaks, you can find a way to heal. Now, let's take a look at the character that belongs to you in the face of lost love!

Step first, complete the MBTI quiz (28 questions, test time is about 5 minutes) to record your personality trait code
Step two, look down, what your heartbroken character is

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1. ISTJ Investigator: You will choose to keep going alone

You'll deal with a failed relationship in a pragmatic way, and you'll usually be sensible, not crying, or panicking. Once you know that there is no way to continue, you will know not to waste any more time; And that's your final responsibility for this relationship. Next, you'll choose to move on and believe that you'll be better off, and by continuing to live well, you'll feel like you're making up for the effort you've made in your long-term relationship. The advice you want to give you is to make sure that you have dealt with the emotions that may be suppressed during a relationship when you meet your next person, or else it will reappear in a new relationship.

2. ISFJ Guardian: You will face it in a mature way and try to maintain friendly relations with your predecessor

Your heart is very romantic, when you fall in love with someone, you will actively participate in the other person's life. Therefore, when you lose someone, you will also take a long time to return to yourself. Your attitude to break up is very mature, even if separated, you will continue to love each other, will worry about each other's emotional and psychological state. You will want to maintain a friendly relationship with each other. On the one hand, it's because you're usually the contributor and caregiver in a relationship, so you don't want to suddenly stop caring about each other. But also want to remind you that it makes it easy for you to beautify past relationships. Suggest that you can deal with your feelings of loss of love with a trusted friend and help you move forward.

3. INFJ Consultant: You'll lock yourself up for a while and fix it for a long time

After a break-up, you don't usually want to talk to a friend right away, which will make you even more confused. You'll calm yourself down for a while, and in the meantime you try to calm yourself and find out how you feel, you'll think about where each other might be repairable, and maybe the results will be different; you'll want to be able to figure out why it all happened and where you're doing it right now, and what you can do. You are a very committed person in the feelings, so after the loss of love, you will feel that your heart has a lot of desire for feelings, you have to face and deal with it. Sometimes you may also escape, such as knowing that the relationship has gone out of place, but you will be reluctant to admit the fact that the break-up should be. The advice you want to give you is that it's okay to miss your ex, but don't forget to give yourself some chance to start a new life. You know how to feel your feelings, and you will get more happiness as a result.

4. INTJ Originals: You'll reflect on yourself first

Your perfectionism, so that you face a break-up, also often stuck in your own. You'll try to find a reason until you find a reason to convince yourself that you'll be willing to move on. If you find any misunderstandings during this time, you will not be afraid to admit or discuss them with your predecessor. One advantage is that you can easily learn from every failed relationship and your self-reflection is strong. Behind this is that you don't like the feeling of losing control, and you want to leave firm conclusions about the relationship. It should be noted, however, that you tend to idealize each other after investing in a relationship because of the requirements of perfectionism. Sometimes, let yourself off track a little bit, don't over-indulge yourself in anything, you may see more different possibilities, and you can repair yourself more quickly.

5. ISTP Artisan: You'll be quiet and distracting

After a breakup, you rarely take the initiative to talk to others about the relationship. You won't allow yourself to focus too much on sad ness, and you won't allow you to personalize the reason for this end. However, in the face of this difference, your head is constantly turning, trying to find the reason, logic, or even right and wrong. You hope you don't take too much risk as a result. You will also want to be as fair as possible after a relationship is over, and both will take special care of themselves. I want to remind you that allowing yourself to take some responsibility may make you more free.

6. ISFP Speaker: You'll propose to go for emotional counseling together

Your mature attitude toward your feelings, in the case of break-upscene, will hopefully avoid some conflict, emotional burden of the possibility. For example, you'll want to try again and propose to go for emotional counseling, but if you finally know it's not working, you'll agree to go the same way. A peaceful break-up is what you seek. But it's important to note that while you know how to live in harmony, this feature is prone to emotional failure. You know what the other person wants, but you'll be willing to let someone guide their lives. Do you agree to this break-up, for each other, or for yourself? Perhaps, also let your considerate and mature, for themselves to play once.

7. INFP Healers: You will choose to assume all responsibilities

Your heart is gentle, in the face of break-up, you will choose to bear the majority of the responsibility for failure, and there will be regret, self-blame should have been able to do more and so on. Your compassion and sensibility will often leave you in a state of nostalgia. You cherish the emotional relationships you have. However, you may also adhere to an impossible standard for feelings. To say to you, you're actually someone who's willing to accommodate different possibilities, you're always careful with your ex, and your emotions, and you've done a good job of being inclusive of the past, and when you're in the same time, don't forget to remind yourself to make room for the future.

8. INTP Architect: You'll remain silent and then deal with it rationally

You will experience a quiet and silent healing time after a breakup. You don't need to discuss it with friends or family. During this time alone, you will try to think about why this emotion is beginning to change and find a reason to be explained. You wish you wouldn't repeat the same mistake. However, you may choose a more perfect or concise way to explain all this in order to get yourself out of the pain faster. The advice you want to give you is that maybe some heartbreak can't be analyzed, try to just accept those emotions, and while you'll be a little uncomfortable, there may be new discoveries.

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9. ESTP Salesman: You'll try to mediate, but you'll be willing to accept the results

When you learn the news of a breakup, you'll be sane first and hope you can try again to see if there's a chance of it. But you are not blindly pursuing a remedy, but have realistic considerations that it makes sense to continue. So once you know you have no chance, you can leave out rightaway. You may beable to act as if nothing had happened, to move on with your life and to live a good single life. It's just that you can easily voluntarily carry the trauma of the past and feel self-blame or insecurity, and you can take the wound to the next relationship. The advice you want to give you is that in the face of the scars you have left behind, you are not just wrapped up, but should take care of it, through friends or counselors to heal themselves, are a good way.

10. ESFP Performers: You'll want to start another dating relationship as soon as possible

At the end of the relationship, you'll be very sad, but you won't let yourself spend too much time drowning in such sadness. You think that's unhelpful. Then you'll be willing to start dating, actively looking for new people, and even quickly put yourself out of a relationship. You enjoy the feeling that you are always surrounded by love, or that you depend on it. However, you are also prone to being free from emotional dependence and have no way of getting rid of it. The advice you're trying to give you is that you can try to rethink your identity as single. In fact, you value your own needs, and follow this intuition, I believe you will find the balance in your emotional life.

11. ENFP Winners: You start socializing and are willing to make new friends

In the face of a break-up, you will get used to putting your grief somewhere, a place you think is safe. Next, you'll embark on a journey, perhaps arranging a trip, or keeping going to parties to keep yourself away from the past that has hurt you. You try to cut off the link to the past and believe that doing so will help you get better. During this time, you are also happy to make new friends and make yourself more connected and possible with the outside world. You want to live in the present moment, you feel more comfortable. But what I want to tell you is that facing the past doesn't cost you the chance to have a future again. Don't be afraid to deal with your emotions and embrace your heartbreak, it doesn't mean you're a failure.

12. ENTP Inventor: You Celebrate Your Freedom

You are a very active person, and you are not willing to stay in place. So after you end a relationship, you also prefer to face it in a positive way. You'll celebrate your freedom, you'll enjoy being single, you'll be willing to go out and socialize rather than hide. And that's the way to keep you alive. Note, however, that this may also be the way you subconsciously escape the emotions of the past, and eventually you will find that the feelings you have paid before are waiting for you to sort out and lay down. There is nothing wrong with facing a new life, but don't forget to take care of your negative emotions so that it has a chance to be expressed.

13. ESTJ Supervisor: You stay calm and don't want others to see the wound

Your pursuit of a stable self, your responsible personality, will make you demand to be rational in the face of an emotional end. You often choose to spend the days after a breakup with a busy job, or other distractions, and you'll keep yourself calm, and it's not easy for you to break up and cry in front of others, even if you're tearing or crying inside. What I want to tell you is that you can certainly choose to get through this low ebb in the most comfortable and safe way, but also take good care of your inner feelings. Whether it's by keeping a diary, meditating, or chatting with a friend, trying to comb your heart's feelings can help you move forward more healthily.

14. ESFJ Supplier: You'll want more opportunities, room for discussion

Being ignored and isolated is painful for you, so you're usually not the person who offered to break up. You always try to make your relationship better, not escape. In the face of a break-up, you also seek to repair the possibility, hoping not to face the fear of losing the link. However, your "contribution"-type personality can also leave you blindly hurt, or it's hard to predict the change of relationship. You are a person who is naturally sensitive to the needs of others, but you often meet their expectations by changing yourself. Therefore, you must finally understand that your value is not just for you, you are also a person who is willing to communicate, you will meet someone who really loves you, and who will not make you worry or doubt yourself.

15. ENFJ Teacher: You feel anxious and need a lot of company

You are serious about feelings and are good at having a deep understanding of your partner. And your perception ability, but also in the face of break-up, feel more shock and uneasiness. You'll need to talk to your friends, family, etc. to vent your emotions, and you'll need to be around the trash, you'll need to be there, until you're going to address the explosive anxiety in your head. The advice you want to give you is to help you get out of your relationship for the time being by taking timely steps such as deleting the other person's Facebook friends and selectively refusing to get the other person's message. You'll be sad, but when you're decisive about your feelings, you'll have a lot of healing power.

16. MARSHAL ENTJ Army: You'll start thinking about your bright future

You usually choose who you can develop together for the future. So breaking up is not just for you, not just for the present, but for the future. You'll want to make sure that this break-up is the right decision and the best outcome for rational thinking, for example, that's what's most helpful for your future. At the same time, you are seeking to be a winner in this breakup, and you will think in a planned way about what you can do next, what you can do to make your life better, and so on. The advice you want to give you is that it's easy for you to be aggressive and pretend that everything is fine, and that's your good intentions for relationships. But ask for help, don't let yourself suffer in silence, you will be able to feel more love in this low tide of life.

The way you face your feelings, the things you fear the most, you will run out at this break-up moment to find you, also need you to face. What you always believe, however, is that going from one relationship to another is an opportunity to repair yourself and grow yourself. Next time, you know you're going to grow stronger.