Sexond Date, meaning that she feels good after a first date and expects to have sex with the other person on a second date. Why do you want to sleep with a date? Can sex increase your intimacy? Let's analyze it from a psychological point of view!

In the blink of an eye to the end of the year, the weather gradually become slower at the same time, does it make you want to come to a date, feel the body temperature of others? (Same-field plus: cold want to hug! Flirting Psychology: Why is "sleeping" more happy than having sex? ) )

That he, perhaps you once again at a friend's party, the object of chance to know; perhaps you at night, open the dating software to pair successful people; or perhaps you have not been connected to the old knowledge, you finally found each other's beauty.

In any case, you finally meet out, eat a dinner, watch a movie, there are some slight physical contact, as if to see the right eye, but when saying goodbye, each other, dare not invite each other to their rental room to sit (do).

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So you start looking forward to your second date. You think of him touching your hair on his first date and asking if you need a coat;

You're planning your second date. You imagine that you finally plucked up the courage and had more touch with him than last time. Hold hands, hug, kiss, even go to bed. (Extended Reading: Flirting Psychology: Short-Lived Romance, Why Do You Get Addicted?) ) )

It may seem shy to say, but you'd also like to admit that, in fact, you'd love to have each other's bodies on a second date with him.

Sexond Date: A second date, is it a good idea to go to bed?

Recently, Urban Dictionary had a dating term called Sexond Date, which means "second date for sex." Sexond is a new word that combines Sex (Sex) and "Second" ( Second) . The term is defined in two ways:

Sexond Date
1. Having sex on a second date.
2. After the first date, because you feel good, so expect to be able to have sex with the other person on the second date.

After your first date, you have a better understanding and understanding of him. If you like each other, that's fine, and you can start planning your next date;

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We are eager to have more intimate links with people we are interested in. At this time, "sex" becomes a way and a medium.

"After sex, your self-disclosure of each other increases intimacy and relationship satisfaction. 」
"More self-after-disclosure sex is a dysson with an iad and relationship satisfaction"
-- Madeleine A Fug?re Ph.D.

Madeleine A Fug?re, Ph.D. in Social Psychology, points out that after having sex, the two usually have a pillow talk (Pillow Talk). This intimate conversation usually takes place only in bed, and after sex, both are more relaxed, more likely to speak out, and a good opportunity to get closer to each other.

In this day and age, we are beginning to care more about our physical fit with our objects. Your common understanding of sex is also an important issue in a relationship.

Second date, why is it important?

Helen Fisher, an anthropologist who specializes in relationship research, believes that the impressions and feelings of a first date are not necessarily accurate.

"People get hooked on their first date, but it's just a moment. 」
"People get so fixated on the first date, but really, that's just a quick look."
-- Helen Fisher, PhD

That is, while we may be attracted to each other on our first date, in the long run, we still need to get along multiple times to build trust in each other.

So when is it appropriate to propose a second date?

According to Dating Coach Cornell Barrett, it's best to make an immediate appointment at the end of your first date, because in that situation, you can feel the other person's real emotions.

"There's no other time than this moment (the end of the date). 」
"There's no time like the a'.
- Connell Barrett

Of course, before you have sex, remember to confirm your mutual understanding. What kind of relationship model do you two aspire to? One-night stand, long-term bedtime, or formal dating?

And don't forget, both before and after the sexual encounter, the other person has the right to shout and stop. Respect and understand each other, so that you become a good date (laughs).

See here, you are eager to try? Why don't you act tonight and try to spend Christmas with the person you like!