Kong Liu attended the new variety show "Li Dongxu want to do talk show" as a guest, the two people in the program talk about feelings, what kind of love values "Ghost CP" has? Let's take a look!

Several popular South Korean film and television productions in recent years, including "Ghostbusters," "The Train Of The Dead" and "Kim Chi-ying born in 82," feature South Korean actor Kong Liu. He has repeatedly been involved in both entertainment value and life's morality of film and television productions, so that the knowledge and warm "Kong Liu HyunFeng" also spread from South Korea all the way to various parts of Asia.

From boyfriend to uncle, and then from uncle to father, this year 40-year-old Kong Liu attended the new variety show li Dongxu's new variety show "Li Dongxu want to do talk show" as a guest, the good feelings of the two people in front of the camera, netizens after watching the "mature men's friendship is enviable", "boys can have such feelings really not easy."

In addition to cute and funny friends interaction, the two also talked about the relationship in the program, what kind of love values do this pair of "Ghost CP"? Let's take a look.

Aggressive women, in fact, very attractive

What does the opposite sex do or say that makes you feel attractive?

Kong Liu: I like active women. For example, times are different now, and marriage proposals don't have to be made by men.

Li Dongxu: I like women who comfort people.

A proactive person is actually someone who knows what he wants. "Whether it's a relationship or a friend, you need space very much," Kong said in an interview with the Korean edition of ELLE. It can be uncomfortable for whales to devour each other's space in the name of friendship or love. Although I don't know when I'm going to get married, I want to meet someone who can respect each other's space. 」

For Kong Liu, the attractive person is the independent and respect others, but also know himself very well. (Recommended reading: Hormonal Bomb!) Stalling Kong Liu: Once I start a relationship, I will be very careful )

Unlike Kong Liu's orientation, Li Dongxu likes women who are considerate and can comfort others. He also mentioned on his earlier shows that he liked women who could rely on and trust when they were vulnerable.

For Li Dongxu, the attractive person is the person who knows how to give warmth.

Pictures and screenshots of the program

If you hadn't eaten, I'd have taken you there!

What are the advantages of feeling that you have a relationship?

Kong Liu: I attach great importance to eating on time, if you know that the other side did not eat, will take him to dinner.

Li Dongxu: I will often contact each other, let each other less curious, give each other a sense of security. It's not a big report, it's about letting the other person know what I'm doing, who I'm with, and so on.

Through the young years, has been many people as "uncle model" Kong Liu naturally pay attention to health, so if the other half did not take good care of their own bodies, Kong Liu vowed to say that they will take good care of the other side of the body!

Li Dongxu is aware that his acting identity may make the person to contact the obvious sense of insecurity, so they will take the initiative to contact, not only to let the other party understand their own methods, but also to enhance the emotional trust of the secret.

Pictures and screenshots of the program

I'm scared to step into a relationship.

If I meet a woman of my heart, will you speak out immediately?

Kong Liu and Li Dongxu: No

Kong Liu: I need some time to think about it, although I can clearly remember the feelings at that time, but not because of the heart immediately put into action.

Li Dongxu: Compared with the past, now become timid, there will be fear, will also worry if the result is not good how to do, so will not immediately confess.

Although the type of person they like and how they are good at giving in their feelings is very different, the degree of seriousness is the same as the degree of specificity. Kong Liu previously interviewed has said that he yearned for the "old school" of love, said, "I think "love" is very careful, also need to "stick", so before stepping into a relationship, I will think very comprehensive. 」

And Li Dongxu is generous to confess that he will also be afraid, worried that feelings if the sudden start will lead to bad results. So it will take a little time to think carefully before we can really confirm the engagement.

Pictures and screenshots of the program

Learning to think differently in your feelings is a way to reduce misunderstandings

If a girlfriend wants to go out "alone" with a male friend for two days and one night, will you agree?

Kong Liu and Li Dongxu: No

Li Dongxu: This is a change of thinking can understand. If the other person could accept that I would go out for the night alone with the woman, I expected that I would break up with him because the person thought differently from me and didn't feel like it.

Kong Liu: This question is a little too extreme, if not two people alone, is with a group of friends can be.

From Li Dongxu's response, it can be seen that he values "values the same" in love. When you encounter anything, think differently, and think from the other side's point of view, you can avoid many misunderstandings and disputes. And if the values of the two sides really do not go hand in hand, then separate don't let each other sad.

Kong Liu is a gentle cheek think that the problem is "alone" travel, in real life, if "a group of friends" travel is no problem. (Recommended reading: I have a cat with my home, a bit of a house, is a mature man!) Kong Liu's single ordinary uncle life )

In the "Li Dongxu want to do talk show" interview, we rarely see two male gods talk about their feelings, and understand that even if they have a large fan, in the relationship and the general people, will step into the emotional fear, will hope that the other side and their own values are the same, will expect a real person to appear together to live together.

We all practice walking smoothly on this emotional road, who can not help but fall and try, no one can predict in the end what the future will be. Focus on the present, follow the natural, is uncle Kong Liu and Amake Li Dongxu faith of the concept of love, but also everyone's emotional subject, bless you.